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Author Topic: Turkina Keshik versus Van Strang operation revival  (Read 524 times)


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Turkina Keshik versus Van Strang operation revival
« on: 15 April 2022, 01:36:07 »
This is a chaos campaign set in 3049, using the free chaos campaign 'succession wars' as the base, and modified to use 1 clan honor point instead of 100 equivalent warchest points (see my IRL campaign post).  Van Strang was an old Rim World Republic general whose family was still loyal to Amaris even after 300 years, and his brigade put up a decent fight against the Khan's personal honor guard, the Turkina Keshik.  The clans came close to a major defeat despite their tech advantage, as Van Strang outmaneuvered the Falcon forces and baited them into an ambush at night.  The clans, of course, learned nothing and blamed the thunderstorm for the near loss--such a close call before the great house invasion always made Van Strang an interesting fight to me.

Operation Revival Von Strang's World.  The Jade Falcon Player must play through 3 scenarios.  If any global objectives are lost, a 4th scenario must be played (Hot Pockets) to finish off the surviving Von Strang forces.

Track: Outer Fortifications
   Track Cost: 0
After landing on the plains outside of 'Amaris' city, the Turkinia Keshik finds the approaches heavily defended with turrets and interconnected tunnels.  The Turkina Keshik must battle past these defenses into the city proper to end the Von Strang's affront to the Star League once and for all.
   Option (All): Strict Honor, +1 point.  Show the barbarians how a true warrior fights!
   Option (A): Warden Combined Arms: -1 Point.  The pilot has a suit of elementals attached to their mech (if non-omni, the elementals must deploy normally).  The elementals can invade the defense network at the start of the movement phase if the turret is still live (not collapsed) and has no armor (allowing them to breach the walls).  If 2 units of elementals invade the network, the defenses are deactivated.  The elementals must be used to breach the defense network and can not attack non-gun emplacement enemies.
   Option (B): Crusader First to the Frey: +1 Point.  The pilot suffers a pilot hit upon landing due to a high G dropship deployment, but takes an additional turn before the game begins with no enemy movement or return fire.
   Objective: Move off the enemies deployment zone, into Amaris City's valley, by turn 10.  +1 Point if using the Crusader option.
   Objective: Disable the turret network entirely by turn 10, either by destroying every turret or infiltrating 2 units of elementals.  +1 Point if using the Warden Option.
   Achieve Both Objectives (global): +1 point

   Forces: The player characters forces face 40% BV in tanks/infantry, 40% in turrets.
Turrets: The gun emplacements are placed in pairs.  All gun emplacements have 40 CF and 40 Armor, and are level 1 buildings with connected tunnel networks.  They cost 400 BV per pair with a 4 gunnery skill crew.  Both turrets have 1 machine gun in each hex facing, and both have a turret.  One building in the pair has 2 AC/10s in the turret, while the other building has 4 AC/2s in the turret.  They have enough ammo to not need to track ammo for the scenario duration.  The turrets should be arrayed not touching each other, so they all can fire on level 2 battlemechs with no LOS obstructions.  As a reminder, buildings are immobile; for simplified critical charts, each time a building takes damage to the CF, if the damage is 5 or more make a crit roll.  Instead of a separate hit chart, roll number of crits like normal.  A building collapses after 2 critical hits (so 2 rolls of 8-9, or 1 roll of 10+ on the determining crits table).

Sample Opfor for 10.5k BV clan force.  10 pairs of Gun Turrets (20 total), and the veteran conventional Van Strang Guard, with 2 motorized Laser Platoons, 2 Foot Rifle Platoons, 2 Demolishers, and 2 Vedettes, all rated 3/ 4.  All enemy forces are deployed on their table half.

Track: Cul-de-sacs
   Track Cost: 1
Once the initial defensive perimeter was bypassed, the Turkina Keshik found itself moving through the valley before Amaris City, where numerous Cul-de-sacs provide ample ambush opportunity for the Van Strang guard division in an attempt to slow the clan advance.
   Option (All): Strict Honor, +1 point.  Show the barbarians how a true warrior fights!
   Option A: Warden, Disable Inner Perimeter Defenses.  +1 Point if all turrets destroyed.  Add 1 pair of turrets (see above track) along the defenders home edge.
   Option B: Crusader, Elemental Engineer Scouts. -1 Point.  The Crusader player can reveal the nearest unrevealed Cul-du-sac each turn after finishing their movement.

Map: Use the valley map, placing 2 cul-du-sac tokens facing the road for each enemy unit.
The enemy force is 50% of the player force.  All forces deploy in the Cul-du-sacs lining the valley, waiting to fire on the first unit moving into line of sight.  When revealed, they may torso twist and make all weapon attacks immediately if within one hex (using the hidden unit rules); if 2 or more hexes away when revealed they can not torso twist and fire using a +2 snapshot modifier (plus partial movement modifier if mid movement).  The buildings blocking LOS are light civilian housing structures, level 2 buildings with 15 CF each and provide vision only through 1 hexside (the cul-du-sac entrance)—destroying the building reveals any unit inside it.  Unlike normal buildings, entering and exiting a cul-du-sac from its open hexside does not count as moving into/out of a building.

   Objectives (Global): Exit the defender's map edge by turn 10 with all forces (+1 Point).

Sample Opfor, all 4/5.  J Edgar Flamer, AC/2 Bulldog, Condor Davion, LRM Flatbed Truck, Flea-16, Trebuchet 7k, Vindicator, Hunchback 4H. (5357 BV)

Track: Thunderstruck
   Track Cost: 1
With the ring of defenses and ambushes doing the job of slowing the Turkina Keshik's advance, night falls as the Jade Falcon forces make their way to the enemies imperial palace.  A foreboding thunderstorm also begins, further obscuring the enemy movements.  The enemy, wary of the clan's superior technology, has hid his forces and maneuvered them towards the clans rear to execute a surprise attack, which the clan are moving at flank speed into on orders from the Khan.
   Option (All): Strict Honor, +1 point.  Show the barbarians how a true warrior fights!
   Option A: Warden Elemental Swarm: -1 point.  Unbreakable defensive tactics cause the enemy to hesitate, allowing hidden elementals the opportunity to swarm their target like Piranhas.  Any time you make a successful piloting skill roll for taking 20+ damage in a turn, any units not involved in an honor duel that dealt part of the 20+ damage get 1 swarm attack from elementals made against them in the physical attack phase.  Only 1 successful swarm attack can be made with this ability in the mission, and once the swarm ends or is shaken off, the elementals go back into hiding (do not place them on the table).
   Option B: Crusader flank speed: -1 point.  Crusader mechs with this option can start the game 10 hexes from their board edge, and receive +2 initiative on turn 1.
Deployment: The Clan forces start the game deployed within 3 from their board edge, or 10 hexes from their board edge if using Crusader Flank speed, instead of walking onto the board normally.  The enemy, who were discovered moments before finishing their rear attack, pick one long map edge and move everything on from that long edge (their home edge is still the short edge opposite the jade falcons).
Lightning storm: at the end of every turn roll a d6.  On a 6, one random unit on the table is hit as if struck in the front by a PPC (10 damage).
   Objective (individual): Destroy the Van Strangs!  +1 point any warrior who destroys a mech with the command mech quirk or is otherwise marked.  1 such mech should be placed per 2 players if not enough mechs with the command mech type quirk are generated.
   Objective (Global): Overwhelming Victory! Destroy 100% of the enemy before they destroy 50% of the player forces.  +1 point.

   Enemy forces should equal 100% of the clan forces, using veteran (3/ 4 skill) pilots.
Sample 11k Force: 2 Scorpion Tanks, Plainsman Hovertank, LRM Partisan Tank, Commando 2B, Cicada 2B, Blackjack 1, Enforcer-4R, Enforcer-4R, Highlander 733P.

Track: Hot Pocket
   Track Cost: 0
After the Khan personally killed Van Strang's Battlemaster with his Thor, the enemy forces fled.  Enough remnants escaped to keep the Falcons busy through the night and into dawn before finally crushing the last pockets of resistance.
   Option (All): Strict Honor, +1 point.  Show the barbarians how a true warrior fights!
   Option A: Warden: Overwatch Flight, -1 point.  The player gets 5 points of air support BSPs.  A strike or strafe (but not bomb) checks the target hex and all adjacent hexes.
   Option B: Crusader: Surrender to slaughter, -1 point.  One unit adjacent to a mech with this option surrenders, and is considered destroyed.  Use this ability before the movement phase of any turn.
Map: Use the Landing Zone Map.  Each crater section may contain hidden forces.
Enemy Forces: 50% BV of player forces.  All units start hidden, and each hex of each crater must be individually checked, either with an active probe or by walking adjacent to the hex.
The game is played using the night fighting rules (+2 for weapon attacks, +1 ground MP per hex moved) on turns 1-10.  After this, the dawn/dusk rules are used (+1 for weapon attacks).
   Objective (group): Check each hex before dawn breaks at the end of turn 10, +1 point.
   Objective (group): Defeat all enemy forces by turn 10, +1 point.
Note: Even if every enemy is destroyed, all target hexes must be checked to ensure no other units are hiding.  Likewise, discovered enemies must be destroyed before dawn even if all hexes are checked, to get the full bonus from this mission.
   Sample Opfor based on 10.5k clan force, all 4/5 Militia skill: 2 Heavy Weapon Carrier (PPC), 2 Foot Infantry Platoons, Hermes 2s, Jenner D, Catapult C1, Rifleman 3N.