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Author Topic: Fortress Irian: A Sea Fox adventure  (Read 1185 times)


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Fortress Irian: A Sea Fox adventure
« on: 09 August 2018, 02:13:27 »
August 3129 - Angel system Jump Point - Marik-Stewart Commonwealth
CSF SwiftSwimmer

Gar Labov stood on the command deck of the CSF SwiftSwimmer, his face illuminated by the light of the massive holotank in the room. The holoprojector was surrounded by seven crewmen and currently was projecting an image of Angel II the second planet in the angel system on the screen, or more specifically, it’s capital of Ark.

A Merchant Caste-member stood beside Gar, a com-bead in his ear and a datapad in his hands. The Merchant, a failed elemental candidate named Thorstein, worked well with Gar. He was a fantastic liason between Gar and the rest of the Merchant Caste on the ship. Which was good because the Former Free World’s League had a serious dislike for cybernetics and Thorstein’s left arm that he lost in his failed trial of position had been replaced with his merchant winnings with an ostentatious gold plated cybernetic replacement. The seven-and-a-half-foot elemental liked to show it off too.

The man heaved an annoyed sigh, catching Gar’s attention, “What is it?”

“Ark’s customs office is giving us trouble. They are trying to block our trade.”

“Of Ice?” Gar asked incredulously, Angel II’s water supply was heavily contaminated with citrium, their reliance on outside water sources made it a simple trade when Epsilon Aimag traveled through the system.

“Aff, Ovkhan. They are attempting to apply a tariff high enough to make it unprofitable for us to trade.” Thorstein said.
“… I assume they have not stopped drinking water, quineg?” Gar said, annoyed.

“We have not investigated Ovkhan. But it is safe to presume they have not.”

“Have they expanded their ability to filter the water?”

“Neg, Ovkhan, they have not.”

“I assume that is confirmed, quiaff?”

“Aff. The watch agent on world cannot find any evidence that they have.”

“Then I do not understand. Have they raised tariffs on all imports of water?”

“Neg, Ovkhan. Either Irian Industries or Anson Marik is behind this imposition.”

“Find out who is behind this order and have the merchants fight it. Not for long though. We have wasted enough time here.”

The ice run to Angell II typically made a quick, tidy profit. But now they had wasted eight days in system and it would be another eight before the Dropship could return. Not to mention the time harvesting the ice.

“We only have two weeks to spare before this venture becomes unprofitable. It will be easy for them to stall that long. We can sell the ice in Prefecture VII and remain solvent.”

Gar shook his head, “We will be passing near Alpha Aimag’s Titanic soon. They can always use fresh water. Have our forces on planet discover who is behind this tariff increase and then have them return to the Swiftswimmer. Also have the warriors prepare. I do not want to go into the Rituals of Combat unprepared.”
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Re: Fortress Irian: A Sea Fox adventure
« Reply #1 on: 28 November 2018, 22:56:21 »
Aleczander put the headset on carefully so it didn’t affect his perfectly coiffed dirty blonde hair as he sat down at his communications station. He was aboard a Drost IIa Dropship, truthfully one of the many clones of that venerable design that was ubiquitous throughout the Inner Sphere.

Across from him sat Sitara, at a table with what seemed like a dozen different datapads as well as hardcopies of maps. He looked over at the data analyst trying not to get annoyed at the ugly glasses she wore. Somehow, she managed to be obsessive compulsive and have a messy braid. Her green eyes rose to meet his blue ones, she was shorter than he was, and he was only five and a half feet tall. She was a makeover away from being an astounding beauty. He wasn’t sure if she was intentionally trying to mute her natural looks or if she just had no idea how to dress.

“Who have I got today?” Alec asked.

“Ariel and Cassiel. They should be in position soon.” Sitara told him.

He nodded, “Where is Dina?” he asked, wondering where the team’s hacker was stationed.

“In the field trying to intercept communication traffic.”

Alec didn’t ask about Sariel, though he was curious about the male agent. They were on the world Angel II in the Free World’s League. The water supply on this planet was contaminated by a chemical called citrium, a natural depressant that could slow human metabolism to dangerous levels. The rare wealthy few who possessed water purification technology were extravagantly wealthy on this planet. Those beneath them were called, ‘drones’ so it shouldn’t have been a surprise that the planet had a history of civil unrest. Rival nation states had attempted to take advantage in this extreme inequality. The Federated Suns had been financing and training groups of insurgents on this planet in the middle of the last century and there were still cells that existed on the planet.

Sariel had made contact with those groups and was working towards convincing them to stage a raid on one of the oligarchs in the capital city of Ark.

His assignment today was to be the communications officer for Ariel, a trueborn mechwarrior washout named Keilani who who had just joined the Sea Fox Clan Watch. This was her first mission, she was young and untested, but Alec was hoping for the best. Clan covert operatives had a bad reputation, but Clan Sea Fox’s watch had earned a reputation for skill, efficiency and ever since the wars of reaving in the homeworlds they were also known for sheer viciousness. Ariel had undergone some strange elective surgeries considering she was a trueborn, the agent had gills implanted as well as a liver implant to filter toxins. 

Cassiel, the callsign for Evelyn a female elemental was providing transportation for Ariel, they had acquired a Sea Fox battle armor, ironically not made by Clan Sea Fox, but rather the Federated Suns. The suit had stealth armor and couldn’t be traced back to Clan Sea Fox if things went wrong. She was providing transportation to an important oligarch ship. She would also be there to provide fire support if things went wrong and finally they would be using the communication equipment on her battle suit to piggyback Ariel’s weak com signal from her implanted communications unit.

“They are arriving on-site.” Sitara told him.

“Ariel, this is Gabriel. We are reading you near the target. Lose the wetsuit and board the vessel in your… ahem, tactical camouflage bikini. Your mission is to make your way to the target’s computer and plant the USB device. Dina will do the rest from there. Be careful, you’re unarmed but more importantly you’re very unarmored. There is security on site you can acquire a weapon from if you need, but let’s try to avoid going loud on this one.

Cassiel is there to support you but let us try not to blow this super yacht up. If you need an extraction jump overboard and she will help you escape.”
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Re: Fortress Irian: A Sea Fox adventure
« Reply #2 on: 01 December 2018, 14:28:09 »

The operative smirked at the pause in Gabriel's voice over her comm before he described her tactical  swim wear, hearing the eye roll in his tone. Her undercover disguise was perfect for this mission. The lack of armour only mattered if she got caught. She didn't usually have a problem doing anything underwater, but this elemental was less than ceremonious with her speed and maneuvering. She pulled herself close to Cassiel so she wouldn't end up suffering from whiplash or find herself unusually disoriented. But unless she wrapped her whole body around the elemental, there wasn't anything she could do about the uncomfortable way her legs were drug through the water at high speed.

She rolled her own eyes when Gabriel told her to stay low key. He made it sound like all she did was blow things up. Rude. Maybe he was bitter because he didn't get out into the field and show off his fancy hair. But she followed his advice and peeled out of the wet suit, leaving her in a fitted bikini that was tactically adorned with shiny bits that were more than they appeared to be. Rings, rhinestones and chains that served as tactical tools while also creating the near perfect amount of gawdy fashion. While the suit itself covered everything important, it revealed enough of her athletic figure to help her fit in with all the spheroid club girls and models aboard the super yacht. The real test would be while she made her way through that crowd. The operative was good at being invisible. But hiding in plain sight was a whole different story.

Taking advantage of her lack of a helmet to look at the looming silhouette of the intimidating party cruiser, Ariel patted the battle suit she'd been clinging to, signaling to Cassiel before letting go. The suddenly slower movement through the water making her head spin for a moment while she acclimated before she began swimming up toward the ship. Taking the opportunity to regulate her breathing before she would surface and find her way up the side of the super yacht.