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Title: LFG for Online Play
Post by: Gideon Lovat on 20 March 2020, 10:14:23
Heya everyone,

Just curious if someone could point me towards an online roleplaying group/community that plays Battletech using Discord, Roll20, and/or MegaMek. I tried playing Battletech in a one off at my local game store, and while I loved it, there just simply isn't anyone else interested in playing there, but I absolutely loved it. I'm looking for something along the lines of post-Clan Invasion, using the Time of War system mixed with the Total Warfare system. Thanks in advance!
Title: Re: LFG for Online Play
Post by: Domino on 22 March 2020, 08:37:23

Hi Gideon, hi everyone,

I'm also looking for an online game using Discord and a VTT like Roll20.  My preferred era is  2025 but it would be fine playing any area really.
Time of War system would be fine although I find that system overly complicated.  Any version of the game is fine, heck, I'd even try something
like Savage Battletech.

Title: Re: LFG for Online Play
Post by: Auberan on 30 March 2020, 09:28:49
I'd also point to rpol. There are only a few games there, but those that are active are long running.
Title: Re: LFG for Online Play
Post by: GSingley on 05 May 2020, 12:35:20
Good afternoon, or at least it is here.

I just stumbled across the forums yesterday, and decided to go ahead and set up an account, so please forgive the newbie ignorance.

I had some friends pitch Battletech to me a while back, but I never picked it up due to other games I was actively playing. Jump forward a few years, and I've been looking for something new to break into. Lo and behold, Battletech/Mechwarrior is mentioned in conversation and my interest is piqued.

So if you happen to have the ability to get a game off the ground into the Inner Sphere, I'd love the opportunity to sit at table for the first time.