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Title: Help designing a Dragoons/wolf empire Gienah fight
Post by: bobthecoward on 29 July 2022, 19:41:19
I was thinking of crafting a scenario for Wolf's Dragoons at Gienah. I thought it could be interesting because it is something you wouldn't normally see....inner sphere with 4 assault mechs against a clan force of medium mechs, battle armor, and medium vehicles (Den Keshik) in a city.

But I'm having trouble balancing it. 4 assault mechs from the MUL at 2/3 pilots against a clan force of 3.75 medium mechs, 2 battle armor, and 7.5 tanks at clan elite (1/2 mechwarriors,I forget for BA,.and 2/3 armor). Even accounting for combat losses on both sides, it probably still shakes out proportionally.

I could just make a set BV for the match, with a stipulation of pilots and unit composition that is meant to be competitive. But does that do the event justice?