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Author Topic: Favorite Light Sniper  (Read 1928 times)

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Re: Favorite Light Sniper
« Reply #30 on: 18 November 2022, 15:15:16 »
I'll be the Devil's advocate.
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Re: Favorite Light Sniper
« Reply #31 on: 18 November 2022, 16:04:15 »
I'll be the Devil's advocate.

Absolutely. I forgot about that little beast. The 10/15 movement profile, TC and ERPPC make this a nasty little sniper. I've played the Howler Prime as an indirect sniper as well.

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Re: Favorite Light Sniper
« Reply #32 on: 18 November 2022, 16:34:02 »
Pack Hunter . . . 7/11/7 with a ERPPC, it is unfortunate that the later variants never really fine tuned the design.

I understand the appeal of that Horned Owl 7- 5/8/7 and the ERLL w/TC combo . . . but this is why I said I find it unfortunate the later variants never tuned it up.  The original Pack Hunter was a secondline warrior's dream b/c it had options to modify it- just as Zane Nova Cat did getting his Ferro-Fibrous armor.

A firm favourite of mine too adding Ferro was just the icing on cake

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Re: Favorite Light Sniper
« Reply #33 on: 21 November 2022, 04:49:53 »
Talon 6W and Osiris 5D both have a HPPC and 7/11 profile. Osiris also has 7 jump