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Title: From Panzer's Portable Hard Drive - "A Chill on the Grave" (JF Incursion 3065)
Post by: panzerfaust150 on 04 October 2021, 12:44:52
Hauptmann Grover Handel saw the flashes of light and heard the rumble of heavy weapons fire roll over the soft rolling hills of his beloved planet. It was only a matter of time before the Falcons arrived. Dawn at the latest, the professional part of his mind reported. He knew the outcome of the engagement even before it started. As for buying time versus an elite Jade Falcon cluster? It was an invitation to suicide. And the Grave Walkers, they had been at the rough end of the stick with the Jade Falcons before. It was sad to say, but it was far more likely that they might take off before his command did. Not that there was much to his command left. The rest of his militia company was dead or dying in the long retreat from the tidal flats where the Falcons had landed, and all this was now one long holding action.

Whatever happened, Handel realized, there would be a lot less warriors to greet the next dawn.