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Title: New campaign idea
Post by: Barbarossa41 on 28 October 2021, 04:20:25
No idea how to implement this, but the most hilarious campaign setting would be the fall of Solaris VII.   It would give the players the opportunity to implement all their most ridiculous 'Mech ideas in one place.
Title: Re: New campaign idea
Post by: Mendrugo on 28 October 2021, 05:45:28
Start them out as gladiators in established stables and do some battles in the arenas.  Have them play up the hype - all the holovid cameras, pre-fight interviews, screaming fans, etc.  Then, have the Blakists arrive.  Play some escape scenarios where there are massively superior Blakist forces pouring through the ruined city, assaulting stable compounds.

The next stage is the occupation - survivors are being hunted through the ruins, and eventually hear about the Solaris Home Defense League.  They have to fight their way to a rally point, and then start taking the fight back to the Blakists.  While doing so, they still have to manage their media exposure, and deal with ongoing rivalries with other SHDL fighters.  This continues all the way to the Blakist withdrawal.  You can wrap with captured Manei Domini Tau Zombies being welded into the scrap walls in the Junkyard arena - still alive.
Title: Re: New campaign idea
Post by: Elmoth on 28 October 2021, 06:03:55
What Mendrugo says sounds about right. I would play the desperation of the withdrawal in front of the initial WoB onslaught. Maybe the first rally point is overryn, and the second is in hasty retreat itself or under attack when they arrive. Make sure that supplies and rest are luxuries, not default items.