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Author Topic: From Panzer's Portable HD! Redemption by HammerFall (Circinus 3067)  (Read 697 times)


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So, one of my few forays into the Jihad, this little number is my take on how Donner wound up a Wobbie Suicide Bomber.

     Colonel Fritz Donner surveyed the cockpit of his Grasshopper one more time. It had been a long run, his mind mused. A very long run indeed. But a terrible wind was coming. It was a wind that could not be allowed to happen. His Black Warriors needed time to clear Federation space. He and some volunteers were going to buy that time. Colonel Donner knew in the end, they were all dead men, but someone had to warn the rest of the ‘Sphere about the Blakists and their plans. McIntyre was dead, and so was the Federation. He’d told that damn fool not to trust the Blakists. Better to be ruled by the Marians than this. This was just the opening of a terrible chess match, one that was to be played for the Inner Sphere.
     Donner smiled, and reached back and behind him, and fished out a small holo book, and flipped to an appropriate page, it was some twenty years old, of two recently graduated Eridani cadets mugging for the holocam, the girl’s ebon skin contrasting with her huge ivory smile, the boy’s face a younger, happier version of Donner. Both cadets were arm in arm, their faces full of hope for the future. He smiled back at the old photo, and remarked wistfully “Ariana, we were so young and hopeful then. Did you think things would end up the way they did? You a dead hero and me a washed-up bandit? Maybe this will earn me a measure of redemption. God I hope so.” Donner remembered the day he had heard of Ariana’s death on Huntress, a cold star so far away from this lonely outpost of humanity. He’d broken down and wept unashamedly, even though they hadn’t spoken since Fritz’s court-martial and dishonorable discharge from the Light Horse. He had had feelings for Ariana, but had not done a thing about them, dismissing them as foolish and Ariana as unattainable. He regretted that now. But he would soon get a chance to tell her everything. Donner was so tired. But he had one last service, one last duty, and through it, perhaps make up for years of banditry.
    “I commend my Black Warriors to you and yours Ariana, please look out for my boys, and let them have a measure of redemption too.” Donner prayed. He then took the holo, worn and dog eared from the passage of time and firmly attached it to his instrument panel. If it was to be Ragornok for him, Donner was not to go alone. He would send as many Blakists and their puppets to hell as he could. It was the least an old bandit could manage.
    It was at that moment that Donner’s MAD sensors went off of the scale. A lot of contacts, at least ten plus, and they were big, and moving relatively quickly towards Donner and his forlorn hope. Donner smiled a very mirthless smile, one that did not extend to his eyes, and bared his teeth like fangs. It was time, time to meet Valhalla. “See you soon Ariana” he muttered as he pushed the throttle on his Grasshopper forward.

   It was time to meet the hammer, time to embrace the end.

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