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Author Topic: Looking for active BattleTech RPG group to playtest my campaign  (Read 4679 times)


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Some twenty-five years ago, I GM'ed for a BattleTech group. When the group disbanded, the ongoing campaign was left unresolved. I want to turn that campaign/adventure into a proper adventure module and submit it to CGL for publication as canon (either as a proper product, or otherwise as a promotional PDF or as a Shrapnel submission). However, I need help in this for two reasons:

1) While I think it is a very good introductory campaign, I have zero actual experience with either AToW or Destiny. I need GMs (preferrably for both systems) with actual experience to help me with the technical RPG rules aspects to go into the module.

2) Also, I want playtesting feedback on the campaign as such. I'm convinced that it's perfect, but perhaps some fresh eyes should check it for plotholes, shortcuts, etc.; also, the campaign has a special "flowchart" that may or may not cause problems. My own RPG group didn't play far enough into the adventure to really give me feedback on these points, but the adventure is still "burned" for them as they know a few key surprises from early on.

Naturally, it's a 'Mech mission with plenty of boardgame scenarios to be played out if you want. But the module is designed so that you can play it anywhere from a series of connected boardgame scenarios, to a purely RPG game with little if any 'Mech combat on the part of the player characters.
The early parts are pretty well detailed, but from the point where my group of old stopped playing it's still plotted out but much less detail-heavy.

So, if you're currently GMing an AToW or MW:Destiny group and want to try out the adventure with your group to give me feedback - or if you're a rules pro and think you can help out with the "rules tutorial" part of the module, shoot me a PM.

It is really important to me on general principle that this module can be submitted for canon publication by CGL, which means I must not publish it beforehand and can only give it to selected playtesters who won't pass on the draft. BattleTechWiki Admin
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