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Title: Battle of Morges - a collection of small scenarios
Post by: gwaedin on 10 June 2022, 07:29:43
Hi everyone!
Following the experience with the Battle of Betelgeuse, I thought about doing the same for another mini-campaign.
This one is for 3050 lovers, being set in 3054 during the battle of Morges.
So far there's 3 scenarios in it, 2 of which have previously been included in my Small scenario collection.
As usual, I hope people enjoy them.
Title: Re: Battle of Morges - a collection of small scenarios
Post by: gwaedin on 12 June 2022, 07:27:06
Yesterday we played scenario #3.
My Jade Falcons pursued the Dragoons, which left the Vindicator on a high spot where it received heavy fire from the Clan snipers. The medium 'Mech didn't make it very far, but the other three managed to find cover behind the high river banks in the East. The leading adder was the only attacker suffering significant damage, with half its armor torn away by a double LRM-20 salvo from the Mad Cat.
The Falcons found good firing spots while the enemy reinforcements arrived, and as soon as the damaged Wolfhound stood up from cover it got blown away. Then, facing widely superior forces, the Falcons began pulling back, but the Ostsol in the heavy battle lance felt too confident and stepped ahead of its lancemates, drawing again precise large laser and AC shots from the two opposing Omnimechs. Before realizing it was time to look for cover, the Ostsol was also felled. The Jade Falcons retreated behind the large tree patch in the West trying to sneak on the Enforcer, but the covering fire of the heavy and assault 'Mechs proved too dangerous.
With three enemy 'Mechs down and no losses, they darted out of the map. They couldn't take out the Mad Cat, but still a very satisfying engagement for the Clanners.