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Author Topic: Swearing on these forums  (Read 6195 times)

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Swearing on these forums
« on: 24 January 2011, 14:09:04 »
Lately, there has been a rash of swearing on these forums. Some linking to pages with language we do not find appropriate, but mostly failed attempts to cover the word. Stuff like F@#$$ or B@#%@, if even that covered.

DON'T DO IT! DON'T ****** DO IT! (If you absolutely have to, that's how you swear.) Don't link to swearing. Linking to a video or site that drops F bombs is as bad as posting them here. Here is rule 2 again:

Do not use foul language on the boards. This includes the posting of items with or linking to items containing foul language in them (pictures, movies, etc.) on other websites.

If you feel that you must curse, follow these guidelines; failure to do so will result in a warning for inappropriate conduct. We have installed a language filter that filters out some of the more common curses, but if you happen to use one that the filter does not recognize, you will be warned. The filter replaces curses with a series of ******. Though we have provided a filter to save you time, if you wish to self-censor your post it must meet these guidelines:
Do not leave any letters of the word visible. If you want to censor it, censor all of it. (*****ing and F@#$ are violations of this rule.)
You may use any number of special characters (i.e. !@#$%^), a string of *****, or any variation of {censored}. No other methods are acceptable.

I even had a user respond to their warning "How am I supposed to keep track of the rules!?"

Yes, we have over a dozen rules, but they can all really be drummed down to 3.

1. Be nice to each other.

2. Don't sell or trade anything.

3. Don't swear.


Discuss in OT if you would like.
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