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Title: BK10K: A 10,000BV "Standard" Game with Supporting Scenarios
Post by: Geg on 14 October 2021, 08:41:16
This document was created to help build up a Battletech night at our FLGS.  With all these great boxsets becoming available, I am trying to expand my group ( from a GM defined experience, to something that is a bit more head to head, and decentralized.   The intent of this format, is to create an easy to communicate, standard of force creation, and supporting set of scenarios, to facilitate easy meet-up and play games, with pre-balanced force lists, so you do not need to have communicated with your opponent beforehand.

The full document is here. ( 

Included with the BK10K Standard is a set of six scenarios coming from both Total Warfare and Alpha Strike Commanders Edition.

Scenario Lists:

The ten thousand points was selected as:  easy to remember, high enough to allow for Clan heavy and assault mechs, while low enough to let people field a single lance of IntroTech Mechs.  Aerospace and Artillery have been limited to the Battlefield Support Point system for speed of play.  The cap of 6x units per side, unit and equipment limits, and a playspace limited to 2x mapsheets were all selected to maximize the speed of play.  The end goal is to make it easy to build a inclusive casual game.  The other goal was to size a game such that two veteran players could complete a complete scenario in under 3 hours.

Force Creations Rules
Title: Re: BK10K: A 10,000BV "Standard" Game with Supporting Scenarios
Post by: Geg on 22 October 2021, 11:32:15
Just to start a quick FAQ based on feedback from a Reddit Cross post.


Thanks to the anonymous commenters who helped me tighten up the language.