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Title: Turkina Keshik Wave 1 Clan Invasion
Post by: DevianID on 04 May 2022, 03:00:50
In 3050, Clan Jade Falcon slammed into the Lyran portion of the Federated commonwealth, overwhelming the defenders with their advanced weapons and elite training.  Focusing on just one unit during this time, the Khan's personal force in the Turkina Keshik fought on 3 worlds in quick succession in one month of March, 3050.  Acting as the spearhead to break enemy concentrations, this allowed traditional galaxies to perform the lengthy clean up and garrison of the newly conquered worlds so the elite Keshik could move onto the next target.  In wave 1, the planets are "Bone Norman", "Here", and "Toland".  Due to the rapid redeployment nature, all 3 worlds constitute a single long Chaos Campaign for the Turkina Keshik, who only rested once all wave 1 targets were taken.

Track 1: Bone Norman, "shaky start".  The Turkina Keshik drops directly onto the palace of the planetary governor, seeking to defeat the planets leadership in a single quick strike.  Unlike most worlds however, the orbital satellites of Bone Norman are advanced enough to detect the incoming Jade Falcons and rally a counter-attack, turning the Falcon's decapitating strike into a defensive delaying action as the mercenary regiment and militia forces seek to defeat the falcon vanguard before the falcons can reinforce.
Track Cost: 0
Option (All): Strict Honor, +1 point.  "It is not a question of IF we win.  It is a question of HOW we win, Quaff?"
Option: Warden, Eye in the sky.  Your unit gets +1 long range and +1 run movement from supporting clan aerospace assets.  -1 point unless you bought aero fighter support.
Option: Crusader, Let them see!  1 unit/turn gains +1 long range and +1 run movement from the enemies advanced satellite spotting.  +1 point.
Map/Special Rules: The battles take place on the plains before the Redstone palace, with its open parks and pathways, surrounded by forests and light urban communities.  The Jade Falcon forces must deploy via combat drop.
Objective (Global):  Destroy the palace guards infantry, and then survive with all units until turn 10 (+1 point).
Forces: deployed on the Palace grounds are a regular militia vehicle lance and the elite but ceremonial infantry of the palace guard, total BV of 50% player force.  On turn 5, an additional 100% of the player force of the 1st Grave Walkers mercenaries (regular) arrives from behind the palace.
  Sample Opfor based on 12k Jade Falcon force: 4 Ceremonial Guard foot infantry platoons (2/3), Swiftwind ICE Cargo, AC/2 Vedette, AC/2 Vedette, Plainsman Hovertank, Shrek AC Carrier, Axel Tank, Von Luckner Tank, Behemoth (Flamer).  Turn 5, Hornet 151, Ostscout 7J, Hermes 1A, Cicada 3C, Whitworth 1S, Vindicator 1X, Phoenix Hawk 1K, Quickdraw 5A, Warhammer 6K, Cyclops 10Z, Marauder 3M, Banshee 3MC.

Track 2: Bone Norman, "Breakout!"  The more of the enemy force of Grave Walkers is arriving from all sides.  The Turkina Keshik must break the encirclement and stay alive until reinforcements relieve them.
Track Cost: 0
Option (All): Strict Honor, +1 point.  "It is not a question of IF we win.  It is a question of HOW we win, Quaff?"
Option: Warden "Regroup and hold!", player gets honor for each other surviving clan mech (+1 for 2, +2 for 4)
Option: Crusader "Strike them down!", player tracks mechs for honor kills (+1 for 50-145, +2 for 150-245, ect)
Map/Special Rules: The fighting is taking place on the same Redstone palace grounds
Objective (individual): Survive until turn 10 (+1 point)
Forces: 50% of the players force is in Grave Walker mercenary mechs deployed in the center of the map, using damaged (but not crippled) machines from track 1 as available.  On turn 3, 100% of the Jade Falcon forces, split between militia tanks/infantry and mercenary mechs, move on from the Jade Falcon board edge.  The Jade Falcon mechs can not repair damage from the last scenario.
  Sample Opfor: 6k from surviving Grave Walkers mechs from round 1, then Turn 3 2 Rifle Jump Platoons, 2 LRM Wheeled Platoons, 2 Hunter Light Tank (ammo), Sturmfeur SRM Heavy tank, Von Luckner, Pegasus Hover (Missile), Engineering Vehicle (AC/20), Galleon 200, Scorpion (ML); Mechs Koschei, Catapult (Jenny), Enforcer 4R, Scorpion 1N, Panther ALAG, Firestarter Mirage.
Title: Re: Turkina Keshik Wave 1 Clan Invasion
Post by: DevianID on 04 May 2022, 05:12:31
In the aftermath of the fierce counterattack of the Grave Walkers, the Turkina Keshik held until reinforcements dropped.  With the Jade Falcon Vanguard still intact and accurate images of troop strength, the enemy forces withdraw and begin guerilla operations.  While the Grave Walkers were mauled by the falcons, the counterattack did prevent the Falcons from defeating the enemy leadership at the palace--who then organized effective resistance on the planet for years to come.  With the regular army forces having secured their landing, the Turkina Keshik is off to spearhead the next invasion.

Track 3: Here, 'Falcon Foolin'.  Unlike on Bone Norman, the enemy did not have a sophisticated satellite system and the RCT and green militia were attacked before they could mount an effective defense/counter attack.  News of the clan's strange dueling process has spread though, and inner sphere forces try and use the challenge system against the clans.
Track Cost: 1
Option (All): Strict Honor, +1 point.  "We shall not stoop to their level!"
Option: Warden "Lessons Learned" -1 point, the player can use bomb BSP attacks in addition to any purchased aerofighter support.
Option: Crusader "Amaris City was a Fluke" +1 point, can not use an urban/city fighter configuration.
Map/Special Rules: Urban street to street map layout--Cameron Valley, an abandoned city.  The enemy tanks/infantry deploys in the center, while the mech forces move on from the enemy edge.  The light enemy mechs will all issue challenges in such a way to make targeting the vehicles much harder, and will try and keep maximum distance to prevent falcon forces from effectively engaging.
Objective (All): Clear the streets of vehicles by turn 10 (+1 Point)
Objective (Individual): Honor Kills for holding the field.  +1 point for 50-145 tons of mechs destroyed, +2 points for 150-245 tons, ect.
Forces: 70% of Jade Falcon BV in green militia tanks/infantry.  25% of Jade Falcon BV in green light/medium mechs (1 per player mech, to challenge with).

Track 4: Here, 'Nathaculor, the swift blade'
Track Cost: 1
Option (All): Strict Honor, +1 point.  "We shall not stoop to their level!"
Option: Warden, 'Collapse the defense line', +1 point if all enemy forces are defeated before rolling the map.
Option: Crusader, 'Race to take the head', -1 point.  If a Crusader defeats the enemy commander, gain all honor spent by all Crusaders on this option.
Map/Special Rules: Connor Pass, the outskirts of the capital city.  Chase Rolling Map layout, 1 map per 4 mechs.  An enemy defense force is attempting picket duty outside the city.  Part 1, punch through the enemy defense line, rolling the map when able, to defeat the enemy commanders on the last map sheet.  The enemy will use 'Falcon Foolin'.
Objective (All): Destroy the Command Lance (+1 Point)
Objective (Individual): Honor Kills for holding the field.  +1 point for 50-145 tons of mechs destroyed, +2 points for 150-245 tons, ect.

Forces: 50% of the Falcon's BV deploy at the opposite end of the chase map, split between regular light/medium mech lance and vehicles/infantry.  A Veteran command lance (50% Falcon BV) is deployed on the edge of the rolling mapsheet, only revealed when the first mapsheet is finished.

Title: Re: Turkina Keshik Wave 1 Clan Invasion
Post by: DevianID on 05 May 2022, 01:15:03
With Falcon forces punching through the hastily erected defensive line, the commander of the RCT along with other key battalion leaders were defeated on Here, forcing the militia to disperse and begin guerilla operations.  The remainder of the RCT fled to the planet Somerset after the loss of command, and in 20 hours the Turkina Keshik had routed all major resistance, turning towards their next target, Toland.

Track 5: Toland, 'Rumble in the Jungle'.  The defenders of Toland, the 2nd mech regiment of the 12th Star Guard regular mercenaries plus local militia, deployed their mech forces in defended positions in the Jungle leading to Toland City.  There they sought to use the dense terrain to resist the Clan's advance; the Turkina Keshik and supporting forces must push the enemy mechs out of the jungle into the wide open plain behind the Jungle where they are open to aerospace attack.
Track Cost: 1
Option (All): Strict Honor, +1 point.  "Hiding and Running shall not save you.  At least face your end with Honor!"
Option: Warden.  Strafe the spineless!  -1 honor point.  You may place a strafe BSP template every turn, but it must be entirely on the barrens portion of the rolling map.  These kills contribute towards your Honor kills total.
Option: Crusader.  Harry the retreat!  -1 honor point.  All fleeing mechs on the Cantor's Climb are spineless and not worthy of honor duels.  You may attack any mech on the Cantor's climb barren without honor restriction.  These kills contribute towards your Honor kills total.
Map/Special Rules: The enemy deploys in the hollows of a jungle, with their back to a stretch of barrens called 'Cantors Climb' that leads to Toland City.  Use any heavy forest map.  Jungle terrain works like standard woods, with the following changes: +1 MP to move in all jungle woods hexes, and the to-hit penalty of the woods (+1 for light, +2 for heavy) applies as a piloting skill negative as well, due to unsteady footing.  Vehicles can not operate in jungle terrain. 
The enemy is wary of being flanked; the enemy is in forced withdraw any time a Jade falcon mech is in a hex row equal or behind the hex row they are in and visible to them.  When moving, they must attempt to reach a hex row in front of any Jade Falcons, and will never willingly move into the hex row of a visible Jade Falcon mech.  Use rolling maps: when the first section of jungle is clear, roll the map to a barrens map.  All enemy forces pushed to a barrens map are in forced withdraw for the remainder of the scenario.  (The intention is to have the defenders slowly withdraw from the Jungle as the Jade Falcons assault their position)
Objective (Global):  Drive the defenders out.  All enemy mechs withdraw from the jungle into the Barrens of Cantor Climb by turn 10 (+1)
Objective (Individual): Honor Kills.  Gain +1 point for 50-145 tons of destroyed mechs, +2 for 150-245 tons, ect.
Forces:  100% of the BV of the Jade Falcon force; 1 unit of foot rifle infantry per clan mech, with the rest of the BV in mechs.

Track 6: Toland, 'Conquerors Euphoria'.  With the defending mechs mostly destroyed, the regular militia must try an hold Toland City while the survivors pour in and evacuate the planet.  Defeat the defenders and claim your prize!
Track Cost: 0
Option (All): Strict Honor, +1 point.  "Hiding and Running shall not save you.  At least face your end with Honor!"
Option: Warden, Fight Without Waste.  +1 point.  The clans abhor wasteful damage to the city they are trying to take.  You may not attack any structure this battle (elementals are assumed to clear the buildings of enemy infantry after the battle).
Option: Crusader, Finish off the Rabble.  +1 point if the Survivor is destroyed by turn 10.  Place one damaged survivor from Track 5 on the map, if available, in addition to all other forces--generate a single random survivor if none are available from the prior mission.  If not enough survivors made it for all players wishing to use this option, all players lock in their choice and use 2d6 to see who can claim this bonus.  For any player choosing this option who doesn't get a survivor, the player gets +1 initiative this battle from the surge of victory instead of the potential of an honor point.
Map/Special Rules:  The Jade Falcons attack from the open Barrens of Cantor Climb into Toland City.  Use one barrens map for the Jade Falcons to deploy on, and the rest of the maps for Tolland City as needed.
Objective: Wipe out the defenders (Global) +1 point.  Destroy at least 50% of the enemy forces by turn 10.
Forces:  Only a handful of mech survivors made it back from the failed attempt to hold the enemy at Judea Jungle.  80% of the BV is in regular militia vehicles/infantry, plus any survivor mechs from the Crusader option.

End of Wave One for Turkina Keshik.  At the end of the 6th track, as well as March 3050, the Falcons took a month to regroup and revel in their new spoils of war.  Wave two would begin in May, 3050; some warriors took this time in peaceful reverence, while other took gross liberties with people and property.  Only a few resisted the 'Conquerors Euphoria' and saw the stiff resistance the Inner Sphere had put up despite being caught off guard and wielding inferior machines.  Many worlds had set up effective guerilla militia operations when the attackers forces were busy dealing with the enemy mech forces.  During the break, the players can purchase new equipment and skills, but unused honor will get banked until Wave 2 is over, so that everyone is on equal footing when Wave 2 starts.