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Author Topic: From Panzer's Portable HD - A Night's Walk (Taurian Invasion 3067)  (Read 755 times)


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Ensign Gerry Richfield walked his Grasshopper cautiously down the hills into the isolated confines of the militia base. He smiled; Damn Fedrats left the place as open as a Canopean Pleasure Circus..this was going to be easy! The way to Fort O’ Donnell was open. Richfeld made hand signals with the left arm of his mech, signaling “All Clear”. He throttled his ‘Hopper forward, and then, his Thermals picked up a vehicle powering up, it matched a Typhoon, and it was pulling out from behind a warehouse, a cluster shell went up and popped, flashing bright light for miles around. The Taurians had been made, and more Davions were on their way.
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