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Title: The Endurance Race
Post by: Colt Ward on 04 August 2022, 16:33:13
Greetings Mechwarrior!  You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the border against Daoshen and the Capellan Confederation!


*placeholder- more to come w/pictures of maps & stuff*

96x96 hexes
Clan nova starts in mid
IS force starts w/ Deep Deployment Zones and can start on any edge

Opposition Force List-

At this point I have a company of every weight class except 25/30t, not enough for variety there . . . I have a Clan nova, Veteran against these regulars.  The BV is 25k vs 59k, all of them random pilots.
Title: Re: The Endurance Race
Post by: Colt Ward on 04 August 2022, 19:21:40

For a PC config in this training scenario.

I am going to take it for a test run . . . IF anything survives past the first two battalions I will try it again with the other 10 companies . . . yes, a veteran Nova against 16 regular companies of mechs.  Forced withdraw is in effect since I sort of forgot to change that option, not playing by zell after the first company or two.
Title: Re: The Endurance Race
Post by: BATTLEMASTER on 05 August 2022, 12:07:31
How does the OpFor progression work?  I'm assuming the total forces the Nova faces is a total of 59k BV and that's split up per company.  I'm just wondering how the companies go up in BV.

I really like this idea because it reminds me of the gauntlet missions from Ace Combat.
Title: Re: The Endurance Race
Post by: Colt Ward on 05 August 2022, 12:19:15
Honestly, not worrying about the BV in the waves.  Keeping the numbers the same being a company (somehow dropped two on the 2nd wave- 25t), what ratchets it up is the mechs are getting heavier- so more armor, structure & weapons.  If you go to the MM subforum, you will see the Wulfen H & Ice Ferret T I have been running have been getting OSK HLL CT cores against the lighter mechs.

One of the things I am going to have to see is the Bot's sensitivity to damage is higher than what a player usually does- too worried about taking damage and causing it.  In some places I think they are holding back too much, but the two speedsters have been dogfighting with attackers.

My test run right now is doing alright . . . Rnd 26, mech wrecks are everywhere, and I just lost the Wulfen and had previously lost a Enyo from my single veh half of a nova point.
Title: Re: The Endurance Race
Post by: Colt Ward on 06 August 2022, 01:47:41
Need to refine the bot settings but . . .

Went to turn 43 before I called it- the Mad Cat Mk II E was missing a leg and half the torso, my Ice Ferret T was gimped and I had 1 or 2 Elementals left while the surviving 'Training' mechs were crowding about.  'Combat Loss Grouping' occured around turn 34 . . . damage, criticals, and lack of ammo started adding up- FREX, the Stormcrow finally ran out of AC/20 shells around that time along with the Streak LRMs on the Savage Wolf & regular LRMs on the MCII E.  Even my last Enyo ran out of SSRMs a turn or two (40) before it died.

At the end-
Still had 7 enemy pilots running for the edge of the map.
At least 3 mechs in retreat
2 enemy mechs KO'd
39 enemy mechs killed out of 70
some of what did not go into retreat is also pretty beat on
Title: Re: The Endurance Race
Post by: Kerfuffin(925) on 06 August 2022, 01:51:35
What all did you end up using for your nova?
Title: Re: The Endurance Race
Post by: Colt Ward on 06 August 2022, 01:57:06
All randomly rolled, but I did switch the Wulfen pilot with the MCII's, I wanted the better piloting for Hardened armor, lol

Savage Wolf 'Roland Vickers' (2/4)
     2 iHLL, SLRM15, ERML, ERSPL, RHS, & SC
Mad Cat Mk II E (3/2)
Ice Ferret T (2/4)
Stormcrow B (2/4)
Wulfen H (1/4)
GDL 'Surat' - did not notice it was 4 suits, you would think it would be 5 in MM
Elemental (APG)
Clan Med BA 'Volk'
Enyo Strike Tank x2-  3/4 & 4/4