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Author Topic: Infantry Field Guns, how do you feel about them?  (Read 2719 times)


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Re: Infantry Field Guns, how do you feel about them?
« Reply #60 on: 18 August 2020, 20:43:52 »
I get that.

The Marian's are 100 btw..
10 Man Squads
10 Squads / Platoon (Century)

They break down on the game board as 25 man = 2.5 squads per "Hex base".

My statement was that I don't recall from memory how the rules tell you to create those over sized "Platoons".
If its "create it as 1 platoon & then divide by 30 & round up to get # of "Hex bases"
If its Take total & divide & round, then create platoon based on Hex Base #Men totals.

Depending on how you read the rules you can end up with 2 very different things in regards to # of Support Weapons &/or # of Field Guns &/Or # of Artillery Pieces.

A 100-man "Century" could be 4 artillery pieces or 1 artillery piece depending on how the rules tell you to do it.

Or you could just "fudge" it & field it however you want.  But I'm pointing out that it would be "Fudging" it & not for sure be how the rules are written.

I don't honestly recall how it reads & don't have TM/TO on hand to check.

44 Man platoon can field a total of 5x AC5's, but a pair of 22 man platoons can only field 4.
44 man platoon can field One artillery piece, but a pair of 22 man platoons can field 2.

So how you read those rules will matter when it comes to the final stats if your going by the actual creation & conversion rules.

I hope that makes sense.
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