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Author Topic: From Panzer's Portable HD - Command Decisions (FS Periphery 3067)  (Read 655 times)


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Sergeant-Major Vorza looked upon his charges and lamented to himself “Good lord, I doubt half will graduate, Farragut has promise, so do some of the others, but frankly, we are letting too many in these days.” Now if Farragut would just learn to navigate properly. Vorza had ordered a defensive lager to let some of the stragglers catch up and sent two fast cadet mechs back along the line of march to try and figure out where in hell said stragglers had gotten off to.

 It was then that his Rifleman’s MAD sensors went off, detecting eight large, mech-sized targets from behind. Soon four more appeared from the front.  They were approaching at speeds consistent with a heavy mech.

“Son of a bitch!” Vorza cursed, he opened a private channel “Instructors, to me, we’ll buy time for the kids to get the hell out of here. Once they’re clear, we make for it.”

“Sarmaj, we are sure these guys ain’t freindlies?” one of the instructors queried.

“From front and behind, hell no!” Vorza opened the general channel “Kilo 66 to all Kilos, Instructors will buy time, students, make for Venzburg and warn them. You ought to make it there ahead of them, we’ll be along as soon as we can, now obey orders and go. Farragut, you’re in charge, and this time, don’t get them lost, dammit!”

“But Sarma- “

“Sarmaj nothing! We haven’t got the whole Battalion with us, now do as you’re told boy! And just in case this doesn’t work out, somebody tell my wife and kids we did our best.” Vorza knew the chances the instructors had of getting out of this were next to nil, but they had to try.

It was then in the gloomy dark that Vorza finally got a good look at one of the pirates ‘Mechs coming up from behind. It was a black Archer; with a quotation on it “I am Death, destroyer of Worlds”. Damn, well, I always knew one day I would settle matters with Corran, but now?
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