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Author Topic: Historical: Reunification War: Zathras/Zatharas  (Read 866 times)


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Historical: Reunification War: Zathras/Zatharas
« on: 31 January 2012, 05:10:34 »
The deployment tables on pages 149 and 150 of Historical: Reunification War both mention deployments to the world of Zatharas, and in the Endgame (2583-2584) section on p. 103 Zatharas is mentioned as one of the worlds being taken by the SLDF after the defeat of the Magistracy Navy at Thurrock. However, on the maps on p. 94 and p. 158-159, there's no Zatharas shown - although there is a Zathras. Are Zathras/Zatharas interchangeable names for the same world, or are the maps or the text in error?

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