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Author Topic: Statement Regarding Blaine Lee Pardoe  (Read 6236 times)


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Statement Regarding Blaine Lee Pardoe
« on: 30 July 2022, 09:25:38 »
Catalyst Game Labs recently suspended publishing new works by long-time BattleTech author Blaine Lee Pardoe, primarily due to Mr. Pardoe’s online activities which do not align with Catalyst’s publishing vision. This has nothing to do with Mr. Pardoe’s quality of work or ongoing sales, or (as reported elsewhere) his personal feud(s) with other fan(s) of the BattleTech brand. Mr. Pardoe has been instrumental to the BattleTech IP over the years, and we wish him well in his ongoing, professional career. This decision was made in consultation with Topps Entertainment, owners of the BattleTech intellectual property, but final determination was by Catalyst Game Labs.
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