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Author Topic: The 19th Galedon Regulars  (Read 1046 times)


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The 19th Galedon Regulars
« on: 25 November 2011, 15:32:23 »
One oddity that I've come across is that Field Manual: Draconis Combine p. 65 states that the 19th Galedon Regulars were formed "during the long-drawn out Second Succession War", from soldiers of questionable loyalty. That conflicts with Historical: Reunification War, which has the 19th deployed as one of the four regiments of Galedon Regulars within the Combine Auxiliary Corps, supporting the SLDF invasion of the Outworlds Alliance - see p. 141 and various other pages. Has H: RW effectively superceded FM: DC, or was the 19th disbanded/retired/wiped out at some point during the Star League era or First Succession War and then reformed?

I hadn't paid much attention to the 19th Galedon Regulars before, but I've got to say they have one of the best unit insignia I've ever seen!

It's more interesting than optimal, and therefore better. O0 - Weirdo