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Author Topic: Scenario Capturing several Clan Snow Raven JumpShips and DropShips  (Read 1724 times)


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Hi guys,

In a few weeks I will be starting a new campaign with my group and we will be tasked with either a guerilla campaign or diversionary raid during it.  One of the plot points will be our capturing several Clan Snow Raven DropShips and JumpShips, at least some of them by boarding them.

Looking for a few players experienced with or interested in trying out BattleArmor, Space Marines, Ship Captains, Aerospace Fighter pilots, those kinds of things to help us make it realistic (battletech version of 'realistic'), and a quality experience for all.

Our unit is a mostly aerospace-focused mercenary unit, so we'll have a lot of fighters and shuttles to spring the attack on the Snow Ravens.

Reply or DM me if interested, or leave any useful comments below if you think of anything.
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moving unseen is going to be a major aspect of this kind of mission, and you'll need the targets to be docked or otherwise shut down or it doesnt' really work.

so...I'd start with looking at the rules and equipment for stealthy movement in hard vacuum where the sight-lines are infinite and the guards aren't slackers.

You'll also need a tech-heavy team with marine experience and piloting skills if you're planning to steal any of their ships, because you'll have to actually be able to CREW the damn things (even at skeleton crew levels), and the more bodies you need, the harder it is to be sneaky about it...and you'll WANT to be sneaky about it.
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If you can read German and get the magazine, a boarding action RPG scenario/short story ("Cargo Queen") was published in the Wunderwelten magazine, though against a civilian IS JumpShip and not a Clan vessel.

Herb Beas' Forgotten Worlds serial also had a JumpShip boarded by one (!) WoB battle armored trooper. It was messy. (This is the opening of Part 2, Finding Jardine.)

Generally, it was pointed out that aboard starships, knives and the like are preferred weapons and firearms are discouraged because of the high risk of simply wrecking the ship in the fight. I think this was in MechWarrior RPG, 1st edition rulebook.
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