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Author Topic: Mission: Attrition Skirmish  (Read 633 times)


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Mission: Attrition Skirmish
« on: 08 May 2022, 13:20:07 »
Feedback, balancing and criticism solicited

 Attrition Skirmish

Situation we’re in, it’s a bad deal to destroy one of their mechs if it sends three of ours to the repair bay.

Setup: Randomly chooe two maps per four mechs of the attackers. The defender chooses how they are laid out, then the attacker chooses his home edge. The defenders home edge is the directly opposite.

Attacker: The attacker consists of up to 25% of the PC force by numbers; more than a lance is not suggested. They deploy within three hexes of their home edge.

Defender: The defender is 70% of the attacker’s force by BV. Roll on a convenient Random Allocation Table to generate these mooks; all are 4/5 P/G by default

Warchest Cost: 200 WP per attacker lance or fraction thereof.
Optional Bonuses
   +100 WP Elite Mooks – all defending mechs have 3/5 pilots.
   +100 WP Rationed logistics – All attackers have half ammunition loads. Cannot be chosen unless at least half of attackers units  have a major ammunition - using weapon

1) Send them to the repair bays: Gain +50 WP per enemy that takes internal damage, +75 WP if an enemy takes system damage, +90 WP if the enemy is crippled (See total warfare) and +100 WP per enemy mech is destroyed. Each enemy mech may only be scored once.

2) Keepin’ Alive. -75 WP per attacker mech that takes internal damage.

3) Didn’t scratch the paint: +10 WP For each attacker mech that has no damage at the end of the game

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Re: Mission: Attrition Skirmish
« Reply #1 on: 15 May 2022, 13:14:03 »
I think I'd title this one "Make them BLEED!"..  ^-^