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Author Topic: Dark age campaign - new fox's teeth.  (Read 2124 times)


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Dark age campaign - new fox's teeth.
« on: 01 November 2021, 23:53:12 »
how does this sound
In 3143 Operation MANDRAGORA broke the back of the Federated Suns military. Thirteen mech regiments, more in infantry and armor, were destroyed over the course of a month. Most of the high command and the First Prince died as well (Although he was less of a loss.) The Draconis Combine were free to move on to New Avalon

Eventually survivors of the Palmyra Disaster managed to gather. A mixed battalion formed around your two lances from the 7th Crucis Lancers. You’ve decided to make a statement. The First Company of the 7th was once known as McKinnon's Independant Raiding Company. Although the  McKinnon family left the Suns decades previously, as the first (and only) company of the 7th, you feel entitled to their nickname Fox’s Teeth.

Now you just have to live up to it.
An assault mech with markings of a Combine field officer has been spotted moving through the badlands, escorted only by a pair of tanks. Everything has lined up perfectly; friendly mechs are in place to to ambush, the recovery vehicle is close enough to grab salvage and get away with it.

You don’t have the parts to fix a late-model combine omnimech, but the remains might let you get the Marauder II at your base walking agin. The tanks are as good as yours if you can take them down without destroying them.

Pick up to four mechs totalling no more than 6000 bv.
Command Lance
Marauder     MAD-5D-DC        1787
Legionnaire     LGN-2D        1386
BattleMaster     BLR-6G        1960
Longbow     LGB-13C         1397

Ranger Lance
Crusader    CRD-7D        1681
Firestarter     FS9-OF        1446    Omni
Hollander III     BZK-D1        1116
Centurion     CN11-OB        1430    Omni

Battle Lance
Falconer     FLC-8R        2231
Shadow Hawk    SHD-6D        1371
Enforcer III     ENF-6NAIS        1475
Hellspawn     HSN-10G        1188

Avalible Pilots – please assign to any mechs you’ll be taking. This won’t modify BV.
#    G/P
1    2/3
3    3/4
1    4/4
1    3/5
6    4/5

Ran the first game. They chose marauder, enforcer, longbow, legionnaire. The Tenshi took a tap to the head, and the pilot fell asleep. A DFA sent him down a hill next turn.

The two Tokugawa could've fought on, but it was getting cold outside, so we moved inside. As GM I ruled one dead, one captured. A hip from the Tenshi got the mad-6D going again, available the game after next.

I've instructed them to name their pilots.
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Re: Dark age campaign - new fox's teeth.
« Reply #1 on: 23 January 2022, 14:41:59 »
Campaign over.

They blew away the Drak CO, raided some supplies from a forward base, mauled the one elite unit on the planet, rampaged around then were evacuated around.

Got three games in. Apparently dark age tech and the group don't mix well. Back to the invasion era.