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Title: Nashira Campaign
Post by: nckestrel on 23 August 2021, 06:20:27

The Nashira Campaign is intended as a companion campaign to the Beginner Box and A Game of Armored Combat. It only uses the 'mechs, maps and rules found in those two box sets.  It is not a standard chaos campaign, as the forces in each track are set to specific units and their is no repair/purchasing/etc. Most of the tracks are lance v lance, with the final track having two lances versus two lances and some support units.

The campaign is based on the original House Davion sourcebook mentioned Ardan Sortek rise to fame began with a raid on Nashira in 3019 that successfully destroyed a top-secret Tanadi Computers research facility while leading a battalion of Avalon Hussars against a regiment of Dieron Regulars.

Nashira is later home of the Genyosha, one of the more noted users of C3 computers.  This gave me an idea for what was going on at the Tanadi research facility, and somebody that might be involved on the Kurita defense.

The 15th Dieron Regulars are one of the heaviest regiments in the Draconis Combine, while the 17th Avalon Hussars are a much lighter regiment. Many of the tracks have varied victory conditions rather than just a straight up battle to the death.

The campaign includes options for those wishing to create additional tracks on Nashira, including options for using units or rules beyond those in the two box sets, but those all remain optional.
Title: Re: Nashira Campaign
Post by: Daryk on 30 August 2021, 18:32:48
+1 for any 3025 scenarios (regardless of how long it took me to find it)!  :thumbsup:
Title: Re: Nashira Campaign
Post by: nckestrel on 03 January 2022, 11:09:47
Savage Baron did a fancy update to my BattleTech: Nashira scenario pack. It's a free download, intended to accompany the BT:AGoAC and Beginner's box sets. It covers a raid by the Avalon Hussars against the Dieron Regulars. The successful execution of this raid led to Ardan Sortek grabbing the First Prince's attention and eventually becoming Prince's Champion. Savage Baron has not only improved the general layout, but added a cover, Nashira world map, and a new savannah mapsheet.

download from Campaign page on my blog (
Title: Re: Nashira Campaign
Post by: Daryk on 03 January 2022, 20:50:32
Done!  And thank you both!  :thumbsup:
Title: Re: Nashira Campaign
Post by: Middcore on 10 January 2022, 15:11:49
Is the SHD-2P intended to be a WYSIWYG introtech variant for the 2Hb "Royal" Shadow Hawk miniature?

I guess to be truly WYSIWYG the second SRM pack would need to be in the RT.
Title: Re: Nashira Campaign
Post by: nckestrel on 10 January 2022, 15:44:51
No, I wasn’t concerned about WYSIWYG. :).
Mostly it was just being blah about Shadow Hawk variants in the 3rd Succession War.