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Title: Scenario Idea - Need Balance Input
Post by: Hellraiser on 11 September 2021, 17:36:47
Without going into the nitty gritty of every unit, I'm looking for a rough idea of balance here in a Clan v IS scenario.

I'm looking at total overall force balance input as well as rules/ideas suggestions for the IS entrance.

Defender:  Clan Forces are on the ground and units are not near Dropships.

4 Binaries of Omnimech, 2 of them are Super Novas  (40 Omnis + 100 Elementals)
2 Grounded Dropships  (Overlord-C & Sassinand)

Attacker:   Inner Sphere forces are landing between/on the clan units.

4 Companies (48) of Mechs  (~30-50% SL tech, rest intro)
5 Squadrons + 1 Flight (32) of ASF    (~20% SL Tech, rest intro)
3 Companies (9 Platoons) of Infantry    (Mixed but more foot than motor/jump)
4 Companies (48) of Tanks    (~10% SL Tech, rest intro)
4 Dropships  (Overlord, Union, Excalibur, Avenger)   (3 are landing w/ the Avenger/Fighters on Aircover)

Assume the Clan & IS units average out around upper end medium in weight (~55 tons)
Also assume the skills are nearly equal, slight edge to clan but not the full +1 better "average"

Scenario Goals
IS is to take the DS & not die doing it & hold off the clan ground units return attack.
Clan is to save the DS & destroy the IS, while preserving as much force as possible.

That at least is my rough idea to set this up,  but I have several questions/concerns.

1.  Are the forces balanced.
2.  Is it worth trying to play out the grounding & unloading of the IS dropships?
3.  How large of a map area would be needed to not end up with the clans back on the IS droppers before they even get off the ship.

4.  Would this be better off being 2 different battles?   
For example:   Detach 1/4 of force to hit the 2 dropships & track capture time of that game
Then, run another game w/o DS involved that is just IS "hold the line" against clan attackers "Breakthrough"?

5.  If it was split, what is "enough" for the DS objective?
My thought is 1 Company of mechs, 1-2 Squadrons of fighters,  1-2 Platoons of IFV w/ 4 Inf pltns as the boarding force.

6.  Would the remain force be realistic enough to hold the line against 8+4 stars of Omnis+Elementals?
Title: Re: Scenario Idea - Need Balance Input
Post by: Simon Landmine on 12 September 2021, 11:30:15
One question that would affect what would be feasible - are you planning to run this on tabletop, or over MegaMek?
Title: Re: Scenario Idea - Need Balance Input
Post by: Hellraiser on 12 September 2021, 15:07:53
Good question, both are options, but, I would never try to run the combined option on the table area.

The forces are just too big, even w/ AlphaStrike as a possibility.

The "capture the DS" half of the scenario is an option for "live" as the 2 DS are easily handled by 1 person which leaves the attack force to be 1-3 people.

That said, the rules for the DS, like, Open Doors, Boarding, Combat inside a DS, etc etc, makes me think even MM might be the better option there.

The reality is I'm not sure of all the rules that would be needed which is also one of the things I was going to ask about.

Are there rules for capturing a grounded DS?   If so, how complex is it?   
I know there are rules for Marines inside Large Craft to deal w/ that, but I was more thinking of the actual boarding maneuvers.

Also just the overall complexity of 1 side having air power available.