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Title: Holth Forest and Fire
Post by: Tyler Jorgensson on 13 September 2021, 19:14:40
So I’m trying to run the Battle of Tukayyid and particularly Holth Forest the Ghost Bear map (big surprise right?!) So anyways I’m looking at the rules for fire…. And I’m completely lost. It seems to me like the fire will consume the entire map in like four or five turns so I’m definitely confused. Then theirs smoke too?

Can anyone break it down for me in simple terms…. And I’d be especially appreciative if you have said map and can break THAT down for me on how it works.

Thanks in advance.
Title: Re: Holth Forest and Fire
Post by: Tyler Jorgensson on 16 September 2021, 18:13:25
Title: Re: Holth Forest and Fire
Post by: Lanceman on 16 September 2021, 20:54:02
Maybe a specific point of confusion would help us address your question, what exactly is giving you trouble with the rules?

I'll give it a shot though:

Fire and smoke add a *lot* of rolling to the board game and are a little complicated.

There's two versions of fire and smoke, the "advanced" one in TacOps and a simplified version in the BattleMech Manual. Personally, I suggest the using the BMM rules your first time out.

First thing you have to do is determine wind direction (if not specified in the scenario). You can find the rules for that in TacOps or the BattleMech Manual.

TacOps Fire:

During the End Phase of each turn you roll 2D6, on the result of a 9 or above the fire spreads to the next directly adjacent "downwind" hex if that hex can burn (woods, jungle, buildings) and is within four levels (elevation) of the origin hex (so a fire could not for example jump from the forest floor immediately to the top of a cliff edge). You also roll two more times, for two hexes adjacent to the downwind hex. These rolls need to be 11 or greater to catch the hex on fire. Hexes continue to burn for the rest of the game unless extinguished by reducing the hex's terrain factor (terrain factor rules also in TacOps), using sprayer equipment, or weather effects.

Smoke in TacOps is a bit much to summarized here. Smoke spreads from fires in the direction of the wind, but it can also drift on its own beyond the burning area.

BMM Fire: Similar to above, but you only roll for the directly downwind hex, and you need a 12 for the fire to spread. Light smoke fills the two hexes downwind from any burning hex, but does not spread on it's own. Hexes continue to burn for the rest of the game, but the fire can be extinguished by causing 40 points of damage to the hex with any weapon of the "area-effect" type (which I think is pretty much just artillery, but I'm not sure, haven't used the BMM much).

Looking at Battle of Tukayyid, it does look like a good portion of the map can end up burning. But you need decently high rolls for the fire to spread real quickly.

Clear as mud?
Title: Re: Holth Forest and Fire
Post by: Tyler Jorgensson on 18 September 2021, 18:26:54
Thanks that does sorta clear up how it works. When referring to the specific map theirs a lot of area that is listed fire already as well as burned areas (the blackened areas that don’t have the fire tags on them) that are not (?) still on fire? That’s just my other confusion.

TLDR: are the areas marked Fire the only ones on fire at the start of the map?

EDIT: Never mind just read thru Battle of Tukayyid and found the scenario and how to start the game