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Author Topic: IRL games open clan campaign  (Read 793 times)


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IRL games open clan campaign
« on: 07 April 2022, 06:19:20 »
A behind the screen look at how my clan Chaos campaign will be run.  Feel free to skip this, but if you were curious on how to build up Honor this is how its calculated in the free rulebook, and my minor tweaks to the costs as I dont like math in the 1000s.  (I only have 10 fingers after all!)  This modification of the chaos campaign system changes warchest points to 'Honor Points' better fitting the clan campaign narrative.

Chaos Campaign Warchest Points to Clan Honor Points:  These are mostly the same, so the free book Chaos Campaign Succession Wars will provide more detail than you'll ever need on how a Warchest system works.
Base Rules summary right from the book.  Each person starts with a ¾ pilot and any mech of their choice.  You also start with 1000 points on the player side.  You spend points to fix/buy mechs, and heal/replace mechwarriors.  You also spend points to increase your skill or buy the special pilot abilities on your pilot card.  Each battle also requires you to spend points, but if you win you gain more points then you spend.  For example, it costs 300 points to take the “Assault” fight, but if you win you gain 600 points.  This means if you lose a bunch of fights, you wont be able to repair your mechs.  You can go into debt, so the game isnt over if you run out of points, you just wont have the extra points to upgrade pilots and such.  The battles themselves are balanced, meaning if you all take assault mechs you will face enough points to challenge you—there is no penalty for taking lighter mechs this way.

My changes: First, I divide all points by 100, as its less book keeping.  Next, instead of 1000 (10 in my system) points combined for all 5 mechs in a Clan star, each player gets 200 (2) points, and manages their points individually.  The clans care more for personal honor than if their unit does well—furthermore they cant share points!  Also, if new players come in, its easy to add them as they get there own points and wont interfere with anything the other players are saving up/in debt for.

From the Book: Repairing a mech's armor costs tonnage, fixing structure costs tonnage x2, buying a new mech costs tonnage*10, reloads cost 5 per ton of ammo, a new 4/5 warrior costs 30, healing a warrior costs 100 per box (so keeping veteran pilots healthy is much more expensive then using new pilots), gunnery skill costs 200, piloting skill costs 150, and special pilot abilities is the cost on the card*100. 

In my system, since I divide everything by 100 and round normally.
Repairing armor on a mech 45 tons or less=free.  Repairing armor on a mech 50 tons or more=1 point.  (There is a reason to take light mechs!)
Reparing structure on a 20 ton mech=free, 25-70 tons=1 point, 75-100=2 points
Reloading=free (such a tiny cost doesnt factor much)
Purchasing a new mech=tonnage/10 (so a Clan Firefly at 30 tons=3 points).
Purchasing elementals=1 point
Hire new warrior=free (but they start at 4/ 5 instead of ¾)
Heal a warrior=1 point per box
Spend to train in Gunnery or Piloting=2 points
Buy special pilot abilities on the card=Card point cost.
Selling a mech=half the cost to buy, minus the repair costs.  Inner sphere mechs are worth half but cost half to fix.
(Salvage selling quick math: 50-145 tons of IS mechs=+1 point.  +1 point per each 100 after this.  This factors in repairs)
Elementals, as they cost only 1, still sell for 1 at half cost due to rounding (on purpose), and are free to repair.  As long as you fight with honor, you can always buy elementals to fight in and sell them back at cost, so no one is ever hurt by taking elementals--in fact they are a great way to build up honor!

Walkthrough using the campaign demo games played to show how the battletech chaos campaign works (using my values)

First scenario: Trial of Position.  0 Points to enter scenario (a normal WP cost would be 100 for the whole group; I divide by 100, further divided by how many people since each person tracks their own points = .33 cost per 3 players, rounded to 0 each)
Modifiers: Fought with Strict Honor +1 point (+100 WP in normal Chaos Campaign, but I award this individually).
Individual Objectives: Destroy 2 units +1 point.  Destroy 3 units +2 points.  -1 point if destroyed.
The attacker can end the battle during any end phase.

End of first Scenario Tally:
Turkina Player: 2 (start) +1 (Fought with Honor) +1 (Defeated 2 mechs)=4 points.  -1 point to fix armor on 95 ton mech=3 points.
Marauder IIC player: 2 (start) +1 (Fought with Honor), -1 point to fix armor on 85 ton mech=2 points
Kingfisher Player: 2 (start) +1 (Fought with Honor) -1 (Mech Destroyed)=2 points, -1 point to buy Elemental for next fight, Total 1 point.

Scenario 2, meeting engagement.  Destroy at least half the enemy.  Dont lose half your forces.  No salvage.
0 Cost for Scenario, +1 Fought with Strict Honor.  +1 if Scenario won, 0 for draw, -1 for loss.
Turkinia Player: 3 (start) +2 (win with Honor) -1 (armor repair on 95 ton mech)=4 points.  I dont remember if the Turkinia took structure damage in any fight—if it did, -2 points to repair internal damage.
Marauder IIC player: 2 (start) +2 (won with Honor)-3 (mech destroyed and 30 ton Firefly C Purchased)=1 point
Elemental Player: 1 (start) +2 (won with Honor)+1 (selling elementals (worth 1, sell for half rounding up)=4 points, can buy up to a 40 ton mech with 4 honor points.

Clan had 136 PV vs 109 PV Enemy.  Players lost 61 points (so above half of 136), counting scenario as a win.

A note on withdrawals.  Under strict honor (for the +1 point) a unit never falls back.  On one hand, you can ignore the forced withdrawal rules so you can keep fighting instead of being forced to retreat.  On the other hand, since you cant retreat you cant save damaged mechs, and must fight until destroyed—causing you to have to replace your mechs that you could have saved if you didnt follow honor.

Skill advancement: In a normal chaos campaign, since they tend to only have a few games, you can skill up after every battle.  Since I plan on playing many games in the campaign, I am using both the campaign costs to skill up/get promoted, as well as using XP to slow down progression.  You get 1 XP for every scenario you play, plus 1 person gets 1 bonus XP each session for MVP/most kills/most epic moment/GM discression.  For example: Session 0, Mechwarrior Inara defeated 2 opponents and earned Star Commander status in the Turkina, so got 2 xp for the Trial of Position scenario + MVP, and 1 xp for the meeting engagement.  Per the rulebook, it takes 8 XP to upgrade gunnery, 4 XP for piloting; in addition to the book XP uses, I have 6 XP for +1 initiative, and 10 XP for +1 Edge.  So Mechwarrior Inara can upgrade gunnery after getting 5 more XP, and spending 2 Honor Points.

Edge: After completing their first session, each player gets 1 edge point per battle.  This allows any roll made by the player, or against the player, to be re rolled.  This Edge is best used to force head shots and critical hits from destroying a player early on thanks to a lucky shot, so they aren't out of the game on turn 1.  Edge is more powerful than the special pilot ability “Lucky” from the campaign operations book, but you can have both so long as you don't reroll a reroll.

Finally, a note about special pilot abilities.  These are very powerful skills and feats that make a player mechwarrior the stuff of legend.  Battletech's chaos campaign rightly cautions handing out SPA's too easily as they are not balanced by any point costs after the initial purchase (as long as you keep your pilot alive haha!).

In campaign operations, a 4/5 pilot can have up to 2 points max in SPAs.  A veteran or elite (¾ or 2/3) can have up to 4 points in SPAs.  A Legendary pilot (skill ½ or better) can have up to 6 points in SPAs.

So Inara, the pilot on the card of the Turkina, has a 4 cost SPA on the pilot card.  All the initial pilots start at skill 3 /4 (we played Inara at 4 /4, but that 1 time mistake was for the best as the clan side outnumbered the IS side as it was), so Inara who should be 3 /4 skill at the start of the campaign can buy the 4 point abilities on her card once she saves up enough Honor points.

Next Mission example:
Breakthrough!  Following the success of the lighting assault during the meeting engagement against the enemy inner sphere forces, the Clan Forces push though to press their advantage.
Track cost: -1 point each player
Option A: Crusader Aggression, -1 point.  The player can choose to win initiative 1 time at any point, after seeing all initiative rolls, as they hound the fleeing Inner Sphere forces.
Option B: Warden Caution, +1 point.  The player must spend 1 extra MP to enter any terrain, wary of ambush.
Option (All): Strict Honor, +1 point.  The player maintains Strict Honor

Forces: The defender (GM) has only 80% of the Battle-value of the attacker.
   Push Through (Individual): Move off the defenders map edge by turn 10: +1 point.
   Hold the Field (Group): Destroy all defenders.  Salvage all kills to sell for points.
Special Rules:  Fire for effect (declare and fire weapons at same time), Individual Initiative, Forced Withdrawal.

Note to players: The 2 Objectives are not exclusive if you can kill all the enemies and still make it off the board, but you need to kill at least 50 tons of salvageable mechs to get a +1 score on the Hold the Field objective (and 150 tons for +2), so if you have killed less then 50 tons I recommend exiting the defenders edge on turn 10 for the Push Through objective.

Sample OPFOR: If the players bring a 3/4 Turkinia, a 3/4 Firefly C, and a 3/4 Uller, that puts them at 7k BV.  If someone else pops in to play, thats probably another 2k BV.  80% of 7k BV is 2 ICE Packrats with 1 ton of infantry squads each, a LL mobile headquarters, a plainsman hovertank, a Wasp 3m, Wolfhound 1B, Crab 20, and Warhammer 6k (Olesko) which is my new fav Warhammer variant.  If someone else shows up, Ill have a Cicada 2A and Dragon 5K to balance forces with.


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Re: IRL games open clan campaign
« Reply #1 on: 15 April 2022, 03:08:18 »
Here is a cleaned up version of the generic planetary conquest chaos campaign, adapted from the 'succession wars' book, and modified to fit my conversion of 100 Warchest points to 1 clan Honor Point, tracked by each individual player as they battle the GM forces.  I would place this in 3049 to represent one of the many worlds defended by a minor bandit kingdom (or a part of Redjack Ryan's force that clan jade falcon and clan wolf encountered on at least 3 seperate worlds).  This should be generic enough that any clan could use this campaign as a nice softball introduction to the chaos campaign system--im using it for the Turkinia Keshik.  The bondsman in the final objective could even be Phelan Kell if played from clan wolf's point of view!
As a note, the optional but exclusive crusader and warden options as presented are available to every player/clan, and intended more for descriptive flavor then forcing a player to play a certian way because of affiliation.

Operation Revival: Periphery Conquest

Track 1: Meeting Engagement
   Track Cost 0
   Options (All): Strict Honor, +1 Point.  Maintain strict honor to show superiority!
   Objective (global): Hold the field (destroy or force withdrawal all enemy units) without losing 50% of your forces.  +1 Point
   Enemy Forces: 80% BV of clan forces, using skill 4/5.  Forward screens: Enemy vehicles and infantry can deploy within 6 hexes of the center of the map instead of moving on from their board edge.
Track 2: Breakthrough!
   Track Cost 1
   Options (All): Strict Honor, +1 Point.  Maintain strict honor to show superiority!
   Option A: Crusader Aggression, -1 point.  The player can choose to win initiative 1 time, after seeing all initiative results.
   Option B: Warden Caution, +1 point.  The player spends +1 ground MP any time they enter a hex with a terrain cost (such as changing elevation or moving through woods).
   Objective: Breakthrough: Move off the enemies home edge by turn 10, +1 point.
   Objective: Glory Kills: if you Hold the field, +1 point for every fraction of 100 tons of enemy mechs destroyed (so 50-145 tons is +1 point, 150-245 tons is +2 points).
   Enemy Forces: 80% BV of clan forces.  Forward screens: Enemy vehicles and infantry can deploy within 6 hexes of the center of the map instead of moving on from their board edge.

Track 3: Assault!
   Track Cost 1
   Options (All): Strict Honor, +1 Point.  Maintain strict honor to show superiority!
   Option A: Crusader Recklessness, +1 Point.  The defender places one less minefield; instead at the end of turn 1s movement phase, place the minefield directly under the player's mech and make an attack as if entering a mine hex.
   Option B: Warden Hesitation, +1 Point.  All hexes cost +1 Ground MP for the entire mission, but using Ground MP does not trigger mines.
   Objectives: Swift Victory (global) +1 point: Defeat at least 50% of the enemy forces by turn 10, without losing 50% of the clan forces.
   Objective: Glory Kills: if you Hold the field, +1 point for every fraction of 100 tons of enemy mechs destroyed (so 50-145 tons is +1 point, 150-245 tons is +2 points).
   Deployment: The enemy has fortified their base with mines.  Recommended Grasslands B (with the base), the defender places 1 medium density minefield per player (See above crusader option).  The enemy starts deployed anywhere on their table half.
   Special: If the global objective Swift Victory is not achieved by the end of turn 10, then the clan forces fail to encircle the enemy, and they must play the 'Pursuit' track to finish off the escaping enemies.  After turn 10, all remaining enemy forces are placed in forced withdrawal, and must move at least 1 hex closer to their board edge every turn regardless of battle outcome, as fresh waves of clan mechs are spotted moving in.
   Enemy Forces: 100% of clan forces.  ~50% of the BV is veteran (skill 3/ 4) mech forces, the rest of the BV should be split between mech and armor forces at skill 4/5.

Track 4: Pursuit.  Play this track if Swift Victory was not achieved by turn 10 in the Assault track.
   Track Cost 1
   Options (All): Strict Honor, +1 Point.  Maintain strict honor to show superiority!
   Option A: Crusader Glory: Player has the Glory Kills objective
   Option B: Warden Honor: Mark one enemy mech as a worthy bondsman candidate.  This unit is considered marked for a duel before the game begins, and has a free skill 3/ 4 instead of 4/5.
   Objective: Glory Kills: if you Hold the field, +1 point for every fraction of 100 tons of enemy mechs destroyed (so 50-145 tons is +1 point, 150-245 tons is +2 points).  Crusader only.
   Objective: Bondsmen.  If the target marked for Warden Honor is destroyed, and the pilot is not killed, gain a free 3/ 4 secondary pilot.
   Deployment: The enemy force is fleeing from clan forces.  They deploy from the clan players board edge on turn 1, and all units are counted as in forced withdrawal already (so must move at least 1 hex closer to their board edge every turn).  The clan forces move onto the table on turn 3.
   Enemy Forces: The enemy is 80% the BV of the clan forces.  Include any units that escaped any of the three prior missions.  These units cost half the normal BV regardless of the condition they are in (so it is possible if many units escaped that the enemy will greatly outnumber the clans).  All new forces are 4/5, though returning forces keep their original skill if better.