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Author Topic: Medical technology throughout the eras.  (Read 241 times)


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Medical technology throughout the eras.
« on: 17 September 2021, 07:53:54 »
So as the title says I am wondering about what medical technology is available across the various eras. I was trained as a medic in the Army so I have a bit of a background in it, naturally this is one lens I use to understand various sci-fi universes  :)

I generally tend to think of 'medical technology' as what is available to the elites on state of the art worlds and work my way backwards from there.

1) I recall one of the plot points that kicked off a major war was a faction not being able to cure leukemia, given all the radiation in BattleTech did they ever find a cure? Or better forms of treatment then what we have now?

2) Are lost or damaged limbs regrown or simply replace with advanced mechanical prosthetics?

3) Is this a universe where if someone *SURVIVES* and is able to reach advanced medical facilities they *WILL* make a full recovery given enough time, surgery, scar tissue, and/or money?

4) What is the average natural life expectancy? Have there been any advancements in life extension technology?

5) The rules state that each soldier in Battle Armor [elementals etc] has roughly ten units of armor with the 11th "destroying" the unit, I take this to mean incapacitated and likely dead. What type of field medicine would be available to help keep them alive [compared to todays]? Also given that with conventional infantry the units act as 'hit points' they are more then likely dead as opposed to incapacitated?

6) I currently have the three core boxes [beginners box, AGOAC, and Clan Invasion], total warfare, and a time of war. What other sources should I pick up?


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Re: Medical technology throughout the eras.
« Reply #1 on: 17 September 2021, 11:11:03 »
1. Star League Terran Hegemony was hinted at as being fairly able to deal with most cancers.  With the overall technological decline of the Succession Wars it seems that certain types of cancers were not as treatable as before.  A war was started because of a failure to treat leukemia but since there is a lot of variation in even particular types of cancers it is tough to say for sure if every type of cancer was beaten by the Star League and this was a case of technological decline or if it was a variation that was never possible to cure even with all the advances.  In terms of overall treatment for cancers the evidence is indeed on most high tech worlds they have better than we do today even in the darkest of times and thus your odds are improved.

2. Clans are known to be able to regrow limbs, possibly Terran Hegemony, and maybe specialized places like the NAIS too but for the most part you're looking at cybernetics/prosthetics of varying quality/sophistication.

3. This does seem to vary a lot in the cases we do see but I would say depending on how extensive the surgeries, prosthetics, and cybernetics are you'll have a good chance at being fully functioning/contributing member of society but will likely always have some side effects to deal with.

4. Terra itself is said to have people waiting until their 70s or 80s to have children and living over 200 years, possibly 300.  Clans have a particularly low life expectancy.  Most of the Inner Sphere you can see pretty typical 70-90 years for the most part.

5. Not a lot of detail is given on the nature of the combat drugs but Clan Elementals are known for being able to continue fighting with arms shot off.  As for survival rates, especially among PBIs?  Yeah it is hinted at being pretty low with the kind of firepower being tossed around but with the sheer numbers involved for Battlearmor and PBIs you can still have a fair number of survivors.

6.  One thing I do appreciate about CGL's handling of Battletech is you can tailor your investment to your level of interest.  So while there are tons of options you don't have to pick them all up.  I would recommend Recordsheets as those are most useful for play.  Era Reports as the name suggest give overviews of each era.