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Author Topic: Resource Raid!  (Read 1061 times)


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Resource Raid!
« on: 15 March 2021, 20:33:20 »
ERA: Clan Invasion (adjustable)
PLAYERS: 4, possibly 6
FACTIONS: FEDCOM vs. Clan Smoke Jaguar (adjustable)
MAP RECOMMENDATIONS: Something with a lot of easy to reach hiding spots, and a central dropzone

Resource Raid is a modular scenario I've been working on developing over the past month, and have been able to playtest once already. This is what I have so far, but I would absolutely be open to input and suggestions. In it, two forces are racing to collect the most objective crates loaded with live ammunition before their enemy secures or detonates them. With a mixture of advanced rules from Tac-Ops, and some homebrew rules centered around the detonation of crates, this should be an explosive experience for all players.

To play Resource Raid as a pickup game you need at least 4 Battlemechs, all from the same production era and with matching BV budgets. I used 1 Heavy and 1 Medium 'Mech per side, which seemed to work relatively well. You also need 10 resource tokens; I used crates and barrels for my most recent playtest, but anything that's an adequate representation which is easy to pick up and put down works just as well. Scatter them as you please, preferably near the center of the play era and spread around evenly, with the majority of objectives in the middle.

I adopt some modified some rules from Tac-Ops in here, and will be referencing tables from TO and Total Warfare here; page numbers will be included. Players will be given one 'Mech each and a budget of 2,250BV to allocate to picking a 'Mech and pilot.

Here are my homebrew rules governing the objective crates and interactions with them:

1. Objective crates are 1.5 tons each, picked up in one
hand, and the ‘Mech cannot fire weapons from that hand
whilst carrying the objective.

2. Picking up an objective takes place during the Physical
Attack Phase. 1 Standard Piloting Skill Roll is used to
determine success or failure, with a +1-3 modifier for
walking, running, or jumping, respectively.

3. Dropping an objective takes place during the Movement
Phase. Simply dropping the object requires a 1d6 roll to
determine damage to the held object, reference the
Fallen Object Damage Table [will be shown after this quote-block) for results. Setting the object
down gently requires 1 MP.

4. Falling ‘Mechs automatically drop their held cargo. Roll a
1d6 to determine damage to object and consult the Fallen
Object Damage Table.

5. To score a point, bring the held objective crate to within
one hex of your deployment edge and release it. Throws
are also acceptable, but risks damage to the objective.
Minor damage costs 0.25 points, Major damage costs 0.5.

6. To throw an object at a hex, check the Throwing Distance
Table (Tac. Ops pg. 92) for maximum range. The pilot makes a punch attack,
with a +1 to hit for every hex beyond the initial adjacent
hex. (I.E. to throw a crate 6 hexes, a +5 to-hit penalty is
required.) There is also a -4 to-hit modifier for any immobile
target. Calculate 1d6 damage to object upon impact.

7. To throw an object at a ‘Mech, use the same modifiers as
#6, but pilot makes a standard charge attack instead.
Relative Piloting Skill Rolls are taken into consideration.
A successful hit inflicts 3 points of damage, and detonates
any explosives held inside the objective crate automatically.
Reference the Crate Contents Table to determine damage.

8. If a throw attempt fails, use the Altitude Bombing Scatter
diagram on page 245 of Total Warfare to determine landing
location: 1D6 for direction, 1D6 for distance.

9. If an objective crate takes 2 major points of damage, or 4
minor points of damage, it is destroyed, exploding the
contents within. Roll a 1D6 on the Crate Contents Table to
determine the contents of the Objective Crate, and
calculate the damage to any adjacent ‘Mech.

10. Stationary objective crates can be targeted by fire and
detonated remotely.

Here's the homebrew Fallen Object Damage Table:
1d6 result: 1-4 (minor damage), 5-6 (major damage)
Obj. crates can take 4 points of minor damage, or 2 points of major damage, before detonating its contents

So of course, the most exciting part here: what happens when a crate blows up? Well, well, well, we have a 2d6 table for that. Behold! The Objective Crate Contents Effects table! On a 2d6 roll of:
2. Animal Manure does no damage, but covers the entire target in 5 tons of animal manure, and
reduces Movement Points by 2 for the duration of the scenario. If thrown, the attacker gains
the permanent trait of “****flinger” for the duration of the campaign. The victim gains the
permanent trait of “Filthy” for the duration of the campaign.

3. Chaff covers the target hex and the surrounding six hexes in Heavy Smoke for the duration
of the scenario. Heavy Smoke acts as Heavy Woods for purposes of line of sight & attack
modifiers. Any adjacent mech gains a +2 To-Hit modifier for their next attack phase.

4. Coolant clears the heat of any adjacent ‘Mech, and gives a -5 modifier to their
Heat Buildup for their next turn.

5. Flamer Ammo adds a +5 Heat penalty to any ‘Mech in the target hex, dissipating on
the end phase of the next turn. It also starts a fire in the target hex.

6. Taser Ammo shuts down any ‘Mech in the target hex for one turn.

7. Inferno Ammo adds a +10 Heat penalty to any adjacent ‘Mech, dissipating on
the end phase of next turn. It also starts a fire in the target and adjacent hexes.

8. Obscurant Fluid adds a +3 to-hit modifier for any ‘Mech in the target hex for their following
attack phase.

9. EMP Charges shuts down any ‘Mech in the target hex for one turn, and adds a +3 to-hit modifier
for any ‘Mech in the target or adjacent hexes for the following turn.

10. Acid Fluid does 10 points of damage in two point clusters for the following two turns to any
‘Mech in the target hex.

11. SRM Ammo does 30 points of damage in five point clusters to any ‘Mech in the target hex
or adjacent hexes.

12. Gauss Ammo does 45 points of damage in 15 point clusters to any ‘Mech in the target or
adjacent hexes.

So as you can see, moving crates around the field is an incredibly dangerous experience. When I last played it, someone suggested making the crates a little more difficult to detonate with remote fire, and doing something with structure points, (?) which I'm not terribly familiar with as a system. I generally try to speed up the pace of games since I typically only have about 4 hours a session, and wanted to encourage high risk-reward play, but I'd be open to your input.

Perhaps there's a system to institute "passing" the crate to an ally as a high risk maneuver, try to make it more like football? I wanted something with a little more of a sports-feel, specifically those weird Mutant League Football styled games of the Genesis/SNES era. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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