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Author Topic: Do away with mech machine guns dealing mech damage.  (Read 800 times)


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Re: Do away with mech machine guns dealing mech damage.
« Reply #30 on: 25 October 2020, 16:51:53 »
fuel for fire: What about better MG ranges, but the rounds come equipped (ie worse grouping) with HGR style parachutes? ... the longer the range the less damage and the less d6 v infantry.

PB: 4 dmg, 4d6
short: 3 dmg, 3d6
Med: 2 dmg, 2d6
long: 1 dmg, 1d6
extreme: 0mdg, 1d6

would drop the rapid fire rule as a rapid burst of 1d6 x4 could be pretty devastating if you roll a 6 .. for a half-ton (or 1/4) weapon is absurd.  Although, it would feel like MW 2 again! I felt like a god in my MAD IIC with all MGs and one SPL (it made it seem like a tracer/targeting laser) ... some JJ for fast zipping, everything was toast with a short burst.

I do like the direction this is going.

The ammo bomb is the worst part of Machine Guns, though, and even a half ton at the Long Range value would be painful.
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