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Author Topic: Scouting Scenario  (Read 1418 times)


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Scouting Scenario
« on: 30 January 2021, 08:56:34 »
Here is an idea I am thinking of trying out with a friend for a scouting scenario. The scenario is to be done before the "main event battle"

Defender deploys his unit anywhere in the map and may even use hidden rules.

Attacker: Has to harass the denfender as much as possible, any damage done to the defenders units will ccarry on to the main battle. However, for every attacker the defender destroys, he can change or repair one of his units.

Example, the defender has 4 Centurions and the scouting force comes in with 4 Commandos. One of the Commandoes gets that golden BB and one his SRMs lands a gyro hit. The attacker may choose to retreat or try to do even more damage. If the attacker retreats and the match ends, that Centurion now starts the next game with a damaged gyro + whatever damage his armor took. However, if one of the Commandoes gets destroyed or disabled beyond the ability to retreat, the defender may change that Centurion for another mech in the following match or repair the damage.

The idea is to encourage the attacker to be aggressive but witbout committing to a suicidal rush to do as much damage as possible.

Any hidden mechs that remain undetected may be changed in the next match.

What do you guys think? Have you tried anything similar? Any suggestions that you wish to add?!

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Re: Scouting Scenario
« Reply #1 on: 31 January 2021, 00:39:52 »
Are there any rules for a point ratio between attacker and defender?  I.e. same amount of points, defender gets an advantage, attacker gets an advantage?

Does spotting a defending unit take away points from the follow-up battle?  (i.e. by spotting a defending Centurion, that means the Centurion's points are not available for the battle later)  This encourages the attacker to try and spot as many defending Mechs as possible.

If the attacker can clear the board of defenders, that leaves a flank open.  If the defenders can put enough Mechs on the map the attacker cannot succeed, but each Mech deployed is one less that can take part in the main battle.

The attacker is sending in a scout force, so have a rule where the only units from the scout force that can participate in the next day's battle are those with at least 5/8 speed at the end of the fight (ignoring speed loss due to heat).  If a unit is not fast enough (due to design or battle damage), it will not be able to get to the next-day's battle in time.  I.e. you could send a force of 3/5 Assaults as a reconnaissance-in-force, but that also would mean those assaults are not in the right place to take part in the main battle (where they will be needed).

Put up minefields so the attacker is forced to blunder into them.  Can the defender have a few pre-plotted artillery hexes?

Have each scout with at least one long-ranged energy weapon, so as soon as one defender is spotted as many attackers as possible can fire upon it.  Have  couple units with Beagle Probes to better scan hexes.