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Author Topic: Historical: Reunification War - the 5th Marik Militia and the battle for Canopus  (Read 971 times)


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I'm sorry for the steady stream of questions on the Magistracy campaign during the Reunification War - I'm afraid I'm back with another. Can I get away with saying it's a reflection of the my enthusiastic interest for this period of history (and this particular Historical publication?)

The description of the opening battles on Canopus on page 104 talks about a spirited clash between the 5th Marik Militia and The Red Hand around the Thetis River, with The Red Hand using hovercraft, narrow channels and unstable terrain to launch hit and run attacks against the Militia until SLDF fighters drove the hovercraft off.

However, the deployment table on page 149 doesn't show the 5th Marik Militia as being present on Canopus - it has the 1st and 3rd Marik Militias on Canopus, the 4th Marik Militia on Marantha, and no assignment for the 5th. Does that mean the 5th were actually on Canopus and the deployment table is in error, or was it another Marik Militia regiment that fought The Red Hand? If it's the latter, I'm guessing that it was the 1st Marik Militia, as the 3rd Marik Militia is already described in the same paragraph on page 103 as fighting alongside the 35th Royal CAAN Marine Regiment against the 3rd Canopian Fusiliers.

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