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Title: Balancing storytelling, verisimilitude, and progression in campaigns
Post by: bobthecoward on 20 January 2022, 14:46:06
I was sketching out what a combination of Battletech/total warfare with a Paizo adventure path would look like. It made me think about how a D&D campaign behaves Howe battletech behaves, and interesting disjoint.

It seems there isn't a one stop campaign ruleset that will ever mesh battletech roleplaying, battletech novels/storytelling, battletech verisimilitude in managing units, and how many people like D&D campaigns (progression, magical items, etc.). And D&D has a progression/Adventuring arc that has large appeal but not designed to cater to everyone (like a Marvel movie). People come to Battletech liking different things about it (Colt Ward and I are diametrically opposed in what we want from campaign a good way).

Destiny and ATOW can tell stories like the novels that take place over a short period of time.

But maybe it isn't the ruleset for the Stackpole novels covering years of adventure?

Merc campaign rules are great for playing mercs and covering long spans of time, but there is some divorcing from total warfare? You can raise a regiment, but only get a few of your toys any given battle?

Chaos campaign can do both short and long, which is cool. People have quibbles with certain aspects of it....mine being the complete variability in composition and size of OpFor (that is my issue, not universal, and books like Helm do it less).

And I think there is an interesting conflict. In the novels, the character will use the same mech for years, if not decades. In a campaign, decisions on what mech to pilot may involve considering efficiency more than what you would like. Further, neither aiming for novels, or aiming for a "realistic" merc campaign of managing funds can provide the steady power/magic item progression we know a a large group loves about Battletech.

Which is to say, I have no solutions. And my conclusion isn't very deep. D&D is like a marvel movie and Battletech is like adapting Dune to takes multiple games to capture what the range of fans like, and it is difficult to adapt.

Does anyone else have thoughts on this?
Title: Re: Balancing storytelling, verisimilitude, and progression in campaigns
Post by: bobthecoward on 20 January 2022, 14:47:47