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Author Topic: The Sarna Supremacy and the Chesterton Trade Federation  (Read 948 times)


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The Sarna Supremacy and the Chesterton Trade Federation
« on: 23 February 2012, 08:02:51 »
The original House Liao (The Capellan Confederation) indicated on p. 20 that the Chesterton Trade Worlds and the early Tikonov states formed the first imperalistic Tikonov Union early in the 23rd century, with the Union consisting of three provinces with capitals on Tikonov, Chesterton and Hamal.

Despite the presence of the Union, both nations seems to have remained largely autonomous, based on the descriptions within the more recent Handbook: House Davion, which breaks down the conflicts in the region a little. Worlds like Almach, Mira and Mesartim are described as being border worlds to the Tikonov Union, the Chesterton Trade Federation/Trade Worlds and the Marlette Association, and Handbook: House Davion seems to characterise the war in the early 2300s over those worlds as being a war between the Tikonov Union and the Marlette Association. Handbook: House Davion also characterises the conflict over the worlds of Beten Kaitos and Emerson as a war between the Chesterton Trade Federation and the Federated Suns, with the Trade Federation receiving support from Tikonov.

However, while Handbook: House Davion clarifies that the Sarna Supremacy had annexed the Chesterton Trade Federation by 2357, highlighting that Bell, Chesterton and Highspire were now Sarna Supremacy worlds when Reynard Davion's forces occupied them, none of the books are particularly specific on when the Supremacy absorbed the Trade Federation, although that could just be confusion on my part from the way Chesterton Worlds/Chesterton Trade Worlds/Chesterton Trade League/Chesterton Trade Federation and Tikonov Union/Tikonov Grand Union seem to be used interchangeably in the earlier House books.

So, to clarify - given that Handbook: House Liao states in the timeline on p. 13 that the 2351-2352 war was between the Tikonov Grand Union and the Sarna Supremacy, can I safely assume that it was as a result of this war and during this period that the Supremacy was able to absorb the Chesterton Trade Federation? None of the four sourcebooks covering the area and era (House Liao (TCC), House Davion (TFS), Handbook: House Liao and Handbook: House Davion) list a specific Supremacy-Trade Federation War in the 24th Century, and they're pretty comprehensive on wars, specifying that the Trade Federation was still around to fight for the two former Muskegon worlds in the 2320s. It would seem odd for the 2351-52 Supremacy/Grand Union war to be mentioned, given that both nations survived the war as nations, and not to mention a war that resulted in the entire of the Trade Federation being annexed as a seperate event.
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