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Author Topic: Operation: KLONDIKE Chaos Campaign  (Read 1964 times)


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Operation: KLONDIKE Chaos Campaign
« on: 28 March 2021, 13:34:22 »

Published by Catalyst Games Lab in 2010, the Historical: Operation KLONDIKE supplements detailed Nicholas Kerensky's new Clans campaign to retake the Pentagon Worlds.

This new "A Chaos Campaign Guide to..."  will include how to creating a Clan Campaign Force for an Operation KLONDIKE campaign as well as a series of Tracks allowing players to play as their choice of Clans in the liberation of the Pentagon Worlds either using the Chaos Campaign System or as discrete scenarios.

Each week at least one (or more) new tracks will be published.

I will also be running a poll after this to select the next Clan!
Historical Note

Who are the Clans and where did they come from?
One simple answer is: Operation KLONDIKE!

The new worlds colonised by the Star League Defence Force in Exile were aflame. General Alexandre Kerensky was dead, as was all hope in a new a peaceful life on the Pentagon Worlds: Eden, Crice, Bablyon, Dadga and Arcadia. On February 12th 2082, Major General Nicholas Kerensky led a second exodus from the Pentagon Worlds....