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Author Topic: TRO 3145/ER 3145 - The future is here  (Read 87675 times)

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Re: TRO 3145/ER 3145 - The future is here
« Reply #660 on: 21 January 2014, 18:48:54 »
The fluff for the Ares describes them being used as raiders in Lance (4-Mech) strength.  After my experiences, it made me wonder if their suppose to be used that way.  Anything goes in battletech though!  :D

The pirate factions were still in full swing when the Ares first started appearing (right around late 3135-3136).  Most of those who saw the early Ares were pirate factions, Senate Loyalists, or random knights trying to hold everything together, so lone Ares would been hefty challenges for them.

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