Author Topic: UK Landmarks in my Battletech? It's more likely than you think. PIC HEAVY  (Read 4925 times)


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What a haul! Scored 4 old Danbury Mint pieces from the British Monarchy Collection for super cheap. Here's the 3 that work roughly for regular Btech. Hampton Court and Kensington Palace are about mech-scale. Windsor Castle is a little small but works in a pinch. Balmoral Castle is just about N-scale and is hiding out in my layout. I'll get pictures of it later.


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The Dervish, and the British architecture, made me think about the siege of New Avalon...

Seriously, thank you for sharing these pictures with us.8)
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Those are nice.  You're not thinking of battle-damaging those, are you?

Are you?   ???
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The Dervish, and the British architecture, made me think about the siege of New Avalon...

Seriously, thank you for sharing these pictures with us.8), too!


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exellent! O0
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Very impressive.

Hope no one smashes them up too badly on you.


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The whole time I was like "careful Bushwacker careful", that third pic or so made alittle sweat drip down my brow. Glad it all worked out well in the end. awesome find on these UK Landmarks. O0
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Now, paint up some Berserkers as Beefeaters!


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And Urbies as a palace royal guard)


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OK, now those are cool.

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That's unbelievably cool. Words fail me.  [drool]
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Those pics are awesome!!
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Awesome.  Are you going to use these as game terrain too? 


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Those are so very very cool! O0

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I would take a saw to them, carefully.  Rejoin sections into smaller usable terrain pieces with street room between.  Mount the sections on plasticard turning the card edges into half roads and you end up with a modular street plan of 'retro' design buildings for Davionistas to defend.  All you then need is a load of Wobbies or Dracs (or Taurians?) to try and take them off you.

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I suggest you look for 'lilliput lane" buildings. o ebay or elsewhere. Most of them are about the same scale, and have similar architecture (based off old buildings, pubs cottages, mils etc in England) 
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I wasn't aware that those sites were only 10 meters tall.  :P
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My only question is... Are those mechs allowed to move, or even cack a grin if you make funny faces at them?

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Oh, 3CL is gonna LOVE this. He'll turn Davion green with envy...


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In light of this, that terrain could be canon!
At any rate, I thought it was funny you got this when you did.


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Haha, love it!


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Might work better for Battleforce scale.  Lovely detail in those though!

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I have a big ben in this scale. It does have some battledamage from a fall and like you I thought I would one day build it into a layout.  Those larger buildings are going to look great for you.  I was thinking of using it in an alternative "Future Planet of the Apes". On a beach section you would have half of big ben sticking out, rather than the statue of liberty.

This is the big ben model:

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