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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Star League Stadium
International Zone/Black Hills, Solaris VII
Lyran Alliance, Freedom Theatre
1st March 3074

   Following several delays in construction and spiraling costs the Star League was ready to make its mark on the Solaris VII Game World culture.  The Star League Stadium would be the jewel of Solaris VII with the largest crowds and with the most attractions.  The arena was unique among those on Solaris VII, firstly it was the largest on the planet roughly one and a half times the size of Steiner Stadium – the Colluseum, secondly it was in the International Zone of Solaris City just on the border of the Black Hills region.  Meaning none of the Succession States have overly strong influence over the area, it also means Solaris VII police forces have to devote more resources to the area.

   From the outside it looked a lot like an enlarged version of any other sporting arena in the Inner Sphere however the design inside was more akin to the Steiner Stadium’s Coliseum design.  Unlike the neo-Roman design of the Coliseum the Star League Stadium was set out in the shape of the map of the Inner Sphere.  The centrepiece of the stadium was a raised area in the shape of a Cameron star while surrounding it were areas donating the various realms of the Inner Sphere.  A white covered region centred round a mail-fist, donating House Steiner, alongside this was a field of cherry blossom trees, representing House Kurita.  Down from this was a Medieval eighteenth century Fort, donating the Federated Suns while beside this was two green fields, one slightly smaller than the other separated by a replica of the Great Wall of China, representing the Capellan Confederation and the break-away St Ives Compact.  While finally in the lower eastern corner of the Stadium was a large body of water with half a dozen islands with various features on them, representing the fractured states of the Free Worlds League.

   Surrounding the stadium were open bandstands for up to fourteen thousand seated viewers topped with executive boxes with another four thousand seats.  Like the Coliseum, using knowledge gained from the information vaults on Terra, the Star League Stadium featured Lostech energy barriers that could block any and all weapons fire.

   The Star League gaming authority on Solaris VII had immediately rated the Stadium as a Class-6 Arena, capable of any type of battle that would take place on the Gaming World.  They also cleared the Star League Stadium to hold the first and last games of the Gaming League taking the limelight away from the Lyran Coliseum in the Silesia area of the city.  This action by the gaming commission annoys the Coliseum’s owners however since the Lyran Government has no qualms about this decision so the Lyran stables are not happy but they can do little.

Marian Hegemony/Lothian League
13th March 3074

   With seven other worlds Lothario break away from the Marian Hegemony to form the Lothian League.  Though the worlds were previously conquered by the Marians by force of arms the barren worlds had been difficult and expensive to control.  Immediately the leader of the Lothian League Lorelei Logan immediately hires several small mercenary bands to defend the worlds that had broken away.  For the Marian Hegemony’s part they were content to leave the worlds independent for now, culturally the Lothians had barely set in with the Marian population and were rebellious.

Ruins of Bealton, Odessa
Donegal Province, Lyran Alliance
29th March 3074

   Following a year working with Snord’s Irregulars Mercenary unit Loki agent Anton Gramash finds a sealed vault underneath the City of Bealton, the former capital city of the planet.  This vault  had been sealed for centuries under the ruined city and is the same one that the Ruins of Gabriel had pointed the Star League Intelligence towards.  Carefully through suggestion and information left the SLIC had directed the Snord’s Irregulars directly to it.

   Inside the vault the Loki and the Snord’s Irregulars find a battalion of Star League-era ‘Royal’ variant BattleMechs and an information vault full of data dating back to the original Star League.  As part of the agreement between House Steiner and the Snord’s Irregulars the mercenaries are left with most of the Mechs, though the Lyrans take an Atlas II Assault Mech, while the LIC begin analysis of the information.

   During the analysis of the information there is a disturbance in New Bealton when a car-bomb explodes collapsing a multi-story car park.  These events take the majority of the Snord’s Irregulars away from the vault to assist in security and recovery operations.  This opens a space in the Lyran defences for a small four person team of Gray Death Scout Battle Armour equipped commandos to break into the vault and copy all the information contained in the vault’s information banks and add more information on the Ruins of Gabriel, which the SLDF have taken what they wanted and abandoned for the Lyrans deeper in the Odessa system.


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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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The Nova Cats were wanting more battles i think they are going to get their wish. ;D
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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The Nova Cats were wanting more battles i think they are going to get their wish. ;D

Tends to happen... especially when you go looking

Nadir Jump-point
Glory System, Clan Space
Kerensky Cluster
5th April 3074

   The Nova Cat WarShips Bond, Chronicle and Path of Honour, all Aegis-class Heavy Cruisers, jumped into the Glory system of the Kerensky Cluster, a system only populated by Jade Falcons and Wolves the first targets of the Nova Cat’s revenge.  “This is Oathmaster Zane Carns, of Clan Nova Cat, you came to our den uninvited.  Now we come to yours.  Prepare yourselves.  We are ready for your challenges; an unanswered call will signal to us you wish to be targeted.”  Zane said looking at the commander of the Path of Glory, his command ship for this operation, at least until his landing on the planet with the rest of Alpha Galaxy.

   “Nova Cat forces, you leave the Homeworlds to find new pastures then you come back here thinking that you should have sole possession of a world?  The Clans have shared worlds and space since our inception by the Founder, we refute your claim, I bid both my defending WarShips there will be no Batchall.”  The reply from the defending Jade Falcon WarShips came loud and clear, Zane had known that this mission would be deadly and costly his visions had said so, but he hadn’t expected the Jade Falcons to fight without honour.

   “Nova Cat Alpha Galaxy, Path of Glory continue to target.  Chronicle and Bond have you covered.”  Star Commodore Sel Bavros, commander of the Chronicle announced, he was the most senior of the WarShip commanders and so took tactical control over the situation.  Both vessels turned towards the defending Jade Falcons, already launching fighters and DropShips, Zane could see they were another Aegis-class Heavy Cruiser and a Black Lion-class Battle-cruiser, a significantly bigger and better armed vessel.

   Though technically under Zane’s command the Oathmaster had already cleared them to make decisions, he knew nothing about naval combat, even with this lack of naval tactics knowledge Zane did know one thing the two Aegis-class Heavy Cruisers would be hard pressed to take on a Jade Falcon Aegis and a Black Lion-class Battle-cruiser.

   “Commodore, dispatch the Second Nova Cat Titans and both our assault DropShips to support Chronicle and Bond.”  Zane said looking at Star Commodore Annabel Leroux, the Path of Honour’s commander.

   “That will leave us open to attack.”

   “Yes, but intelligence points to there being no more WarShips in system and sensors are equally blind.  The other WarShips are outgunned, we can help and the Jade Falcons have chosen to ignore the duelling rules of the Clans, once the DropShips and fighters are in transit, set a course for the planet, direct Alpha Galaxy to follow us and for all JumpShips to clear the system.”  Zane said assuming command, with the Khan and saKhan both attending to duties in and around the Nova Cat’s Den he’d taken over as commander in running Nova Cat business in the Homeworlds something that helped when faced with a combat situation.

   As the Nova Cat ground forces cleared the way Sel Bavros noticed the Second Nova Cat Titans and some Assault DropShips still remained, he quickly suppressed the smile, ‘trust the Oathmaster’ was all he thought.  “Chronicle, Bond”

   “Go ahead.”  Star Commodore Allan Lankenau replied from the Bond’s command room.

   “Follow deployment Delta take the Second and make sure you keep the Hazen busy we have the Aerie.”

   “Understood, good luck Chronicle” Lankenau said cutting the link, Delta would put the Chronicle up against a vessel far larger than itself, even supported by fighters and DropShips they would be hard pressed to match the vessel.

   “Weapons target the White Aerie, full salvos, contact the DropShips ensure they stay out of our firing solution and to move to position Omega.  Alpha Protocol.”  He said looking over at the communication officer who nodded their understanding, passing on the orders.

   The Chronicle headed right for the White Aerie the two ships exchange capital missile and autocannon fire as they approached each other while DropShips and fighters engaged in a no holds bared dogfight between the two capital ships.  In the centre of the fight a Vanguard and a Raven DropShip escorted by a star of fighters broke through the battle lines of the Jade Falcons the Raven taking hits for the larger Vanguard protecting it.  As the Chronicle and White Aerie moved alongside each other showing their Broadsides the DropShips were on the far side of the Jade Falcon vessel deploying ProtoMechs and Battle Armour, while ProtoMechs burned the armour the Battle Armour were tasked with boarding and capturing the vessel.  The White Aerie ignored them opening fire with a broadside of Naval Autocannons, although a few missed their target most hit the Chronicle and soon the Aegis was consumed by an expanding fireball.  Just as the Heavy Cruiser was destroyed Nova Cat ProtoMechs and Battle Armour were boarding the Jade Falcon WarShip, though their command ship was gone their fight was far from over.  The White Aerie turned its guns on the remaining Nova Cat DropShips hoping to destroy them before they Nova Cat assault troops took over.  Already the ProtoMechs and Elementals were burning through the hull.

   In the other battle the Bond was running off the Janice Hazen the superior Nova Cat gunners and fighter pilots, with the two Capital ships matching each other’s firepower it was down to the crews and the Jade Falcon crews were just no match for the Nova Cats.  Soon the Janice Hazen was following the same fate as the Nova Cat’s Chronicle, like the Jade Falcon’s White Aerie the Nova Cat gunners turned on the Jade Falcon fighters and DropShips.

   Onboard the White Aerie the Nova Cat Armoured Elementals had no issues with the Jade Falcon crew despite the close confines of the Black Lion-class vessel their lasers and anti-personnel weapons were making quick work.  Less than an hour later the vessel was in Nova Cat hands, battered but intact, though the loss of the Chronicle had hurt the Nova Cats the capture of the White Aerie made up it and the Path of Honour was still burning towards Glory with Alpha Galaxy.

Path of Honour, Near Orbit
Glory, Kerensky Cluster
Clan Homeworlds
7th April 3074

   The rest of the Nova Cat invasion force continued in system, the Path of Honour escorting them the entire way.  As they closed on the planet Glory one last surprise met them the Clan Wolf WarShip Nature’s Wrath, a Lola III-class Destroyer, although seventy thousand tons lighter than the Aegis it was faster and carried an array of long range heavy naval lasers capable of tearing open the Path of Honour’s armoured hide.

   While Alpha Galaxy headed for the planet Star Commodore Annabel Leroux brought her vessel closer to the Nature’s Wrath brining its Naval missiles into play.  As the ships traded Naval lasers and missile the distance separating them began to close the Naval Autocannons on Path of Honour into play.  The two WarShips continued to close until finally they reached broadside distance where the Path of Honour’s heavy Naval autocannons severely outclassed the Nature’s Wrath’s lighter autocannons.  The heavier cannons tore through the thin armour and internal structure of the Lola III destroying the vessel and all crew though the Path of Honour was badly damaged it was still operational and Alpha Galaxy now had a clear run to Glory.

   Sticking to the plan the Nova Cats landed directly between the Wolves and Jade Falcons landing on a firebase that had been abandoned since the early days of the Clans.  In the centuries since the base had become overgrown and decayed, none of the buildings still had a roof and one of the main base walls had fallen, it did still have two major things going for it however.  Firstly the ferrocrete landing zone inside the base was still in flawless condition as was the landing strip that ran alongside the base.  And secondly neither Clan Wolf or Jade Falcon had anything based in the area for seven kilometres in all directions, the perfect safe landing zone.  By now both Clans would know the Nova Cats were in system and that they had engaged the local Naval forces eliminating them.

   “To Clan Jade Falcon and Clan Wolf, I am Zane Carns Oathmaster of Clan Nova Cat and commander of Alpha Galaxy.  We possess Zulu Command Base on the South West Peninsula, we will conduct all operations from this base.  If you plan on refuting our claim we are ready to answer your trials.”  Zane announced minutes after landing on the world to a wide spectrum radio, anyone who wanted to hear would hear.

   “Clan Nova Cat, you are not welcome on this world, I Galaxy Commander Nowa Vickers of Clan Wolf refute your presence on this world and bid my entire Tau Galaxy against you.”  Came a reply from the Clan Wolf defenders on planet, Zane expected it.

   “Clan Nova Cat, we will also refute your presence on this world, Clan Jade Falcon’s Iota Provisional Galaxy will fight you until our last breath.”  The Jade Falcon commander said there was no name or wish for any terms, just as Zane had expected everything was going as he had foreseen.  Neither Clan it appeared wanted to initiate Batchalls or conduct trials.

   “We hit the Wolves and then turn on the Jade Falcons, quickly and surgically.  We know what we want and we know where it is.”  Zane said turning to the other Star Colonels around him, the 449th Assault Cluster and the Shiva Keshik would be attacking the Wolves while the First Nova Cat Guards Cluster and the 450th Assault Cluster remained defending Zulu Command Base and Alpha Galaxy’s DropShips.  All the Nova Cats would be outnumbered but given none of the defences would be expecting them to hit everyone at once.

   Leading the Shiva Keshik and the 449th Assault Cluster forward Oathmaster Zane Carns’ Arctic Cheetah began detecting Wolf forces ahead of him.  First on the list was a Clan Wolf (in-Exile) manufactured Pack Hunter.  Zane almost smiled the Wolves outwardly disdained anything to do with the other half of their Clan, the side that had gone over to the Inner Sphere, but in reality they needed anything they could get to keep their garrison forces fully stocked and ready for the fight.  “Nova Cats, they set the tone of this trial by using stravag equipment, and ignoring the rules of Zellbrigen all warriors fire at will!”  He ordered, though it was not a breach of honour using Clan Wolf (in-Exile) equipment or even using Inner Sphere equipment, the 449th Assault Cluster fielded an Atlas II in its ranks unmodified since the time of the original Star League, it was hypocritical to then use it in combat and that Zane could not stand by.  "Stick to Zellbrigen until they break it.”  He added before one of his broke the rules in a free for all there was no guarantees about the victor.

   The Pack Hunter was the same tonnage as the Arctic Cheetah but it was a regular BattleMech not an advanced OmniMech like Zane’s ride meaning it could not change weapons from fight to fight it was also a one weapon Mech, a single torso mounted Extended-Range Large Laser dominating the weapons of the light Mech.  Though powerful enough to rip an arm or leg cleanly from the Arctic Cheetah’s body they had to actually hit the target and Zane planned on making that very difficult striking out first with his own Mech’s arm mounted Extended-Range Large Laser missing but putting the Wolf warrior off step.  At the same time Zane struck his OmniMechs Jump Jets into life sending the light Mech flying over one hundred metres in the opposite direction, a man-made lightning bolt from the Pack Hunter’s PPC flew straight through the location where Zane Mech’s centre torso had been.  As the Arctic Fox landed Zane pressed the primary trigger again sending another laser blast down the range, the Arctic Fox’s cockpit filled with excess heat from the laser blast, however Zane was rewarded as he saw the laser blast strike the Wolf Mech dead centre.  The power of the beam burning away all the armour and cutting into the torso, something inside exploded and the Mech went down like a ton of bricks crushing the cockpit and the pilot in a flash.  “One down” Zane said dispassionately looking for his next target.

   An hour later the combined elements of the Shiva Keshik and the 449th Assault Cluster were battered but victorious.  The Wolves had surrendered the field, an OmniMech factory two kilometres inside their territory, before the Nova Cats completely overrun their garrison galaxy.  Although this was an important factory they knew the Nova Cats could never hold the world however unbeknown to the Wolves that was never even a part of the Nova Cats planning - instead they seized five working copies of the Lycurgus Assault OmniMech and plans to manufacture more before retreating back to their DropShips their prize secured.

   An hour following the return of the Shiva Keshik and the 449th Assault Cluster the First Nova Cat Guards and the 450th Assault Clusters left the landing zone heading for Clan Jade Falcon’s claimed territory.  The two clusters combined commander Star Colonel Kalvin Rosse, of the First Nova Cat Guards, had picked an Overlord-class Transport DropShip full of brand-new Mechs as their target.  Leading from the centre of the formation was Star Colonel Kalvin Rosse’s Warhawk Assault OmniMech, alongside him was a Nova Cat Heavy OmniMech and a Supernova Assault BattleMech.  Behind them were a pair of SM-1 Tank Destroyers and a pair of Shoden Heavy Tanks though vehicles were not a strong as BattleMechs they still formed an integral part of the combat unit, especially within the new Nova Cat Touman.  “Guards Actual to Alpha Star begin assault, engage at will” he said into the communication suite “maintain Zellbrigen until they break it.”  He said again though they were outgunned and combining fire would probably help the Nova Cats to victory quicker it was the Clans way to maintain duelling rules during a Trial.

   “Gamma One to Guards Actual, we have a pair Jade Falcon lights combining fire on the western flank.”  One of the Star Commanders reported within moments, Kalvin had expected it to last longer before they broke the duelling rules.

   “Understood, all forces step back strategy, find your targets and eliminate.”  Kalvin ordered.  In concert the Warhawk, Supernova and Nova Cat all engaged targets at long range with their full weapons.  Kalvin’s Mech and both other Mechs also fired full salvos, the heat in each Mech began to rush upwards, “continue firing” he ordered forcing the heat higher Kalvin noticed fluctuations in his targeting suite.  “One, Two and Three, step back” he ordered all three Mechs stepped back opening a hole in the Nova Cat formation as a pair of heavy Jade Falcon Mechs rushed into the gap in the lines they were met by the paired SM1s and Shodens, the first Jade Falcon Mech took an assault barrage from the lead SM1 followed up by twenty-seven high-explosive advanced-tactical-missiles while the second took missiles then an assault autocannon barrage gunning down both Jade Falcon heavies in moments.  All along the Nova Cat line Jade Falcons were being hit by the ‘step back’ strategy and though Nova Cat Mechs were falling to Jade Falcon guns they were acceptable losses, the Nova Cats were closing on their prize every minute.

   Twenty minutes later the Nova Cats were in positions all around the Overlord making sure that they did not strike the craft, to do so would invite their gunners to become involved in the battle.  “Nova Cat Guards Actual to Overlord Actual” Kalvin said “we have secured the ground under your ship.  I take your ship, crew and cargo as Isorla for Clan Nova Cat.  Prepare to receive boarders.”

   “We are Jade Falcon, not Nova Cat, we will defend ourselves with our weapons if you plan to board.”

   “If you wish to further dishonour your Clan by involving your DropShip in a ground battle I will end the threat you possess to my forces now by calling in support from my orbiting WarShip, the Path of Honour, an Aegis-class Heavy Cruiser.”  Kalvin warned, he wasn’t sure if the WarShip was in position but if it was he didn’t really want to use it, an empty threat if there ever was one he wanted the Mechs.

   “Involving a WarShip in ground combat is a great dishonour.”

   “It is but this attack is for revenge, not for possessions, those are bonuses.  If I am required to I will destroy your craft.”  He said coldly, deadly.

   “Understood commander, we surrender to you, our loading bays will open soon.”  After a few moments the loading bays opened allowing Nova Cat Elementals to enter the craft.

   “Claw One to Guards Actual, we hit the mother load commander the bays full of Turkina OmniMechs.”  Kalvin’s Elemental commander reported moments later, they’d checked the inventory and found Watch reports were spot on.

   “Understood, A prize crew is en route to secure the prize.  The First Guards and the Assault Guards are in control of the field.”  Kalvin reported, the Jade Falcons were in retreat on most of the fronts the Nova Cat Mechs, Elementals and vehicles were easily holding their own.  Within three hours the Nova Cats were fully in command of the vessel, its crew and cargo.  With their prizes secured Alpha Galaxy and its prizes were ready to leave Glory returning to the Path of Honour in orbit, the WarShip then escorted them back to the other Nova Cat WarShips at the Nadir Jump Points.  From there they would return to Barcella, their revenge and prizes secure.

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Nadir Point
Tortuga System
Nova Cat’s Den
18th April 3074

   With the Nova Cats position in the former Tortuga Dominions now a known fact to they were a target to anyone interested in causing issues.  Intent on taking control of their destiny in between the Nova Cat’s held territory and the Federated Suns the Filtvelt Coalition’s Government sends the Last of the Lakers, an Invader-class JumpShip, into the Tortuga system to contact the Nova Cats.

   “Sir, we are emerging at the Nadir point of the Tortuga system.”  The Jump officer reported to Captain Suzanne Fulton.

   “Understood, sensor scan of immediate area”

   “Several DropShips appear to be working at a space station at the Zenith point, no other contacts…  Massive EM changes…”  The sensor operator said as another Ship jumped in close to them, Captain Fulton immediately recognised the design despite its Clan origins, a Fredesa-class Corvette.  “Oh hell, captain, their guns are fully primed and locked on us and our DropShips.  We move and we’re dead.”

   “Their communications say the same boss, we’re in the mouth of the cat.”  The communications officer said from the next seat in the compact bridge.

   “Understood, contact the Clan vessel.”  Suzanne said the communication officer nodded “Clan vessel this is the Filtvelt Coalition vessel Last of the Lakers, we have come to invite a Clan Nova Cat representative to Filtvelt to begin immediate negotiations for the opening of trade relations.”

   “Filtvelt vessel this is Star Commodore Althea Leroux, commander of the Spirit Sight, if you move we will destroy your vessel.  Detach any vessels or attempt to jump we will be destroyed.”  The Clan officer ordered, Suzanne waited for several moments waiting for the impact of the first Nova Cat weapon.  She was sure that they wouldn’t go for the governments plan, it was a fools errand but she was an officer and would follow orders.  “Filtvelt vessel, communicate your terms.  The Nova Cats will follow them or we will not, you will stand ready anyway or when we arrive we will strike.”  She warned, the Spirit Sight moving slowly past the forward prow of the JumpShip. 

   “Transmit the data, and pray they go for it.”  Suzanne said

   “We have received your data, now leave or be destroyed and your nation an occupied territory of Clan Nova Cat.”  Althea Leroux warned.

   “Fine with me, job done people, charge the drive and get us the hell out of here.”  Suzanne Fulton ordered, her ship and crew had taken enough risks, though seeing the Nova Cats here this close to home was scary enough.  Having them on Filtvelt would be something completely new.

Calderon Family Home, Samantha
Taurus, Taurian Concordat
22nd April 3074

   The Taurian Concordat awakens to bad news Brenda Calderon has died in her sleep at the Calderon Family home outside the rebuilding capital Samantha on Taurus.  Following the death of Brenda Baron Cham Kithrong, former leader of the Calderon Protectorate, takes over as Protector (Regent) until Erik Martens-Calderon comes of age in several years time after his term in the military.

Proving Grounds
New Haiti, Nova Cat’s Den
31st April 3074

   On New Haiti the Nova Cats develop the Armadillo Recon Tank design.  The tank is based on a Scout Tank used by the old ComStar’s Explorer Corps, the Cavalier.  The Armadillo is a thirty-five ton wheeled tank design capable of top speeds of almost one hundred kilometres per hour and mounting a Large Pulse Laser and an Advanced Tactical Missile Launcher with nine tubes.  Both weapons are mounted on three hundred degree turret allowing the vehicle to fire all round.  First of Trials between Nova Cat galaxies takes place on New Haiti between Tau and Sigma Galaxies.  Tau Galaxy long time garrison unit of New Haiti once again prove they deserve to be on New Haiti and are victorious.

Martial Olympiad Grounds
Defiance, Crucis March
Federated Suns
8th May 3074

   The beginning of the Fourth Martial Olympiad on Defiance, in the Federated Suns.  At the head of the Opening Ceremony newly revealed Leader of the Crucis March Duke Paul Bowman of Tikonov opens the ceremony.  The former Mercenary warrior has adjusted well to his new task however it is to be expected from the offspring of the leaders of Tikonov and Achernar.  As his honour guard the newly unveiled First Tikonov Cossacks Regiment wearing traditional AFFS Ceremonial armour.

Galatea Hiring offices
Former Free Worlds League
10th May 3074

   On Galatea Colonel Harold Kerr formerly of the First Chisolm’s Raiders Regiments forms the Broken Sword Mercenary Regiment.  A full Regiment of Mechs, Battalion of Armour and another of Infantry all former members of the AFFS drummed out of service by Victor Steiner-Davion following the Varnay Crisis.  Most had escaped court martials and long prison sentances by AFFS commanders wanting to sweep away the Varnay Crisis and forget it.  Out of sight out of mind they didn’t care where these men and women ended up as long as they were not in the Federated Suns.  This new mercenary command sign a three year garrison contract with the Rousset-Marik Alliance.
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Graduation Ceremony, Albion Training Academy
Avalon City, New Avalon
Crucis March, Federated Suns
12th May 3074

   As Captain Damien Redburn completed his Advanced training at the Albion Academy in Avalon City Damien felt very alone, because he had first gone to a Training Battalion he was older than most of the cadets graduating, and because of his family history many thought he was far beyond their station and kept their differance.  His father had died in the Varnay Crisis and his mother was too ill to travel to the Graduation Ceremony, almost all his other siblings were busy with their own lives.  Looking at the other cadets happy with their families Damien only wanted to walk away, he already held a rank and had seen real combat this was all just for ceremony.  He knew what these people and their families would go through, it wasn’t glamorous, it wasn’t noble, it was tough, dirty, deadly work.

   “Well Captain, do you have a command yet?”  A voice asked behind him Damien turned round and saw Leftenant-General, Prince’s Champion, Ross McKinnon former commander of the Fox’s Teeth Company and Special Operations Group now the current commander of the Fourth New Avalon Guards Regimental Combat Team.

   “Sir” Damien answered snapping to a salute, around him he noticed several other cadets follow suit Ross smiled sheepishly and saluted them all.

   “The question stands, Captain.”

   “No, sir, I have yet to accept an assignment.  The Kommandant has given me a choice of assignments within the Davion Brigade of Guards, I believe he said Bishop Sortek had a position open with the First, however I’ve not chosen a command yet.”

   “The First is little more than ceremonial, still rebuilding from the Varnay Crisis.  If you want real action I’d go further down the Brigade’s order of battle the Assault Guards or Heavy Guards.  I’ve spoken to the Academy’s Kommandant and he indicated that perhaps you’d be more suited to another command.”  Ross said pushing the issue a bit further without playing all his cards.

   “I understand, General” Damien said quietly.

   “I’m not sure if you do Captain, I’m offering you a position within my new regiment, we’re not as battle-hardened as the Davion Guards or as Elite as other commands that could offer you a position, but we’re growing and becoming more organized everyday and we’re almost guaranteed to be involved in the action.  I’m offering you a company command, maybe not the Fox’s Teeth but something along those lines.”

   “I have to admit I’m interested, General” Damien said quietly “if I accept would you be willing to let me try something a little different?”

   “Which is?”  Ross wondered, he’d seen Damien’s scores they were high even after only a year at Albion so he was more than willing to listen but there were limits even for him.

   “I’d like to recreate Delta Company - first seen in the Davion Light Guards and then the genesis Morgan Hasek-Davion used to create the First Kathil Uhlans.”  He noticed McKinnon’s worried glance, thinking perhaps Damien had found visions of grandeur in his studies. Damien was good, potentially very good, but he was still pretty green and he was by no means Morgan Hasek-Davion, not yet. “Don’t worry commander, I don’t want my own Regiment” he said smiling “I just want to make a mark, a command that I can forge into something greater than the sum of its parts, a command my father would be proud of.  And that would fit into your command.”  Damien said pleading for the chance to prove himself.

   “Okay Captain, we’ll see what we can do” Ross McKinnon said, this was what his command had been created for, the future prospects of Delta Company and of the Fourth New Avalon Guards RCT’s exploits looked brighter by the day.

Hidden Factory
Baltazar III, Lyran Alliance
15th May 3074

   Although their reinforcements had arrived over a month later than originally planned the Gray Death Legion received a welcome bonus to the end of their contract on Baltazar III.  The Lyran researchers who had been discovering the secrets of the former-Word of Blake factory decided to award the Legion, commanded by Baron von Glengarry Colonel Alexander Carlyle, a bonus for keeping them safe.  Before Alexander’s DropShip boosted off planet the engineers provided him with four C-MK-O Malak OmniMechs, these Mechs were brand-new designs never seen before built deep in the factory, weighing in at thirty tons they were some of the lightest Mechs from the factory.  These Mechs had been modified lacking small cockpits and the advanced C3i Computer originally mounted on the Mech instead they had more common technology.

Taurian Military Academy, Taurus
Taurian Concordat, Periphery
20th May 3074

   Standing in front of the Taurian Military Academy Marshal Cham Kithrong watched as Erik Martens-Calderon joined the military of the Taurian Military Academy.  Unlike many young men and women he has no intention on being a MechWarrior instead enrolling with the Infantry Corps - intent on transferring to the Armoured Infantry Command and joining one of the Taurian Concordat’s small but growing number of Battle Armour units.

   The boys father Jeffery Calderon had died on Detroit and his mercenary MechWarrior mother had died years before, in some ways Cham had become the boy’s guardian and his sponsor to the Taurian leadership before the fall of Grover Sharplen.  Now he was like the proud parent watching as Erik stepped into the Taurian Military.  As Erik was yet to graduate the academy and would be busy in his studies Cham would continue as Protector-Regent running the battered periphery nation.

Clan Jade Falcon and Wolf territory
Glory, Kerensky Homeworlds
Clan Space
25th May 3074

   With both Clan Wolf and Jade Falcon weakened by the Nova Cat assaults earlier in the year and both Clans demoralized by the Nova Cats claiming of so much technology both Clans position on Glory is precarious.  Neither has been willing to even test the others borders with a single warrior fighting Trials against the other.  Instead of allowing this to continue in the Kerensky Cluster Clan Steel Viper chose to act taking eight Clusters from throughout their Touman, including the brand-new First ProtoMech Assault Cluster, they launched a full assault on both Clans on Glory.  Nearly copying Clan Nova Cat’s assault method they attacked all the Clan forces on the planet.

   Though it cost them the 131st Phalanx Cluster of Nu Galaxy Clan Wolf’s forces were routed by the end of May with the Fifth Wolf Garrison Cluster was laying on the fields of combat disbanded by the Wolf Clan leadership.

Zenith/Nadir Point
Coventry System, Coventry Province
Lyran Alliance
28th May 3074

   Following several years of work and utilising brand-new weapons developed in the Inner Sphere the two Olympus-class Recharge Stations in the system come back online.  Although they are still unable to resist a dedicated WarShip assault the stations are armed with several newly developed Sub-capital missile, laser and canon systems which are more than capable in dealing with any assault DropShips or heavy fighter assaults.

   Work begins on upgrading and finishing building the Bastion-class Space Stations closer to the planet these are planned to be completed in six years and like the Olympus stations they are intended to utilise Capital and Sub-capital weapons as well as their conventional weapons arrays.

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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First Star League Games
Star League Stadium, International Zone
Solaris VII, Lyran Alliance
1st-8th June 3074

   From the first of June to the 8th June the first in what would become a new annual event taking place at the Star League Stadium on Solaris VII.  This free-for-all tournament would be run as twenty, twenty warrior battles with the final on the 8th.  The competition begins with a company vs. company battle between the Royal Black Watch Regiment of the Star League Defence Force and the First St Ives Lancers led by First Lord Kai Allard-Liao piloting Solaris Favourite Yeng-lo-Wang the Allard-Liao‘s specially modified Centurion.  This is Kai’s first time on Solaris since the time he won the championship in 3057; he shows Solaris that he hasn’t lost any of his talent in the arena defeating four SLDF warriors personally as he leads his troops to victory in the arena.  This battle although bloodless and not at all a competitive one is a perfect spectacle for the opening this new event.

   In the next eight days there is a magnificent display from warriors representing every faction in the Inner Sphere, Periphery and Clans.  In the end a former-Free Rasalhague Republic pilot named Lisa Haskin her specially modified Berserker Assault BattleMech who rips other Mechs to pieces with her Triple Strength Myomer enhanced hatchet, thunderbolt missile launcher and PPC enhanced Mech.  Although these games have only a single competition completed immediately the games have won the hearts of Solaris VII pundets with gamblers and commentators noting that this year was just a pathfinder game the following year everyone would know what was expected and there would be a proper competition.

Objective Raid
Tikonov, Crucis March
Federated Suns
18th June 3074

   With the Federated Suns moving their day-to-day running of the Crucis March to Tikonov the Capellan Federation sees this as a personal affront to the memory of the Tikonov Trade Federation, a formal Capellan territory, Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao orders an attack on the command-and-control centres on Tikonov sending the Chancellor’s Pride, the fully operational Thera-class Carrier taken from the Free Worlds League Remnant.  Escorting this massive vessel are Elias Jung and the Ilsa Huang, two Feng Huang-class Cruisers, in all three fifths of the Capellan naval might.

   In the system they encounter the FSS Tikonov, a Fox-class Corvette, and the FSS Admiral Kenneth Jones, a Hound-class Corvette, fighters and long range naval laser fire from the two Feng Huang-class Cruisers cut down both Corvettes in short order.  From space fighters and assault DropShips engage the Federated Suns ground forces and their facilities causing significant damage to the on planet garrison however the Capellan’s run of the system is short lived, before Capellan Ground forces can jump in to secure the planet from the pinned in Federated Suns forces more AFFS Admiralty vessels arrive in system.

   Entering via a pirate point near Tikonov and led by the FSS Damien Hasek, a Congress Block II-class Frigate, the main threat comes from the paired Avalon-class Cruisers FSS Lucian Davion and the FSS Andrew Davion.  In system Capellan forces turn towards the incoming Davion forces though the Capellans have heavy fighter forces the Davions have more DropShips and heavy capital missile arrays.  As the Capellans approach the Davions cut down four DropShips with heavy naval fire while capital missiles strike against the Thera-class Carrier and its fighters cutting down the numbers of aerospace fighters while moving in.

   The Capellan Confederation task force commander not willing to engage the Davion WarShips in direct combat sends his fighters and DropShips against the Federated Suns WarShips while their WarShips burned for the Nadir point.  While this was successful in tying up the Federated Suns WarShips it cost the Capellans almost all their fighters and DropShips.  Also the Elias Jung still received enough damage from the Lucian Davion caused the vessel to be unable to jump clear from the system.  The single Feng Huang charged at the three Davion WarShips, long range missile fire from the three Federated Suns vessels and closer in Naval Autocannon fire overwhelm the Elias Jung’s armour, its lasers proving ineffective against the Federated Suns WarShip armour.

   Following the battle the Federated Suns begins work to reinforce the defences around Tikonov, its obvious that the Capellan Confederation are still very interested in securing the world and ending Federated Suns rule of the world.  Field Marshal of the Crucis March Duke Paul Bowman spends slightly more of the worlds budget on stronger defences for the world, including researchers into SDS systems around the Inner Sphere and from the past.

Clan Wolf territory
Horad, Kerensky Cluster
Clan Homeworlds
28th June 3074

   Following the Nova Cat attacks against Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon their weakened position calls Trials from across Clan space however no-one strongly contests them until Clans Star Adder and Clan Stone Rhinos both enter the system.  Unlike the Nova Cats who were looking to gain revenge for the attacks on their capital the Star Adders and Stone Rhinos were looking for territory and for the destruction of the Wolf forces on planet.  Within twenty four-hours the Wolves are retreating off planet in a very easy victory for Clan Star Adder and Stone Rhino.

Dagda, Foster
Stone Rhino and Star Adder Territory
Kerensky Cluster, Clan Homeworlds
29th June 3074

   With the Star Adders and Stone Rhinos attacking other Clans and the invading Clans continuing to meddle in the Homeworld Clan’s business Clan Steel Viper and Clan Coyote decide enough is enough and take matters into their own hands.  Firstly in the Dagda system the Second Viper Guards Cluster of Clan Steel Viper’s Alpha Galaxy landed on the planet and engaged the Fourteenth Assault Cluster of Clan Stone Rhino.  In five hours of fighting the Stone Rhino unit ceased to be and the Steel Vipers had gained nineteen percent of the world.

   Almost at the same time Clan Coyote’s Great Coyote Spirit, a Nightlord-class Battleship entered the Foster system escorting the Ninth Strike Cluster of Beta Galaxy.  In a brief trial of possession the Coyote force obliterate two Trinaries of the Seventeenth Strike Cluster of the Star Adder’s Delta Galaxy absorbing another Trinary of warriors into their Cluster as Isorla along with five further percent of the territory on Foster.

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Throne Room, Davion Royal Palace
Avalon City, New Avalon
Crucis March, Federated Suns
8th July 3074

   Today was a day Victor Steiner-Davion wished he was not First Prince of the Federated Suns; Commanding-General Duke Morgan Hasek-Davion had arrived on planet three hours before on the other side of Avalon City and was slowly making his way through the city.  “How long? Galen” Victor asked Galen Cox one of his closest advisors and allies from as far back as their first meeting in the Twelfth Donegal Guards at the beginning of the Clan War.

   “Duke Hasek-Davion’s escort has passed the outer marker, it seems he hit every traffic jam in the city, he should be here momentarily” the man said behind the throne, Galen had been a comrade of Victor’s since early in the Clan War until a failed bombing attempt on Solaris VII.  He had officially died that day submerging himself in another personality, that of Jerrard Cranston.  For a time allowing Katherine to think she had been successful hurt Victor only recently re-emerging as an AFFS Marshal with a close ear to the First Prince.  Many people who thought they had known Galen and Jarrard had been surprised however Galen had retaken his position by Victor like nothing had happened.

   “Thanks” Victor said, moments later the main doors opened and the two Infiltrator Mk.III Battle Armoured guards stepped to the sides allowing Duke Morgan Hasek-Davion to enter. He still wore the green uniform of the Star League Defence Force’s Commanding-General, however Victor knew he was not here for business.  “Commanding-General, welcome to New Avalon, I hope your trip was pleasant enough?”  He said trying to be welcoming, the look on Morgan’s face told the Prince that his visitor was not here for idle chat.

   “Dispense with the pleasantries, First Prince Davion, we need to talk about my son.”  Morgan said moving into the room, it was obvious he was angry, the two Infiltrator armour troopers took steps into the room but Victor calmly waved them off.  Morgan was angry but Victor knew him well, this was a man that could never attack the First Prince, he may attack Victor but never the position.  Despite the two being the same Victor would not allow the First Prince’s guards to fight his battles for him.

   “I was sad to hear about his death” Victor said he wanted to add that he hadn’t wanted to order his death but had no choice.

   “Don’t give me that, Victor, we both know you’re more a man than that and why my son died.”  Morgan said stopping several steps from the throne, Victor rose to his feet and stepped down to Morgan’s level, the man was taller than the First Prince with broader shouldered and despite his years he was still strong.  In a hand to hand fight Victor thought he could win, but hoped Morgan would not take this that far, time for a little honesty.

   “Fine, I ordered his death” Victor said quietly “George was out for himself, he wanted to make the Capellan March loyal to him, independent of New Avalon’s control while happy to take our money to fund his arming process.  He created a second Templar line on Kathil using funds he gained from New Avalon but spent in his name.  He supplied the Varnay family with Mechs and personnel in their attempt to usurper that throne from my family!”  Victor shouted pointing at the chair of the First Prince stepping closer to Morgan. “And you’re son defied orders from the High Command and from me.  Instead of ordering one of our best placed agents in the Capellan Confederation to return home from operations once completed he ordered them to strike at Sun-Tzu Liao’s family which could have begun another Succession War shattering the Star League in the process.  You ask me why I ordered your son’s death; I say it is because I considered him to be the most dangerous threat to this nation since your father, Michael Hasek-Davion.”  Victor said hitting the Commanding-General with the hard truth instead of physical violence.  “Morgan, I respect you and I cannot thank you enough for your support you’ve shown to my father and to me through my entire career.  But the hard truth was your son had to be stopped and he had to be stopped by me.  I am the First Prince of the Federated Suns and I will protect my family’s position and our realm as long as I breathe air in my lungs.”

   “I could have talked to him, I was on Kittery, I could have brought him back to the Davion side of thinking, to your thinking, I could…”  Morgan said continuing on beginning to realise what his son had began to journey towards, something he had seen but ignored.  Looking at the aged Commanding-General Victor felt sorry he’d had to do what had been done and saw Morgan’s world begin to collapse around him.  “My son was no traitor…”  He suddenly said defiantly “he was a patriot of the Federated Suns!” He shouted raising his arm to swing at Victor however this was as far as he got as he stopped in mid-air clutching his chest, fighting for breath as his legs gave way under him collapsing in front of the First Prince.

   The First Prince of the Federated Suns surged forward grabbing the New Syrtis Duke before he hit the ground, Galen a step behind him and both Inflitrators move further into the room. “Get me a damned medic!”  Victor nearly screamed however Morgan was already slipping away whispering something Victor leaned down to him and listened “you’re son cared for the people of the Capellan March and of New Syrtis more than anything.”  He whispered back before the Star League Defence Force’s Commanding-General passed away losing consciousness.  As medics arrived and began to look over the fallen Commanding-General, Victor pulled back giving them room, Galen looked to him wondering what Victor had been told

   “What did he say?”  Galen enquired; though it may be a private matter he could see that Victor wanted to say something.

   “That my father would be proud of me, and that everything he was and what his family had done was for the Federated Suns.”  He said looking over to the Marshal and close friend.

   “A patriot to the end” Galen replied a fitting slogan for Morgan Hasek-Davion if there ever was one.

   “He was a hero of the Federated Suns and of the Inner Sphere” Victor said “and he will be remembered as such.  We have lots of work to do and little time for it.”  He said as the medics removed Morgan’s body to the palace medical facility where he was officially pronounced dead.  Three days later after his family had been informed and had time Morgan’s death was officially announced to the Inner Sphere via the Star League Defence Force and New Avalon.

Throne Room, Hasek Family estate
New Syrtis, Capellan March
Federated Suns
14th July 3074

   As she walked into the Throne room Deborah Hasek felt the weight of the Capellan March land on her she had never expected to reach a higher stage in life, she’d been a general in the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns, a member of the New Syrtis Command no less, which had always been enough for her.  Now she was standing in the Hasek Family estate the same estate the Hasek family had replaced the Varnay family as rulers of New Syrtis and of the Capellan March centuries before.  Ahead of her was the Hasek Throne, dominating the room, though not as glanderous as the Davion throne on New Avalon it was still an impressive, almost scary, sight.

   “Quite a responsibility you take” a familiar voice said from behind her, it was Nathaniel Hasek George Hasek’s cousin.

   “Yes, I’m not sure if I’m ready for it, it should never be mine”

   “No-one is ever sure, if you hold true it never will you are but a Regent.”  He said moving forward reminding her of her duty.

   “You should be the one that takes this position” Deborah said “you have the Hasek blood by right.”  She said ready almost willing away the responsibility.

   “And George’s heir Kym is your daughter and Morgan‘s rightful successor.  You have the experience in life Deborah.”  Nathaniel reminded her of her daughter the future of the Capellan March “and I am happy to remain as military commander of the March and offer all support I can.”  He said “ but that throne is your place, this is your home now.  You are the one who will carry our family’s future.”  He said saluting his new duchess, leader of the Capellan March Deborah Hasek.
Filtvelt Coalition, Periphery
21st July 3074

   With Morven and Memphis systems defecting from the Federated Suns to their small coalition the Filtvelt Government led by Marquees Helen Trempealeau announce that there will be a planetary draft to fill out their militias and increase the size of the Filtvelt Guardians to a second unit.  As there has been increased activity from the Pirate’s Cluster and both Clans Nova Cat and Snow Raven are active in the area there is very little complaint or resistance within the Coalition towards this move as they see the security of their small nation the most important thing.

Northwind Renegades Base Camp
Northwind, Tara
Star League Protectorate
30th July 3074

   Following less than a month of rest and refit on their Homeworld the Northwind Renegades Regiment commander Lt Colonel Jeremiah Rose accepts a second contract for his unit.  Following a year on the Clan border the unit has several new Clan Battle and OmniMechs and several new Lyran and Kell Hound designs instead of taking another heavy combat mission the Renegades instead accept a contract with the Star League Defence Force defending the Star League Protectorate worlds.  During this mission they will also be training local forces and conducting manoeuvres building unit cohesion again before they take another combat mission.

   On Northwind the First Ghurkhas Battle Armour Battalion remain on planet, unlike before when they accompanied their Renegades.  Instead the Ghurkhas retreat deep within the Highlanders military compounds far from prying eyes.  Within their TO&E can be counted several Clan Battle Armour suits, two squads of Kobold Light Battle Armour of the SLDF and four suits of light armour named the Djinn Battle Armour these suits are of an unknown manufacture.  Also within their TO&E is an Aurora-class DropShip which the claim the found in the periphery however it is in pristine condition and only recently under manufacture in the Lyran Alliance.  The Northwind Highlanders rebuke any question of the origin of their new technology.

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Star League High Command
Kittery, Capellan March
Federated Suns
3rd August 3074

   Following a slight delay in respect of Duke Morgan Hasek-Davion’s passing the SLDF Advisory Council on Defiance and the SLDF High Command on Kittery confirm that General Archer Christifori, from Thorin and commander of the First Division will be the new Commanding-General of the Star League Defence Force.  Accepting this position on Kittery Archer announces that armour commander Vladimir Rostov, of the Second Brigade, will take over direct command of the First Division.  Rostov says he will continue to command the Division from the Second Brigade, as Archer Christifori had when he commanded the First Division.

Cloud Cobra Territory
Nouveaux-Paris, Deep Periphery
8th August 3074

    Using the First Brotherhood Cluster, of Alpha Galaxy, Clan Nova Cat strikes back at Clan Cloud Cobra’s occupation of Nouveaux-Paris Colony in the Deep Periphery.  The on planet garrison, an under strength one hundred-and-twenty-fifth Dragoon Cluster, of Epsilon Galaxy in Clan Cloud Cobra was no match for the former Brotherhood of Randis warriors led by Star Colonel Lucas Beckett.  Although they were able to cause casualties on the Nova Cat warriors due to the inexperience of the Brotherhood Cluster Warriors costing them equipment and warriors.  To ensure the world is no completely secure the Nova Cats assign the Second Brotherhood Cluster, of Rho Provisional Galaxy, to the defence of the world as well.

Pirate Point
Liao, Liao Commonality
Capellan Confederation
15th August 3074

   At the best known pirate point in the Liao system of the Capellan Confederation the FSS Pegasus, the Federated Suns repaired Columbia-class Battleship, the WarShip Alexander, the Wolf’s Dragoon’s Aegis-class Heavy Cruiser, and three Invader-class DropShips entered the system detaching their DropShips.  The FSS Pegasus and Alexander began moving in system escorting the DropShips towards the planet, onboard them were the Wolf’s Dragoons Beta Regiment and Zeta Battalion, attached to the Pegasus were four near empty Conquistador-class DropShips, it was the classic snatch-and-grab operation.  The Capellans had withdrawn themselves from the Star League so, no-one would be interested in standing up for them.

   In orbit the two WarShips were met by eight DropShips, three assault ships, two Vengeance-class Carriers and three troop carriers that had been drafted in by the defenders.  As the two WarShips and their fighters engaged the defenders the Wolf’s Dragoons ground troops and the four Conquistador’s headed towards the planet beginning the ground campaign.  “Admiral, the Capellan fighters are making runs at our DropShips” the sensor operator reported from one of the upper stations, the Pegasus’s round bridge was built over three levels with the command crew in the centre at the command holo-tank.

   “Understood, direct all fighters to the defence of our DropShips and of the Dragoons vessels, we can handle our own defence for a bit.  Main gunners target those DropShips, I want them all gone.  Communications copy same orders to the Alexander.”  The vessel’s commander Admiral Blaine Webster ordered he had commanded the FSS Charles Davion, a Davion III-class Destroyer, for three years before transferring to the Pegasus just after the Varnay Crisis.  As the fighters turned away from the WarShips to defend the descending DropShips Capellan fighters began straffing the WarShips increasing the damage the capital ships were taking but also buying the DropShips protection that they needed to land on the ground.

   “Aye, Admiral” the commander of weapons control said turning to his other command officers they in turn passed the word to the ship gunners and within moments the forward four Heavy Naval Particle Projection Cannons engaged the Capellan defensive DropShips an Avenger and a Union ceased to exist in moments.

   “Sir, additional Capellans rising from the planet the Alexander is turning to engage, they are ignoring our ground fprces.”

   “Continue attack.”  Blaine said watching as the Dragoons WarShip turned to engage the incoming Capellans.  Naval autocannons lashed out and an incoming Capellan Overlord was shattered in an instant.  From behind the Overlord came several fighters charging through the wreckage towards the Alexander, one fighter was knocked out of the air by an impact from some DropShip armour falling back towards the ground, “magnify on those fighters” Blaine ordered pointing at the fighters moving towards the Aegis the Holotank’s imager focused on the Dragoon Heavy Cruiser, the advanced sensors of the Columbus-class Battleship detailed each fighter acutely, under each of the fighters wings was a pair of long missile shaped weapons - external ordinance.  “Communications contact the Alexander, order her to target those incoming fighters, ignore all other targets!”  The Admiral ordered realising exactly what the fighters were carrying.  The Alexander’s gunners targeted the fighters with barracuda capital missiles two of the remaining five fighters were blown to pieces however three continued on, the Alexander’s Naval Cannons and missiles would take a few moments to reconfigure to target fighters and that could be enough for the Capellans.

        As the moments ticked by Blaine watched as the remaining Capellan fighters closed and fired six missiles.  Six single missiles launched from a fighter against a WarShip would normally be no threat to the larger vessel but Blaine knew they were trouble as soon as he saw the missiles.  Though weapons fire was coming online against the fighters the missiles were all launched, three of the missiles went off target however, even as the launch craft were destroyed, the other three missiles struck the Alexander.  There was a ripple of explosions over the Heavy Cruiser as the explosive force from the missiles were felt, they were a new Anti-Ship Missile for Aerospace Fighters Blaine had seen plans for them at NAIS, and it was general knowledge that the Capellan intelligence agencies had successfully gained the plans, however he had never seen one in practical use.

         The missile impacts hit with the power of thirty conventional missiles, one missile stuck a Naval Autocannon on the Alexander’s bow blowing the entire weapon housing clear of the ship.  “Someone owes the Dragoons a major explanation for this FUBAR.”  Blaine whispered quietly enough for no-one else to hear, the DMI should have known the Capellans had this kind of technology on hand before they authorised such a mission.

   “Admiral, DropShips on the ground, the Dragoons ground forces are setting up a perimeter, techs and engineers are moving in on the factories.  Dragoon ground commanders reporting heavy resistance from the Holdfast Guard and Warrior House Ijori, but that they can hold.  Typical brass-balled Dragoons.”  The Communications officer reported, in space things were starting to calm down around the Pegasus.

   “Let’s make sure they can be just so confident.”  Blaine said “have air-wings Alpha and Bravo enter the atmosphere and engage the Capellan Ground Forces and communication centres.”  He’d give the Dragoons as much support as was capable of.  “Have wings Charlie and Delta set up a defensive net around the Pegasus and Alexander.”  He said the last thing he needed was for the Capellans to surprise them again.  “We are going to hold this position and any Capellan stupid enough to rise off that surface will be destroyed.”

   Over the next hour and a half the Federated Suns fighters supported the Wolf’s Dragoons as Federated Suns techs claimed nearly a regiments worth of BattleMechs and vehicles from Capellan Confederation factories.  The Dragoons lost nearly half a battalion of forces however that was recovered in salvage direct from the factories.  The Federated Suns on the other hand captured several Capellan OmniMechs and several Mechs utilising Stealth armour systems enough for them to copy and reverse engineer on a wider scale.  All in all a successful raid however it had been a lot more costly than the DMI had expected and the Dragoon WarShip required major repairs following the battle.

Northwind Highlander’s Facility
Spaceport, Tara
Northwind, Star League Protectorate
23rd August 3074

   Although Northwind was an open world and there were no real restrictions for the population there were some areas where the local defenders, and mercenaries, had for themselves and the people stayed away.  One such area was the planetary spaceport though not as vast as many spaceports in the Succession States it was more than capable of holding a dozen large DropShips and several hundred smaller craft and fighters, however, at the back of the facility near the command base of the First Kearny Highlanders Regiment was an area for Northwind Highlanders DropShips and fighters only.  From here the mercenary regiments born and bred on Northwind and ready to fight in her name anywhere around the Inner Sphere and beyond could gather and reach out to the stars, it was also the location of the Northwind Air Guard, the fighters that formed the on stand-by forces that would defend the planet and system in the unlikely event of an attack.

   Commander of Stirling’s Fusiliers Colonel Andrea Stirling looked out over her regiment as they formed up and headed into their DropShips, though they could just as easily form up on the Fusiliers base camp it was more symbolic for a Highlander regiment to leave Northwind from the main spaceport.  From behind Andrea she felt a presence and immediately turned “I see the Cat has not lost any of her grace or speed.”  Colonel Edward Stenn commander of the First Kearny Highlanders and oldest of the Regimental Commanders, Andrea smiled at hearing her nickname it had been quite a while.

   “Well we canna have our Elders sneakin’ up on us” she said “thank you fer coming t’ see us off.”

   “It wiz t’ least I could do Andrea” He said smiling “t’ see a Colonel leave on her last tour is the duty of any Northwind citizen, especially a Colonel.”

   “It’ll be quite a tour…”  She said quietly the Fusiliers were due to ship out to the Star League Protectorate supporting the Northwind Renegades already taking up assignment on New Canton supporting SLDF efforts there.  “And though it’ll be my last it winna be the Fusiliers last, I can promise you.”  She said, the regiment had been formed around her through sense of will and Edward knew that it was here wish that it remained as a staple of the Highlanders and as her legacy to the Northwind Regiments.

   “I’m sure it won’t.”  Edward said formally “however, I would hope you come back to us to enjoy your retirement?”  It was her choice to retire, no-one enforced a Northwind Colonel into retirement but Andrea had surprisingly chosen to leave at the top and enjoy some time for herself.

   “I’ll be sure to, Northwind is where my heart is.”  She promised him throwing Stenn a salute, the elderly Colonel returned her salute.

      “Keep that Rose in line too.”  He said with a smile because two Northwind Regiments were being deployed to the same contract Andrea, as the senior and more experienced officer, would also be in command of the Northwind Renegades if the situation brought them both together.

   “Definitely” She promised with a wicked smile turning and heading down a nearby gantry, within minutes of her leaving the gantries were removed from the DropShips and one by one the vessels began to launch from Northwind’s surface.

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Regional Command
Glasgow, Skye
Isle of Skye, Lyran Alliance
4th September 3074

   In a general meeting of commanders from units throughout the Isle of Skye Duke Robert Ryan Kelswa-Steiner informs all units and regional militias that they will be receiving a lower amount of annual funding from the Isle of Skye Command.  Though there is general unrest at this however Robert soon announces that the funding saved will be placed towards the funding of a new shipyard facility that will be built in the Gladius System providing the Lyran Alliance and the Isle of Skye another source of WarShips.  The Fourth Skye Guards RCT are transferred to the Gladius system to set up defensive areas where resources for the shipyard can be stored safely.  This entire move is made without the Lyran Alliance High Command, on Tharkad’s, knowledge and is purely a Isle of Skye project.

Mercenary Training
Arc-Royal, Arc-Royal Theatre
Lyran Alliance
10th September 3074

   After completing basic mercenary operations and forming a double battalion of MechWarriors and Armour crews form together to become the Splinted Shield.  These warriors are almost all former FedCom officers and NCOs and very quickly become a strong fighting force.  They are accepted by the Lyran Alliance to strengthen the Lyran border.

Admiralty’s Office
Fox’s Den, New Avalon
Crucis March, Federated Suns
18th September 3074

   On orders from the new Commanding-General, Archer Christifori, Fleet Admiral David Natale travelled to the Federated Suns to speak with Fleet Admiral Andrea Petain, commander of the Federated Suns Admiralty.  Under orders of Commanding-General Archer Christifori he was there to negotiate for the possession and purchase of a Davion Block III-class Destroyer.  Travelling to New Avalon aboard his own WarShip the SLS Shining Claw, a Congress Block II-class Frigate, David was proud to represent the Star League Defence Force and to do this particular duty.

   “So Admiral, you wish to purchase a WarShip from us.”  The Davion Fleet Admiral asked surprised, although she knew the First Prince would not be against the news the idea of the Star League beginning an armament process was worrying.

   “Aye Admiral, in the same way the First Star League increased its numbers this Star League would like to purchase a WarShip from the Member States to build our strength.”

   “And why would you want such strength?  The Star League was reformed to protect the Inner Sphere from the Clans, so far the Clans have not deployed massive amounts of WarShips against the Succession Lords instead limiting operations to a couple of vessels at a time.  Now we see the Star League growing in strength and numbers, and taking control of worlds that our states used to control.”

   “We have formed a protectorate where there was chaos; we are protecting worlds that were falling apart.  Our numbers are gaining because we are brining together a force that can protect these worlds and help the Succession Lords protect their realms from the Clan menace.  We are standing to the ideals of the last league.”

   “And what happens when these ideals stand in conflict with that of its member states” Andrea asked, the First Star League had meddled in the member state affairs as often as it liked, it had the power both political and military to do so.  The fear of course was if the new League gained that strength then there would be little to stop it from returning to this type of operations.

      “We also have another reason for wishing to obtain this particular vessel” David said explaining the reason for the purchase of the WarShip “Morgan Hasek-Davion has died.” He said looking at the Federated Suns Admiral; the Commanding-General had died on this planet, on top of this very mountain, in the Palace of the Davion House Lords.  “We want to purchase this vessel because we want to honour our fallen Commanding-General.  We believe that buying a Davion built WarShip would be a way to honour the Federated Suns born Commander of the reborn Star League.”  He said passionately Andrea nodded.

   “As you would be aware Admiral, I don’t have the authority to allow this purchase to go ahead myself.  I have spoken to the First Prince and the High Command about this and they have authorised me to pass control of a Davion Block III-class Destroyer to the Star League’s control.  I have secured the FSS Duvall for this purpose; it is in system or will be by the time you return to the SLS Shining Claw.”

   “And the price?”  David asked knowing that they would likely have to pay through the nose for such a purchase.

   “We want two billion C-Bills.”  She said David was surprised to hear they were expecting such a low price, he’d expected another five or six billion this was afterall a WarShip.  There had to be a catch “we would also like salvage rights to the CSWS Fire Fang.”  She said naming the Whirlwind-class Destroyer the ComGuards had originally captured from the Ghost Bear Clan during the Star League’s Operation Bulldog.  The vessel had been disabled by Terran defences during the liberation of the world from the Word of Blake.  The SLDF had plans to recover the vessel at some point and try to refit it however there were other vessels that were far further up the chain for work first.

   “That vessel is a drifting hulk.  We have scavenged its weapons and it has been stripped of almost everything useful.”  Because the vessel was so badly damaged the SLDF Engineers had used much of its weapons to for other vessels.

   “Exactly it is worthless to you; also if you go back through the vessel’s history you’ll find it is a former Federated Suns vessel sold to the First Star League during the Reunification War.  We want it back.  As a lifeless, useless hulk it is perfect for our work which is to bring it back into service with the Federated Suns Navy.”

   “And you want to just move into the Terra system and salvage the craft?”

   “Yes, we will come with non military vessels entering at standard points and escorted by SLDF craft if you believe it is necessary.”  Andrea said “we want this craft, if you want to honour Morgan Hasek-Davion this is your price including the two billion C-Bills.”  She said laying down the ultimatum.

      An hour and a half later David Natale left New Avalon returning to the SLS Shining Claw, alongside it was the FSS Duvall, the vessel that would become the SLS Morgan Hasek-Davion in a very short time, the Star League had made their deal with the Federated Suns when they were ready Federated Suns vessels were clear to move into the system.

Nadir point, New Samarkand System
Galedon Military District, Draconis Combine
30th September 3074

   Following several jumps through unnamed and uninhabited systems the time for the taking of their revenge was at hand the Nova Cat Clan was ready to give the Draconis Combine the biggest surprise of the history of the realm.  On the early hours of the Thirtieth September 3074 the entire Santin West Naval Star entered the system escorting the Clan’s Flagship the Severn Leroux.  The Nova Cat vessels spread out throughout the Nadir point weapons systems activating the six vessels immediately began scanning.  “Open a frequency the Combine will pick up.”  Khan Canin Rosse ordered from the Holotank within moments one of the Nova Cat officers nodded “Draconis Combine defenders this is Canin Rosse, Khan of Clan Nova Cat.  Your vessel the Pride of New Samarkand assaulted our merchants in the Periphery; you have brought our wrath on yourselves.  I bring six WarShips to this Trial; I await your counter bid.”

   “Clansmen you are unwelcome in this system.  We will not bid against you we will destroy you.”  The response came back nearly immediately from the Olympus-class Recharge Station local to the Nadir Point and four Battlesat surrounding it turned their targeting systems onto the Nova Cats.  Four medium-class Naval Lasers from the Battlesats bracketed the Path of Glory, a Vincent Mk.42-class Corvette, the smallest vessel of the Nova Cat force.  The lasers cut into the corvette’s port armour in several areas however they did little penetrating damage, the Olympus-class Recharge Station then opened fire with missiles, lasers and autocannon all of which were targeted on the Path of Glory again the ship was bathed in fire but weathered it and remained in place six fighters were also launching from the station.

   The Path of Glory launched its own four fighters and powered its forward guns two Barracuda Capital Missiles hit the first Battlesat engulfing it in fire.  Next the Path of Glory’s port and starboard Naval Autocannons fired destroying two more Battlesats as the Olympus fired its conventional guns again bathing the corvette in more conventional weapons fire.  From the bridge of the Severn Leroux Canin Rosse was tempted to interfere these barbarians had no sense of honour however the Path of Glory’s commander seemed to have things under control.  “Begin burn in system, we are not needed here.”  He said looking over at Star Admiral Anders McKenna, the vessel’s commander, who nodded even he could see the Path of Glory was more than a match for the local defenders.  The five remaining WarShips began to move away from the Nadir point burning directly towards the system’s shipyards, the Nova Cats real targets.

   The final Battlesat fired on the Nova Cat Corvette causing more armour damage however another barrage of Naval Autocannons silenced the station destroying it in an instant in and around the Olympus the Draconis Combine fighters were being finished off by the Nova Cat fighters.  “Clan vessel we surrender, do not fire on us!”  A panicked voice from the Olympus broadcast, it wasn’t the same person as before, it was also too late two Barracuda missiles slammed into the station destroying one of the DropShips attached to it, the resulting explosion ripped through the station as various fuel and ammunition stores exploded.  Within moments the entire station was reduced to pieces smaller than family vehicles drifting away from each other and towards the system’s star.

   “Severn Leroux, Path of Glory, hold position at the Nadir point and secure our exit corridor engage Combine vessels at will.”  Anders McKenna said the corvette was damaged enough to make it voulnerable to further fire.

In System, New Samarkand System
Galedon Military District, Draconis Combine
2nd October 3074

   Moving deeper into the Nova Cats encountered the DCS Wisdom of a Warrior, a Tatsumaki-class Destroyer, the vessel immediately declared a Trial against the Nova Cat WarShip Star.  The Bloodlust, an Aegis-class Heavy Cruiser, moved forward of the other Nova Cat WarShips answering the Tatsumaki’s challenge.  In the opening salvo a Heavy Naval Gauss Rifle slug slammed into the heavy cruiser’s forward hull tearing open hull plating setting the tone of the fight.  The Bloodlust turned into the Tatsumaki’s attack run returning fire with capital missiles and autocannons. The Tatsumaki continued its run closing firing naval autocannons and naval Particle Projection Cannons in response to the Bloodlust’s weapons.  In and around the two craft DropShips engaged and around them aerospace fighters from both sides fought for supremacy, the Nova Cats heavier numbers in both fighters and DropShips was proving too much for the DCMS forces and soon they were routed and in retreat or trying kamakazi runs against the Bloodlust.  At the same time the Draconis Combine vessel was launching further small craft these full of marine battle armoured troopers, it was clear to the Nova Cats the Combine vessel was not only looking to stop the attack force on its own but also capture the Heavy Cruiser it faced.

   In an effort to keep the Destroyer busy and gave the Bloodlust time to its move, the Combine commander either inexperinaced or thinking the Nova Cats could be trying their own boarding move turned slightly and concentrated on the incoming DropShips.  In a hail of naval weapons fire the Tatsumaki tore two Nova Cat DropShips and several fighters to pieces in seconds; this gave the Bloodlust its moment to turn their full broadside weapons onto the destroyer.  The multiple Naval Autocannons tore through the armour and into the inner structure beginning a chain reaction the resulting explosion tore through the destroyer gutting it in an instant.  As their mother craft exploded the single remaining DropShip, three aerospace fighters and ten of the small craft set collision force with the Bloodlust, the heavy cruiser, its remaining two DropShips and six aerospace fighters turn on the incoming Draconis Combine craft annihilating them one by one, unfortunately two of the small craft slammed into the left side of the heavy cruiser causing heavy damage.  With such heavy damage the Bloodlust was retired from battle moving towards the Path of Glory at the nadir point unfortunately the impact of two small craft on the Bloodlust had allowed sixteen Combine battle armoured marines to board the heavy cruiser, soon the troopers were discovered by Nova Cat security and an onboard battle began.

   These fanatical elite troopers were more than a match for the crew of the Path of Glory, unable to fully utilize their Elemental armour in the close confines of the Heavy Cruiser’s hull. After sixteen hours a large explosion rocked the port side of the Bloodlust as one of the Combine battle armour troopers reached the capital missile launcher ammunition stored there, the resulting chain reaction wiped out the remaining Draconis Combine troopers, the Nova Cat defenders and the Aegis-class Heavy Cruiser Bloodlust.

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Director’s Office, Doumeijouyaku-class Spacestation
New Samarkand Shipyards, New Samarkand
Galedon Military District, Draconis Combine
3rd October 3074

    The day after the destruction of the Bloodlust the Nova Cats, more than ready for full combat arrived, at the shipyards and were immediately faced with six assault DropShips, including two Union-class Troop Carriers modified with Capital Missile Launchers.  Supporting these ships were several aerospace fighter wings but they are all quickly brushed aside by the combined fire of the three Anna Rosse-class Battle-cruisers and the Future’s Triumph, a Vincent Mk.42-class Corvette.

   Two hours later Khan Canin Rosse stood inside the Director’s office aboard the local Doumeijouyaku (Alliance)-class Spacestation looking over at the Shipyard’s director, an old man with a proud looking face who continued to stand behind his desk despite Canin’s calls for him to sit, the man still wore a Samurai’s sword he claimed the Coordinator had given it to him but looking at him Canin doubted that he’d ever been a warrior.  “So do you think the Coordinator will allow you to remain here at one of the Combine’s most important worlds?”  He taunted “an entire fleet will be sent to lead in your destruction.”

   “I’d be surprised if your Warlord could muster a fleet to stand against us.  Your most powerful vessel the Musashi is at the Luthien shipyards undergoing repairs following its battle with the Star Adder’s Absolute Truth and even if it wasn’t then we would destroy it.”  Canin said confidently stepping towards the Director. “Now we will not be staying very long, we have no interest in occupying your world, but if there is any resistance we will turn these shipyards to slag and then turn on the planet below as well.”  He threatened turning away at that moment Star Commodore Anton Bavros, executive officer of the Severn Leroux, entered the room “report Star Commodore” Canin ordered immediately before he lost more time on the Director.

   “Sir, we have discovered several capital ship weapons ready for fielding on WarShip class vessels, fourteen nuclear tipped Killer Whale Missiles and this…”  He said handing over a pad of paper showing that at one of the yards was the Stellar Serpent formerly a Star Adder Aegis-class Heavy Cruiser captured when the Star League Defence Force pushed the Star Adders and Smoke Jaguars clear of the Inner Sphere during Operations Bird Dog and Bulldog.

   “Director, where is this vessel?  We will be taking it off your hands, a nice replacement for the Bloodlust and payment for your realm’s assaults on our merchants.”

   “The spoils of the Draconis Combine’s victory against the Clans will not be handed over so easily.”  He said defiantly his hand on the sword’s hilt though he did not appear to be planning to draw it.

   “Fine, we shall find it ourselves.  Star Commodore order our Elementals to scour the shipyards for this vessel.  Until we find it we start clearing out warehouse nine, three and two.”  Canin said naming the warehouses that held the nuclear weapons and the capital weapons, though the Nova Cats had no real use for the nuclear weapons they’d remove them from a Succession State that may be very happy to use them.  “If they cannot locate the WarShip quickly order them to be liberal about what they destroy.”

   “You cannot have our weapons arsenal; these are our weapons and have been from the time of the Star League.”  The Director said moving round the table drawing his sword; Canin looked at the man with complete disdain “I will fight for the Draconis Combine’s sovereign right to own.”

   “You cannot even challenge me correctly.” Canin said drawing his hand-held pulse laser pistol and shot the director in a moment the Star Commodore looked at his Khan with a slight amount of shock not expecting him to gun down the Combine Director with so much lack of honour.

In System, Nova Cat Fleet
New Samarkand System, Galedon Military District
Draconis Combine
5th October 3074

   Two days later the Nova Cats had located and secured the Stellar Serpent, which had been docked at the far end of the shipyard in a darkened bay, they had also removed all the nuclear weapons and several capital weapons from the warehouses.  Before abandoning the shipyard moving back through the system heading towards the Nadir point.  En Route to the jump point the Severn Leroux detected fighters from the Zenith Jump Station engage the damaged Path of Glory still sitting at the Nadir point damaged in the opening battle.  The fighters catching the Path of Glory off guard quickly over run and destroy the Nova Cat Corvette.

   In response the Santin West, Anna Rosse-class Battle-cruiser, altered course heading for the Zenith point instead of the Nadir.  There it engaged and destroyed the Zenith point Recharge Station and all the Battlesat defence stations before exiting the system with the other remaining ships of the Nova Cat assault force.  The Nova Cats return the Nova Cat’s Den with the captured Stellar Serpent while Khan Canin Rosse takes the Severn Leroux to Defiance in the Federated Suns to witness the end of the Martial Olympiad and meet with First Prince Victor Steiner-Davion to broker a trade deal.  During the battle the Nova Cats detected several massive hulls all inoperable but rivaling the Battleship Musashi in size, Rosse had been tempted to order their destruction but that was beyond the bounds of honour, he had challenged the Combine to a battle, they had provided him with one and lost, he would be gracious in victory.  Nova Cat analysts were looking over all the vessels trying to figure out if they were a new Battleship class or if they were purposed for other operations.

Secret Marian Hegemony Shipyards
Marian Hegemony, Unnamed Asteroid Belt
8th October 3074

   Deep within the Marian Hegemony the periphery realm secretly brings the Lothario, a Galley-class Corvette online using resources they have captured from the Free Worlds League and that they have mined from the germanium rich asteroids around the shipyards system.  This vessel although weak compared to Inner Sphere of Clan Corvettes is one of the most powerful vessels in the region and it moves to join the MHS Caesar together these vessels form quite a formidable force in the region able to resist anything other than a dedicated force from the Free Worlds League or the Lyran Alliance, this makes the Marian Hegemony one of the most powerful of the Periphery Realms.

Fourth Martial Olympiad
Defiance, Crucis March
Federated Suns
24th October 3074

   As the final battle of the Fourth Martial Olympiad contest was being fought on the Olympiad grounds First Prince Victor Steiner-Davion and Khan Canin Rosse were talking in an observation booth.  To any outside observer this would not be too strange as during the Olympiad people from all states had mingled with others.  “Well Khan Rosse, I must say I’m impressed you moved through the Draconis Combine’s territory raided one of their most secure shipyards and captured a Heavy Cruiser.  However, you should be careful when a Clan shows how much better they are than their Inner Sphere neighbours they can make themselves a target.”

   “Anyone that wanted to make the Nova Cats a target they will find they have made themselves a whole lot of trouble and hurt that they do not need.  Many of my troops would welcome the battle.”  Canin said looking at the fighting below where the forces of the Federated Suns were trouncing over forces from Clan Wolf (in-Exile), it was obvious from the positioning of the Federated Suns forces that they would be victorious even though their Clan opponents were causing lots of damage.  Deeper in the system the Snow Raven Clan’s Lord Death, an Aegis-class Heavy Cruiser, had for the second time running won the WarShip event of the competition this time the Nova Cats had not entered instead concentrating on operations against the Combine.  Even if they had the Nova Cat Khan was unsure if they could beat the Lord Death’s crew who seemed extremely proficient.

   “I’m sure that would be true, and allow me to assure you to that the Federated Suns would not take part in any such campaign” Victor said trying to assure the Clan Khan, though the Federated Suns could probably mount such a campaign the entire military force of the AFFS would be required and likely gutted by the fighting opening them up for further attacks from the other Succession Lords.

   “I am sure you would not after all I would not agree to trade weapons and equipment to you if I thought you would attack us.”  He replied, the Sea Foxes were making massive amounts of profit from the Inner Sphere trading entire BattleMechs, why shouldn’t his Nova Cats make something in trading weapons.

   “I’m confident that our generals will continue to support our relationship with your clan with the continued trade of combat equipment and the jobs gained from the production and mining of the materials that will be traded to your clan.”  As part of this deal the Federated Suns would receive Clan grade weapons in exchange for natural resources mined by Federated Suns miners.  A deal which would increase the power of the AFFS and provide plenty of labour work.

   “Then it is settled?”  Canin wondered out loud watching as the final Clan Wolf (in-Exile) BattleMech fell in battle.

   “It is” Victor answered.

   “Congratulations on your victory, First Prince Victor” Canin said “I expect our first natural resource delivery to arrive very soon.  Your weapons will be shipped soon afterwards and delivered wherever you want them.”

   “I will have a location delivered to your embassy.”  Victor promised

Season Grand Final
Star League Stadium, Solaris VII
Isle of Skye, Lyran Alliance
31st October 3074

   “Game fans it’s been a long season and we’re at the end ready for this final battle, the one and only event on Solaris VII, The Big Game.”  The commentator said to the millions of fans throughout Solaris VII and the rest of the Isle of Skye “This year the final event has been moved to the Star League Stadium, although it cost an arm and a leg in sponsorship funds for Steiner Stadium the game organizers wanted to give the new Star League Stadium centre stage, so here we are.  The stadium is packed we have sixteen MechWarriors on the floor and battle is about to commence.  Season favourite, merc turned game king, Spectre in his customized Daishi OmniMech is waiting for the start as are we all, eighteen thousand people are crammed into the stadium with millions more throughout the Isle of Skye watching and waiting for fireworks.”  He said continuing on as the clock ticked down, five seconds, four, three, two “and It’s Action Time!”

       All the BattleMechs on the ground opened fire almost at one causing mass fireworks with Mechs felled almost straight away “And straight away things are off to a cracking start, Games hopeful Alex Heiate’s Mauler was one of the first to fall.  But Spectre is still going and it looks like he’s well ahead of the game.  He always seems to bring his best to these games and few others can match his firepower.  Seems like he must have the skills on the battlefield as well as in the arena as he never seems to be lacking in the weaponry.”  On the ground the Mech competitors were gunning down each other dodging and firing throughout the miniature map of the Inner Sphere.  The entire stadium suddenly shook “well game fans it looks like these games are rocking even the stadium…” the commentator started to say but was interrupted as a massive fireball engulfed the seating area behind House Kurita’s Pink Cherry Blossom fields “…oh my god…" he stuttered "I don’t know what to say…" he said "I can't believe what I'm seeing, I don't know if you can see this at home.  An entire section of the stands has exploded into fire.  The fighting below us has stopped in the Star League Stadium… the fires are spreading engulfing the area where people sat.   I don’t know what has happened... it really could have been anything.  We’re going to go off air for a while, ladies and gentlemen please say a prayer for all those people, this is a dark day on Solaris VII.”

   The fans and warriors who had watched and fought in the games had streamed out allowing emergency services in, they had been able to get most of the wounded clear and bring the fires under control in short order.  Clearing the way for investigators.  Fifteen hours later the police forces on Solaris announced that a terrorist bomb had been the cause for the fire.  Hospital forces reported that over three thousand civilians had been killed in the fire.  Solaris Game Organisers called the season void with no winner, the Lyran Alliance called in support from the Star League Intelligence Command and called in the Northwind Renegades as part of an SLDF Peacekeeper force.

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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LAS Ian McQuiston , Near Gabriel Space Habitat
Odessa System, Isle of Skye
Lyran Alliance
8th November 3074

   Admiral Jonathan Kerr looked at his guests and shook his head, for this wild goose chase he had Loki Agent Anton Gramash and Colonel Tasha Snord of the Snord’s Irregulars Mercenary Command, on his bridge.  “It’s the biggest waste of Lyran Tax payers money ever!”  He'd said, his WarShip was not a plaything for Loki's little games. “There is nothing out here, the Intel is wrong" he continued.  "If there was a massive space habitat in one of our systems we’d have noticed it by now.”  He said trying to stress the point, on Odessa they had found a Star League Memory Core in it was information that led them to the middle of the Odessa system behind the outermost asteroid ring and the biggest gas giant.

   “Our intelligence is over three hundred years old" Tasha agreed "But the Star League Defence Force were very good at hiding things in plain sight.”  Tasha Snord said her Irregulars had led them to the information, and they had been well paid with almost a full battalion of advanced SLDF BattleMechs, now she wanted to see what the LIC wanted to get there hands on.

   “Why are you even here?”  Kerr asked the mercenary commander “you have been well paid for your discovery.”  He said, he was no fan of mercenaries or of the current leadership that put all their faith in them.

   “We want to finish this, find our place, end this treasure hunt.”  Tasha Snord said “this isn’t about the find now, I just want to see it.”

   “Well, I think you will be disappointed Miss Snord.”  Kerr said looking at the Colonel “Sensors, what do we detect?  If anything…”  He said quietly not looking away from his guests.

   “Nothing sir…” the sensor operator said looking at the display then back to the Admiral then back to the display “Admiral, strike my last” he said “we have contact, by the Unfinished Book, it’s massive” he said as the Fox-class Corvette LAS Ian McQuiston cleared the gas giant’s radiation field to reveal a massive habitat built into the side of a massive asteroid.  “It’s massive the length of that opening could hold a Yggdrassil-class Battlecruiser."  He continued "it looks like some of the facilities have been removed but we are detecting habitats that go deep within the asteroid.

   “Deploy DropShips!”  Kerr ordered immediately on edge, “are there any active sensors?”  A station that size would likely be armed to the teeth and if it was active then its sensors and Electronic Warfare capabilities would far out stretch anything in the Lyran Alliance.

   “Nothing.”  The sensor operator reported as all five of the Ian McQuiston’s DropShips launched from the Fox’s circumference.  Even with the five DropShips Kerr wondered how they would secure such a station.

   “Have the Mech Carriers rig their Mechs for EVA, all marines be prepared to board that monster.  I want it searched, scanned and secure in the next ten hours.”  He said it would be a hard ask but still things needed to be done.

   “Well Agent Gramash, Colonel Snord, you opened a can of worms today.”  He said looking at his guests who returned querulous looks.  “You really think the other Succession States or the Clans will allow us to hold onto this prize, it is a relic of the Star League, the data held aboard it could preside over a whole new technological revelation.  They will want a piece of it and our government will want to keep it.  This could trigger another Succession War.”  Kerr said there was no glee in his words, though they lived in a universe of conflict it was not something to be treasured.

   “We will prevail” Gramash said quietly confidently Kerr dismissed it as pure Loki self confidence nothing based on it except a history of success.  Unfortunately not everyone was as good as the Loki.

   “If the Lyran Government involve the Star League and have a SLDF presence on the Gabriel structure or on Odessa then there will be no problems.”  Tasha Snord suggested.

   “It's a Lyran find, we shouldn't need to involve others."  Kerr protested then saw Gramash's face "We’ll see what happens” he didn’t want to see a Succession War but he intended on giving the Lyrans the first bite of the habitat.  “And we have touch down.”  He said as the first BattleMech, a Highlander Assault BattleMech, struck the habitat.  There was no resistance no active sensors nothing, it was a derelict.  It would take days to secure the entire asteroid and explore it all but Kerr had a claim to make "by international salvage rights I, Admiral Jonathan Kerr, of the Lyran Alliance Admiralty Starship Ian McQuiston claim this habitat as part of our realm and ownership.”  He said on a broadband frequency so all in the system could hear, it was official now the rest would remain to history.

Proving Grounds
New Haiti, Nova Cat’s Den
14th November 3074

   As the Nova Cat warriors put their newest vehicle through its paces the saKhan of Clan Nova Cat watched.  The SM-5 Missile Tank Destroyer was the latest of the series and carried two massive twelve-tube Advanced Tactical Missile launchers mounted forward backed by four turret mounted Extended-Range Micro Lasers for armament on the same hover chassis as the other vehicles of the SM series, in Jal Steiner’s ear the scientists were speaking of taking the craft to its next logical phase - making the vehicle an OmniTank.  As he watched the vehicles move and engage older vehicles salvaged from the Periphery or retired from duty within the Touman Jal Steiner still did not understand the fascination with vehicles his Clan had recently begin to explore the Hell’s Horses placed massive stock in them but he considered the BattleMech to be king, not this small diminutive vehicle.

   OmniVehicles were expensive and it would mean training troopers in using multiple configurations just like the difference between BattleMechs and OmniMechs.  Jal had seen the Hell’s Horses Epona OmniVehicle and the Draconis Combine’s Shrillton, which used a similar method both were very effective weapons systems and though deployed in small numbers they both had a marked increase in power over other craft also recently the Nova Cat military had taken to more and more vehicles, probably because Canin Rosse‘s unit had been heavily mechanized.  Thinking quietly and watching as the last target was destroyed Jal Steiner turned to the scientist and nodded, it was time the Nova Cats had an OmniVehicle design of their own and why not honour the SM-series with such a base.  However he did stipulate one design move that could not be changed on with the designers, the tank received a proper name not a number and description.  Work would begin immediately.

Capellan March Border
Capellan Confederation/Federated Suns/St Ives Compact
21st November-14th December 3074

   With any resource you use it or you lose it this was a well known statement to First Prince Victor Steiner-Davion and he decided to use his resources while he had them.  With two Regiments and two Elite Battalions of Wolf’s Dragoons at his disposal Victor picked the periphery border worlds of Mitchell, Menke, Jacson, Yuris, Zanzibar and Madras for the strikes deep into the Confederation.

   Supporting the Dragoons were the WarShips Melissa Davion, Avalon-class Cruiser, Jason Hasek and Nathan Duvall, both Congress Block II-class Frigate, the Capellan March, a Davion Block III-class Destroyer, the New Syrtis, a Fox-class Corvette, and the Kathil, a Hound-class Heavy Raider.  This fleet of six vessels was commanded by Fleet Admiral Victoria Napier commander of the FSS Melissa Davion. 

   For the ground assaults the Fifth Syrtis Fusiliers RCT, commanded by Capellan March Field Marshal Nathaniel Hasek, supported by the mercenary regiment Khorsakhov’s Cossacks,  The Fourth Deneb Light Cavalry RCT supported by the Ninth Illician Rangers Mercenary Regiment, the First Crucis Lancers RCT were tasked with supporting the Dragoon’s Alpha Regiment and Zeta Battalion while the Fourth Crucis Lancers RCT would support the Dragoons Beta Regiment and Wolf Spider Battalion.

   Against them they faced off against the Fifteenth Dracon Regiment of the Capellan Confederation’s Citizen’s Honoured Brigade, the First Canopian Brigade and St Cry’s Armoured Hussars both of the Capellan Brigade, the Second McCarron’s Armoured Cavalry of the former mercenary brigade and the Sung’s Rangers of the Victoria Commonality Rangers.

   The first attacks landed on Mitchell and Yuris with both worlds falling to little resistance, the Fourth Deneb Light Cavalry and Ninth Illician Rangers securing their positions.  However following attacks were far harder repulsed.  On Menke the Alpha Regiment and Zeta Battalion of the Wolf’s Dragoons found the First Canopian Brigade and the Second McCarron’s Armoured Cavalry following almost two weeks of stalemate fighting it seemed the Dragoons would have to call for reinforcements however a Capellan Headhunting Stealth Lance ambushed and destroyed General Maeve Wolf’s command Lance.  The Wolf’s Dragoons turned from warriors almost into feral creatures taking down two battalions of McCarron’s Armoured Cavalry in less than two days when the third Battalion escaped off world making it to a nearby hidden JumpShip the Dragoon’s surviving commander called in orbital support from the orbiting FSS Capellan March.  The Davion Block III-class Destroyer shattered all six of the remaining DropShips still on planet with a ferocious display of naval firepower on the spaceport killing nearly fifteen thousand locals as well as laying slag to the spaceport.  The remaining First Canopian Brigade died to the man unable to retreat off world and the Dragoons unwilling to accept any surrender.

   The only other fighting to occur during this fighting was on Zanzibar and Madras as the Fifteenth Dracon battled the Fifth Syrtis Fusiliers RCT, which needed reinforced the Khorsakhov’s Cossacks and the Fourth Crucis Lancers RCT on Zanzibar fighting the St Cry’s Armoured Hussars and a counter attack from the Sung’s Rangers regiment.  The Fourth Crucis were forced to call for assistance from the Wolf’s Dragoons Beta Regiment and Zeta Battalion to complete their mission and force the Capellans into retreat.

   On the 29th November the St Ives Compact’s Second St Ives Lancers supported by the Wild Geese Mercenary Regiment - on loan from the Federated Suns.  Launched an assault on Hustaing defended by Vong’s Grenadiers Regiment.  The St Ives troops supported by the Federated Suns mercenaries captured the world in quick order repaying the Capellan Confederation for the damage done during the Capellan Solution Crisis during the Inner Sphere’s operation’s against the Clans.

   On the 5th December a Capellan DropShip armed with Nuclear weapons penetrated the Menke system and engaged the FSS Capellan March with anti-ship missiles with Nuclear weapons the Davion Block III-class Destroyer was wiped out by the retribution strike equaling the slate for the lives lost at Menke spaceport during the orbital bombardment.

   On the 12th December continuing hostilities the First Kittery Borderers launch an attack on Homestead intent on pushing the Ziliang salient however Capellan irregular forces led by an undercover Capellan commando Jason Zaklan counter the Kittery forces in a guerrilla campaign which results in more than a Battalion of AFFS casualties.

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Clan Wolf Territory
Hoard, Kerensky Cluster
Clan Homeworlds
25th November 3074

   In and effort to secure their claim to the position as the dominant Clan in the Homeworlds Clan Steel Viper assaults Clan Wolf on Grant’s Station.  The 126th Strike Cluster of Beta Galaxy moved on the Wolves First and Thirteenth Regulars Clusters, Theta Galaxy, based on the world.  Though the Wolves fought with great ferocity and did heavy damage to the 126th Strike they continuously retreated in face of a major encounter right back to the Wolf Clan’s primary Spaceport.  One final Trinary vs. Trinary battle ended the Wolf presence on the world seeding full control to the Warden Clan.

   A week later the Wolf move becomes apparent as the entire Clan Wolf Theta Galaxy abandons the Kerensky Cluster for the Inner Sphere heading for the Occupation Zones under heavy WarShip escort.

Throne Room, Celestial Palace
Forbidden City, Sian
Sian Commonality, St Ives Compact
3rd December 3074

   It was a strange day on Sian there were thunderclouds above the Celestial Palace and on the Throne Room floor was a Clan Sea Fox Star Commander proud and strong, his defiance galled at Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao, he was the first true Clan warrior he’d seen in the flesh, Phelan Kell was not a Clanner nor were his pets.  And to the Celestial Wisdom he wasn’t very impressive, skin and bone bleeding the same blood, breathing the same air.

   The offer the Clansmen was laying down for the Capellans was an impressive one.  The offer included the purchase of Clan BattleMechs, Battle Armour and HarJel replenishment as well as components for WarShips.  There was even a possibility of upgrading of Capellan factories for production of better weapons and defences.  The Clan’s price - a single Capellan world for them to use as a trade world to supply the Capellans with their weapons and equipment, and for them to garrison their people on - one thing that Sun-Tzu was unwilling to part with, he’d fought long and hard for the rebirth of a stronger Capellan Nation and he wouldn’t pass over any single world without a fight.  He’d briefly considered a Magistracy world, the thought of marooning a Clanner in the Periphery did sound quite funny but he guessed that neither Naomi or the Clanner would agree to those terms.

   “Your offer is a good one.  However I’m not looking to turn over a whole world to you, this is the Capellan Confederation not one of the other Succession States.  We are stronger when we have all our parts working together.”

   “Then perhaps our deal is unworkable?  Chancellor, the Sea Fox Clan is offering your nation technology a generation ahead of what you currently operate.  If you are unwilling to embrace this offer then perhaps we cannot deal with one another.”

   “Perhaps we cannot in its current incarnation, but perhaps a slight change.”  The Chancellor suggested, he wanted the technology offered, he’d need it to fend off the Federated Suns and the Wolf’s Dragoons not to mention the periphery located Clans.

   “What kind of changes?”  The clansmen asked

   “I’d be willing to lease your Clan a continent of one of our worlds?  In exchange for the same terms offered?”

   “Neg, Chancellor, you give us less and we’ll give you less.  Perhaps we build a production/storage facility on the planet and sell you equipment at cut down prices however; we will not be upgrading your factories or providing you with WarShip components.”

   “We will be providing you with territory in the sovereign nation of the Capellan Confederation and all you will be willing to provide is BattleMechs that are passed their Clan sell-by-date?  I think you have over-estimated our resolve, we will continue on with what we have instead of dealing with you clansmen.”

   “Well Chancellor we could provide you with clan technology, advanced battle armour technology and perhaps we could speak about future factory upgrades.  If initial deals were to go well anything would be possible.” The Clan officer said “which world would you be thinking of giving us a place on?”

   “Sarna, it’s central in the Capellan Confederation and close enough to the centre of the Inner Sphere for it to be useful for your Clan.”

   “Sarna would do us grandly, we’d be honoured to garrison such a world and bring it back to the glory it once held.”  He said before turning and leaving the throne room without another word, Sun-Tzu smiled, his pet-clanners would do what he wanted, finally the Capellan people would have a level footing with their neighbours.  And if the Clans got out of line, he always had a stockpile of nuclear weapons and officers willing to sacrifice all to use them.

Ruling Council Meeting
Filtvelt, Filtvelt Coalition
8th December 3074

   It was the second time they had all come together however this meeting was different and Marshal (Baron) Cham Kithrong, leader of the Taurian Concordat, was not a happy man.  “Marquees Trempealeau I’d like to know what you are doing with these little animals!”  He said looking over at the guest observer, “the audacity of them being here sitting at this negotiations.  Their people have killed thousands of innocent people!”  He said staring at the impassive woman.

   “Baron Kithrong, they are here because they are our neighbours, they are your neighbours, the sooner you wake to that reality the better it will be for the Concordat.  It was not their people who killed innocents; it was other Clans not the Nova Cats.  They are not all the same and from what I have seen they are far from animals.”  The leader of the Filtvelt Coalition said quietly looking from the Nova Cat representative to the Taurian leader.  “Today they are here under my invite, but they are here to observe nothing more. They are not here with weapons of war; I believe there is less than two dozen of them even in the system.  They will be welcome to join us and interact with us in this coalition and at this meeting.  If you are unhappy to stay here with them and talk amongst them then you are welcome to leave.  But beware I believe they would just as happily meet you with weapons drawn than with words.”

   “I shall stay, the Taurian Concordat will not be blind while you talk with our potential enemies, and Nova Cat you are our potential enemy.  For you there is no Ares.”  He said quietly the Taurian Concordat had only recently signed the Ares Convention Protocols with their reintegration into the Star League Council however with Kithrong’s words he’d ruled the Clans out of this agreement.

   “Nuclear fire used against our forces will be the end of your nation.”  The Nova Cat officer said quietly her voice full of menace and anger even Cham Kithrong felt a shiver run down his spine. The Nova Cat’s were dangerous they may use words like civilized nations but they may as well be animals.  As the three nations continued to speak the Nova Cat warrior remained passive as he observed them, the Nova Cats were players in this area now as well.  The presence of the Clan warrior was a quiet reminder that they were a player in this world now and that the Federated Suns had turned a blind eye to their presence.  The Outworld Alliance had fallen under Clan rule and there was even rumours that the Capellans had made deals with them, was there anywhere the Clans had not touched Kithrong wondered.

Plains of Lootera
Huntress, Kerensky Cluster
Clan Homeworlds
22nd December 3074

   After almost three full years on Huntress Colonel Sandra Barclay of the Seventy-first Light Horse Regiment of the SLDF finally tracks down Star Colonel Colton Pryde the Jade Falcon officer that killed Colonel Paul Calvin commander of the Nineteenth Striker Regiment.  In a one-on-one battle Sandra kills Colton Pryde he also forces the Jade Falcons to accept Hegira and retreat off planet, opening up their entire territory to the rest of the planet.  All the Clans surrounding the world and with any assets on planet immediately began trials to take over what the falcons had abandoned.

Stellar Serpent (Aegis-class Heavy Cruiser)
Varnay Anchorage
Varnay System, Nova Cat’s Den
31st December 3074

   Walking the command deck of the badly damaged Aegis-class Heavy Cruiser Star Admiral Anders McKenna, commander of the Nova Cat’s Navy and directly of the Severn Leroux, the Clan’s Flagship, shook his head.  The vessel formerly known as the Stellar Serpent was in a word, a mess, it had once been a proud addition to the Star Adder’s fleet then the Star League Reborn had battered it along with the Smoke Jaguar navy.  The Draconis Combine had moved it to New Samarkand and stripped it of all weapons, only the barely functional Kearny-Fuchida Jump Drive, a similarly set up transit drive were functional a total of seventy-five percent of the vessel was inaccessible without an environmental suit.

   “The vessel is in a poor state, how long would it take to return it to its former state?”  He asked the lead engineer.

   “Best estimate six months, a year on the outside Admiral.”  The engineer said “however, we’ve had another idea sir.”  He said his contractions were annoying but Anders had come to accept them as he and his teams were some of the best engineers his Clan had ever had.  Even with all their quirks and their freeborn nature.

   “What idea is this Chief Engineer?”

   “Admiral, in conjunction with our Clan’s scientists we have developed a new Aegis, an upgrade that will bring new technologies into the navy and update the vessel.”

   “And how much would this cost our clan?”

   “It would halt development of our assault DropShip program however the resources are in place and even in system.”  He said looking at the Admiral “the vessel would be ready for deployment by the time of the Star League’s next Martial Olympiad” just under a year.

   “And how competitive would this vessel prove?”  The Admiral asked, there was no point in halting a program just so this one would succeed if the vessel was not going to be competitive.

   “Very competitive once our warriors are used to the new weapons they will be asked to use this vessel would no longer be an Aegis, it would be far different but at the same time the same.”

   “You speak in riddles Engineer!”  Anders shouted loosing his temper, he like all Nova Cats preferred plain speak.

   “I apologise Admiral” he said in moments however Anders was sure this freeborn was not he knew his skill was necessary for the Nova Cats and was happy to exploit this little piece of power inside Anders he respected it.  “The vessel’s capabilities will be in far excess of it’s present form it will be capable of really damaging a target at range as well as damaging it up close” he said traditionally the Aegis was an autocannon WarShip capable of ripping another vessel to pieces in close range however it was woefully at long range, this vessel would remove this weakness.  “The vessel will also be a terror to aerospace fighters very capable of destroying anything but a dedicated assault.”  He said Anders nodded it would be nice to see if this was true, the Nova Cats had many Aegis-class Heavy Cruisers if it was possible to upgrade them then they should do so.  But first this ship would need to prove its worth, without proof of its capabilities the ship would likely remain an experiment, still a better fate than rusting in a Draconis Combine Shipyard.

   “Then Engineer, I say we employ your little experiment.  See if this vessel is able to do what you say.  And if it is then the future of our WarShip fleet may also change.”  Anders said, he was rarely in the Varnay system nowadays instead he was with the Khan escorting him aboard the Severn Leroux but it was nice to return to the prize system every now and then.

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Between me and you...
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Between me and you...

Into a new year and a year that I personally think the timeline properly takes its own place.  When I originally wrote it I wanted to establish new characters, new nations and new paths for some of the canon ones but this year.  Everything's settled and we can start to explore where things are a bit more.  It takes on more of the Inner Sphere and Periphery and begins to expand more stories.

I hope you enjoy.

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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As promised into a new year with a darker side of the Inner Sphere's new guardians - a ship that never got launched in canon - and a "gift" for the Capellans


International Zone
Solaris VII, Isle of Skye
Lyran Alliance
8th January 3075

   Following nearly two weeks of terrorist attacks on Solaris VII ranging from car-bombs to sniper attacks to long gunmen, the Northwind Renegaders Mercenary Regiment under the command of Jeremiah Rose and under Star League Defence Force contract declare martial law.

   All games on the world are permenantly suspended until the crisis is resolved and any Mech seen on the street without authorization is impounded by the Renegades.  Within a week a company’s work of such “illegal” Mechs have been seized by the Renegades, however, the network of supply tunnels on Solaris makes it nearly impossible to stop them all.  Despite martial law people still make there way to underground games off the regular gaming grid.

   Although aware of such activities Rose and his Renegades allow them to go ahead knowing that they are a release from the tension caused by the current law status.  During such events Rose also posts an entire Battalion of Renegades close to the area ready to pounce on anything that gets out of control or any further terrorist activity.  At the same time Rose and several of his warriors infiltrate the games searching for evidence that would lead them to those behind the game troubles.

   During this time a series of arrests are made regarding the recent activity and the Star League stadium bombings making an anxious public more at ease.  Following a general vote Solaris petitions to be granted Star League Protectorate status and have Star League troops permenantly garrisoned on the world.  The Lyran Alliance diplomat corps almost have a heart attack at the news, Solaris had been a cash mule for the State since its inception, however none could argue with the Star League’s successes.  A compromise is quickly reached as Solaris’ population demand a quick resolution and a return of the games.  The Lyrans would still take away a large percentage of the profits from the Solaris games and control all gaming rights but that the SLDF would be given a permenant garrison of the world and control over large protions of the regular activities on the world.

   Surprisingly the SLIC take possession of all arrested persons regarding the terrorist activities claiming they had all been found guilty of crimes against the Star League – namely the bombing of the Star League Stadium.  These individuals disappear from all records in the Inner Sphere, when the Lyran prosecutors ask for access to them regarding other Lyran crimes they have been implicated in the Star League claims their JumpShip disappeared in an accident and that a search is being conducted however there is never any word on the discovery of the missing vessel or its criminal cargo.

Aten Family Residence
Skye, Isle of Skye
Lyran Alliance
14th January 3075

   In front of Duke Robert Ryan Kelswa-Steiner and Duchess Hermonie Aten stood General Caradoc Travena of the Star League Intelligence Corps in his hand he held a dossier of the Star League investigation of the terrorist attack on Solaris VII and the ongoing trouble on the planet.  With the Northwind Highlanders Mercenaries enforcing martial law despite a limited games schedule being restarted.  “Duchess, Duke, in my hands we have a full report on what happened on Solaris VII and our findings on the situation.  We have arrested several individuals all with links to Free Skye unfortunately their transport JumpShip has not been found since its last jump.  The Highlanders remain on the world controlling their actions, and with the Archon’s blessing an SLDF unit will be on the planet from now on.”

   “A pretty price they have cost us” Robert agreed “Free Skye has become the scourge of the Isle of Skye” Robert said quietly looking at his wife “I believe it may be time.”  He said looking over at Hermonie she nodded the Isle could not control them any more, once upon a time they had both supported the movement that tried to drive the Isle of Skye and the Lyran Alliance apart by any means.  “General, we would like to request Star League Investigators and Special Forces teams to assist Isle of Skye and Lyran Alliance Intelligence and Special Forces.”

   “In doing what Duke Kelswa?” Caradoc asked he was a native of Coventry originally and knew all about Kelswa’s claim to the formal holdings of the Tamar Pact, and his dealings with the Free Skye Movement, he wanted the Duke to say what he wanted.  If the SLDF would be required to act he wanted the words spoken.

   “I want you to assist us in hunting down the Free Skye Movement and ensuring it is no longer a threat to the Lyran people and the people of the Skye.”  Duke Robert Ryan Kelswa-Steiner said effectively putting the first nail in Free Skye’s coffin.

   “I will take these requests to the Commanding-General, it may take a little time to make the full arrangements for deployment.”

   “We would also like to see any reports you gathered from the missing terrorists” Hermonie said quietly “General you must understand these were Skye nationals that you arrested and removed from Solaris.  We thank you for your work in detaining these men and women, however their links may go deeper than just Solaris, and we would like to see the information gathered.”

   “I will ensure that is made availiable to you Duchess.  As soon as the back-ups can be retrieved from our database” Caradoc said carefully “much of the primary data on these terrorists was lost aboard the JumpShip.”

   “I understand Herr-General, just one further question, were were they being taken?”  She asked Caradoc knew from her words she had already checked into the SLDF JumpShip.  Accidents were rare on JumpShips, especially those making short jumps.

   “As a security matter I cannot disclose its destination other than it was within the Protectorates borders.”

   “Of course, General, any information you can provide would be appreciated.”  She said with a small smile.  The Star League had gained a foothold on a Skye world, a foothold they would not give up quickly.  If Hermonie was a suspicious woman she’d almost think that the SLIC had fingers far deeper into the Solaris Troubles than just being the saviours they claimed to be.

SelaSys Inc. of Loyalty Shipyards
Loyalty, Marik-Stewart Commonwealth
20th January 3075

   Launch of the MSCS (Marik-Stewart Commonwealth Starship) Corrine Marik, a Venturer-class Light Cruiser, from the SelaSys Inc. Shipyards in the Loyalty system.  The launch of this Light Cruiser is intended to counter the threat posed by the Capellan’s Feng Huang-class Cruisers and is the first of this class of WarShip to be completed, it is also the first WarShip ever to be built at Loyalty and the first Marik-Stewart Commonwealth WarShip to be completed since the fall of the united Free Worlds League.

Celestial Palace, Throne Room
Forbidden City, Sian
Sian Commonality, Capellan Confederation
28th January 3075

   Entering his throne room with a pair of Red Lancer Regiment Bodyguards Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao was not a happy man, from what he had heard his day was not going to get any better.  His mad wife had brought his even more mad sister from Highspire, a world he was sentenced to live on for the rest of her natural life by the Star League following biological weapon attacks the St Ives Compact.  If the rest of the Succession Lords found out about this breach his nation would face them all, they were already angry he’d withdrawn his nation from the Sham League, their wrath something his Capellan Confederation could not withstand.

   On the floor he saw his son Dao-Shen Centrella-Liao sitting playing with toys, something Sun-Tzu never allowed and Naomi knew it, beside Dao-Shen was his sister Kali bound, on her knees with a bloodied gag covering her mouth.  Despite all of Kali’s faults even she did not deserve this.  On the Celestial Throne sat Naomi Centrella, his wife, in the golden robes of the Capellan Chancellor “Naomi!”  He screamed “what is going on?”

   “Something that is for the good of the Capellan people” his wife said standing up, Dao-Shen looked up at his mother, Sun-Tzu did not like the sound of this and turned to his two guards before he could speak the worlds ‘arrest her’ Naomi spoke again. “But first we should be alone” she said almost at that moment a bolt energy caught each of Sun-Tzu’s Red Lancer guards in the back, the energy bolts burning through them killing them instantly.  Sun-Tzu looked up from the bodies to see two Purifier Battle Armour Suits standing at the doorway; he had walked past them and never noticed the stationary troopers with their Mimic Armour suits.  As their armour changed he could see the logo of the Centrella Black Guards - a unit he had raised to replace his Death Commandos - one of the most fanatical and elite units in the entire Capellan Nation.  Even with their actions against his Red Lancers they could not refuse an order from their Chancellor but even now Naomi was ahead of him.  “Guards, you can leave us now.”  She announced, without words the two Purifiers stepped out of the room closing the Throne Room doors leaving Sun-Tzu alone with Naomi and their son.

   “A little dangerous after that display, don’t you think?”  Sun-Tzu said quietly he was well trained in defending himself, he may not be a very able MechWarrior but he was very adept at keeping himself alive, the reason he had a hold-out pistol in the small of his back one that he always carried even when in his own home it paid to be prepared in this home.

   “Not really husband” Naomi said kneeling down beside Dao-Shen, he couldn’t have a clean shot if she remained near his son, his heir.  “You see I’m very well prepared, I have seen this day a thousand times, from a thousand angles, from a thousand endings.”  She said and with one swipe of her left arm Sun-Tzu watched as his wife killed his bound and gagged sister, slitting her throat with a well concealed blade, blood gushed from the wound for a moment then Kali’s body fell to the throne room’s marble floor.  Bleeding out in front of their son who looked at the body with amazement and the growing red pool, to his credit Dao-Shen did not cry out in fear instead continuing to play with his toys.

   “What have you done?”  Sun-Tzu asked looking at the corpse of his sister “she was a member of the Liao Royal family, my sister, and the aunt of your child!”

   “I have wiped a stain from the Confederation’s name” Naomi said stepping forward “she was an embarrassment to your family name” she continued stepping forward face-to-face with Sun-Tzu.  “You should have had her killed the moment you found out about her use of biological weapons.  Or if not then you had every reason following your discovery about her deals with Cameron St Jamis and his Word of Blake.”  Naomi continued “yes husband I know all about Kali’s plans, despite you thinking you had her under control and her plans in tatters, she continued to plan behind your back, continued to plot.  One day soon, it would be her standing where I am, doing exactly the same things.”

   “Naomi, you are right I should have acted.  But all this, why go to such lengths to prove a point?”  He asked looking at her incredulously he could almost see the insanity behind her eyes.  “Would you bring your son into this, is he a stain on the Confederation’s name, on Sian’s soil?”  One of the reasons he had chosen her, over others including Isis Marik, to be his wife was she was the sanest of them all, she would add credibility to his family line once more.  Could he have been so wrong?

   “Well husband this is all about a new start for the Capellan people, new starts lead from new ideas, new ideas lead to new ways and from new ways you get a new leader.”  She said Sun-Tzu never saw the strike coming as Naomi’s blade sliced through his robes and into his stomach, she then drew the blade backwards and struck again and again.  Each time the blade sliced deep into his chest cutting skin, flesh and bone.  Sun-Tzu’s world began to go dark; Naomi pulled back and crouched down beside her son beginning to play with some of the gathered toys on the floor as Sun-Tzu lost more and more blood dying on the floor of the Throne Room.

   The next morning Naomi and Dao-Shen Centrella emerged from the Throne Room, the Red Lancer Regiment had been moved off planet, on orders written by the Chancellor, and Gao-shiao-zhang Ion Rush leader of the fanatical Warrior Houses had been killed in his sleep by Centrella Death Guard troopers.  The entire leadership of a nation literally beheaded in one night.  By the end of day one of her rule new Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation Naomi Centrella sent messages to the other Succession Lords informing them that the Centrella family were now in charge of the Capellan Confederation and the Liao family were a spectre of their past.

          She also announces that she would be happy to invite any of her fellow lords to a good will visit to Sian and welcome in the new ruling family however none agree, instead formally refusing citing state business.  By the end of January the whole Inner Sphere and the Star League council had accepted that Naomi Centrella was now the leader of the Capellan people, they had no choice, the Liao family was dead after centuries the Succession State had changed hands into the rule of a new family.  Around the periphery there is a buzz as one of their own "conquerors" a Succession State.

Hope you enjoyed (as much as Sun-Tzu)  ;D


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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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yeay, glad to see the conopians finaly expand there terriotory  >:D


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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Uh oh, Liao loyalist's aren't gonna be happy about this...

Also, are there any other 'prominent' Liao's in the CC? I don't have House Book House Liao so I don't know about any other distant relatives.
Made by HikageMaru

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Allard-Liaos, Tormano Liao's line(he had a daughter too), and Duke Gregory Liao(Head of the Capella Bank) are some examples of other prominent Liao lines. 

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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yeay, glad to see the conopians finaly expand there terriotory  >:D

Technically the Capellans expanded into Canopian space, and the Canopians subverted them but yeah it's different...

Uh oh, Liao loyalist's aren't gonna be happy about this...

Also, are there any other 'prominent' Liao's in the CC? I don't have House Book House Liao so I don't know about any other distant relatives.

Allard-Liaos, Tormano Liao's line(he had a daughter too), and Duke Gregory Liao(Head of the Capella Bank) are some examples of other prominent Liao lines. 

About that...

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Press Conference
Forbidden City, Sian
Sian Commonality, Capellan Confederation
2nd February 3075

   During a scheduled press conference on Sian to answer some Capellan concerns about the Centrella take over from House Liao an assassin attempts to attack Naomi Centrella by placing a bomb under her speaking podium.  On of the Centrella Black Guards discovers the bomb before Naomi even enters the room, the bomb detonates prematurely killing almost three hundred people in the building including Duke Gregory Liao Head of the National Bank.  Unfortunately he was a supporter of Naomi’s rulership and now Naomi is implicated in ordering his assassination.

        In response for the stories being spread around Naomi orders one hundred known supporters of Free Capella publicly executed on Sian and on other worlds.  She then orders several of the reporters who had suggested her involvement arrested and taken to locations unknown, virtually none are ever seen again.

Clan Wolf Science Caste Hall
Tamar, Clan Wolf Capital
Clan Occupation Zone, Inner Sphere
7th February 3075

   The Clan Wolf Science Caste Hall on Tamar was a new edition to the Clan grounds on Tamar; it was another step towards the entire Clan moving its resources to the Inner Sphere Occupation Zone.  Scientist General Kate walked over the floor of the main hall entering one of the new meeting halls where three of her scientists were waiting, the paint on the walls was barely dried and there was a strong smell of paint fumes in the room.  Behind the table were Scientists David, Marissa and Henry were all waiting for her briefing “be seated please” she said, all three sat behind the desk.  “Khan Vlad Ward has decided that if our Clan is to succeed in the Inner Sphere we should begin a weapons development program here in our new home.  With the completion of this hall and of its adjoining facilities I have decided that we will begin with producing a series of new second-line BattleMechs that will power our Clan forward and protect our new holdings while the front-line forces of our Clan propel us to Terra.”  She said defiantly, the Crusader Clan Wolf had never and would never give up its claim to Terra and would continue to fight until they got there and became ilClan, leader of all Clans.

   “Wouldn’t we be better with spending time and resources in a new OmniMech or an OmniFighter, something to help motivate our front-line forces.  The Clan leadership would surely accept that more than some more second-line cast-offs.”  David protested, in the lower-castes of the Clans there was more dissention however rarely did they support the Trueborn front-line forces - unless their lives depended on it.

   “The Khan has given me permission to select the project that I wish, I have chosen this project.  The Clan will accept it or they will face the Khan’s wrath.”  Kate said, she wasn’t sure if the Khan would back her plan, ever since Katrina had arrived from the Lyran Alliance things had changed between them.  But she would stand by this decision as Scientist General of her Clan.

Forbidden City
Sian, Sian Commonality
Capellan Confederation
18th February 3075

   The capital world of the Capellan Confederation was cold to Naomi Centrella’s skin, she could feel Goosebumps on her skin, it had been the same since the fall of her husband Sian had taken a distaste to her.  Today’s distaste had been the newest Capellan affront to her leadership Free Capella, which had died on Terra of all places supporting the Word of Blake, had re-emerged on Sian launching a full uprising against her leadership.  The Centrella Black Guards guardians at the gates to the city had been overrun by almost an entire regiment of them - they were now crushing the remains of the Black Guards Second Regiment, all two battalions of it, the reformed Warrior House Imarra and the Centrella Black Guards first regiment were now at this moment fully engaged fighting for every metre of the Forbidden City and towards the city of Gungxi to the east.

   Leader of the Warrior Houses, since Ion Rush’s death, Hadji Doru stepped up behind her.  It was nice having him here; he was a second Canopian on a planet of Capellans his near fanatical loyal to her helped greatly.  “How goes the battle?”  She asked not even looking at him.

   “Fine, Chancellor, we are victorious Free Capella are retreating their rebirth has been short lived.  They are doing more damage as they retreat, we have found some evidence this may have been orchestrated by an outside force.”

   “An outside force?”  Naomi asked, she had assumed Tormano Liao’s family, all of whom had disappeared, had orchestrated this.  Why would anyone step against her - who would dare?

   “During the fighting we have seen a company of warriors piloting SPT-NX Spartan BattleMechs, these are the same Mechs seen on several worlds throughout the Inner Sphere.  They are doing more damage to our forces than anyone else.  We have also spotted the Bounty Hunter in his Marauder II, these two independent forces have not struck at each other but they have both done severe damage on our forces.

   “Hadji, find out who hired these vermin, and have them eliminated.  And why the Bounty Hunter thinks he can operate in Capellan space.  Have our WarShips shoot down any unauthorized DropShips launching whether they are civilian or military.”

   “We cannot contact our WarShip forces, the Free Capella forces targeted both the Forbidden City HPG and the general city HPG relays in their first strikes.”

   “What about the Palace’s own relays?”  She asked the city had its relays but so did Naomi’s palace.

   “Offline - an unknown source” Hadji reported, someone within this very palace was working against her, someone at the very source of her leadership.

       “I have a job for the Warrior Houses Hadji.  See to it personally.”  She ordered handing him a file containing the orders Hadji didn’t even look at them instead he nodded and left. As soon as Hadji had left the room Naomi contacted the commander of the Blackguards and ordered a purge of the Royal Palace, anyone with any inclined loyalties to House Liao was to be brought out into the courtyards and publicily made an example of.

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Sea Fox Enclaves
Sarna, Sarna Commonality
Capellan Confederation
8th March 3075

   Chancellor Naomi Centrella’s orders to House Master Hadji Doru was simple eliminate the Sea Fox presence on Sarna and eject all Clan forces from the Capellan Confederation.  The orders are almost out a Hanse Davion written playbook all eight of the feared Warrior House Battalions are ordered dropped on the Sea Fox trade enclave.

         Quickly the eight elite Battalions overwhelm the Clan Sea Fox’s Thirteenth Cruiser Cluster.  The veteran Steel Soul Khanate unit has little change against six to one odds and each of the Sea Fox warriors is killed in a conflict that spills out half way across the continent as the Capellan forces force the Clansmen into an epic game of cat and mouse.

         With the defenders dead the Capellan troops then went as far to killing everyone at the compound, even civilian castes are killed every man, woman and child bearing loyalties to Clan Sea Fox.  While the WarShip Xizang, an Impavido-class Destroyer, maintained a low orbit ensuring no DropShips escape from the bloodbath or any Sea Fox WarShip’s attempts to interfere.

Medical Centre Alpha
Wolf City, Arc Royal
Arc-Royal Theatre, Lyran Alliance
22nd March 3075

   The reason for the secrecy following Melinda-Anne Steiner’s birth is unveiled as the five year old undergoes major heart surgery for the second time in her short life, the Lyran Alliance hold their collective breath as she it is announced that she is undergoing major medical treatment at Clan Wolf (in-Exile)’s primary medical facility on Arc-Royal in their Wolf City enclave.  After sixteen hours Melinda comes through the operation however even the advanced medicine available to the Clan doctors have not fully solved the problem.

Hoard, Dagda, Huntress
Clan Star Adder/Clan Stone Rhino Territory
Clan Homeworlds, Clan Space
25th March 3075

   In a coordinated attack between Clans Steel Viper and Coyote the worlds of Hoard, Dagda and Huntress in the Clan Homeworlds, all places both Clan Star Adder and Clan Stone Rhino hold territory are attacked.  First attacks landed on Hoard with Clan Stone Rhino loosing their foothold to Clan Coyote and Clan Steel Viper striking at the Star Adders backs on the world taking a small portion of their territory burning down one of the landed Star Adder DropShips in the process.

   Following the attack on Hoard the assault on the territories of Dagda began this time Clan Coyote attacked the Star Adders and the Steel Vipers assaulted the Stone Rhinos.  Though more prepared for the attacks this time the Stone Rhinos were still steamrolled by the superior numbers of the Steel Viper force losing half of their force before they were able to stem the losses in space the Steel Viper’s escort, the Snake-in-the-Grass a Whirlwind-class Destroyer, destroyed the Striking Rhino, a Riga-class Frigate they moved out of mothball when the Clan was formed.  Also on Dagda however with far different results the Coyotes were facing off against the Star Adders, without territory to base from however they were fighting a losing battle from the start and only the sacrifice of the Seventy-Second Reserve Battle Cluster during the fighting stopped the battle turning into a complete debacle.

   Almost at the same time the fighting on Dagda began fighting began on Huntress with both Steel Vipers and Coyotes teaming up to destroy the Star Adder force on the planet taking nearly a fifth of the world between them and destroying two full Star Adder Clusters.  The Stone Rhino forces on world refused to become involved in troubles facing the Star Adders, both Clans sent complaints to the Clan Council following the battle that neither Coyote or Steel Viper Clans sticking to Zellbrigen.  The Clan council was powerless to do anything as none of the Inner Sphere based Clan leaders were present.

Launching Ceremony
New Samarkand Shipyards, New Samarkand
Galedon Military Prefecture, Draconis Combine
8th April 3075

   During the Nova Cat attack on the shipyards several large hulls were detected by the Nova Cat WarShips however none were operational.  Toady was a big day for the Draconis Combine as the first of these three hulls came online, the DCS Omi Kurita, the first of the Omi Kurtia-class Carriers.  Based on three unused Yamato-class Battleship hulls these vessel are capable of carrying three full DCA Aerospace Regiments when fully manned.

   Because of the Nova Cat attack before this day the DCS Omi Kurita remains on station near the shipyards protecting them from any potential attack in the future.  With this vessel in place any attack force would pay a hefty price in raiding these shipyards.

Capellan Confederation Invasion
Milos, St Ives Compact
14th April 3075

   On orders from the Chancellor the First McCarron’s Armoured Cavalry supported by the Second Reserve Armoured Cavalry and the Ilsa Huang, a Feng Huang-class Cruiser, invaded the St Ives Compact.  As far as Naomi Centrella was concerned allowing the St Ives Compact to remain independent was another of Sun-Tzu Liao’s mistakes.

   On the ground the First Janissaries Regiment were defending the world however they were broken up into their four Combat Commands spread over the islands that made up the world’s small land mass.  The capital city of Touchstone readied itself for trouble from the Capellans, its people had fallen back under the yoke of the Confederation once, history would not repeat itself.

   The First McCarron’s and Second Confederation Reserve Cavalry landed in and around Touchstone two days later the Ilsa Huang had remained at the Nadir point defending the JumpShips and ready for a St Ives Naval response.  As the Capellan regiments dropped on the First Janissaries the St Ives troops returned fire with their full might, autocannons, laser, missiles and particle projection cannons filled the air with fire.  Before they could even land an entire company of Capellans had been knocked out by the defenders fire, the Capellans however had superior numbers of Mechs, fighters and Battle Armour and as soon as they had landed they began to press the First Janissaries.

   The elite St Ives defending unit fighting on home soil soon bogged down the Capellan Confederation forces doing what they could to prolong the campaign.  Politically appointed commander of the First McCarron’s Armoured, Cavalry Colonel Cheng Zhi, ordered a scorched earth campaign on the world, the First McCarron’s Armoured Cavalry troops will not be part of such an operation, the Second Confederation Cavalry are not so bound and begin to burn and destroy everything on the planet.  As the First McCarron’s dispose of Colonel Cheng Zhi and withdraw to their DropShips their JumpShips jump to a pirate point closer to the planet then they begin to lift from the planet.  With this turn of events the First Janissaries took advantage of the situation and virtually wiped out the Second Reserve Armoured Cavalry allowing less than a company to escape.  This act of driving the Capellans off St Ives soil causes the end to any chance to success of the St Ives Compact’s second war effort.


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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Thanks for the replies, guys.

Looks like Naomi still has some things to clean up in her new house. Of course, ticking off a clan might not be the best way to go about it. Good stuff.
Made by HikageMaru

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Thanks for the replies, guys.

Looks like Naomi still has some things to clean up in her new house. Of course, ticking off a clan might not be the best way to go about it. Good stuff.

If you ask I'll always try to answer.  She does indeed, and you're right annoying a Clan is asking for trouble... Higher prices for one...  ::)

Glad you like, more...

Fort Winson, Eridani Light Horse Command
Dieron, Dieron Military District
Dieron Prefecture, Draconis Combine
11th May 3075

   Looking over the parade grounds Edwin Amis saw the troops of the newly reactivated Nineteenth Cavalry Regiment, the unit had taken some looses recently namely the loss of their commander Paul Calvin to the Jade Falcons on Huntress and then on their return trip to the Inner Sphere their JumpShips were attacked by unknown WarShip forces.  He turned to the microphone ahead of him and addressed the men and women assembled “Officers and Enlisted men and women of the Eridani Light Horse, you have done well.”  He started, he knew that many would not feel that way but he had to start somewhere. “This Regiment came within a hair’s breath of a being demobilized permanently following an attack that it could never have suspected or expected to repulse.  You have all made sure that did not happen, and that makes me very proud, you have trained together and brought this unit back to the standard of excellence expected of a regiment of the Eridani Light Horse Brigade.”  He said pausing, the work the officers and men of the unit had done was outstanding.

      “Today as Colonel William Kyle takes command of the Regiment for the first time” he said looking over at the young Colonel beside him, the former commander of the First Royal Pathfinders Battle Armour Battalion.  He was inexperienced at large scale battles but was an innovative fighter and saw things that more experienced large scale battle commanders would miss as far as Amis was concerned he was the best person to command the unit.  “I am proud to present you with your new orders.  The Nineteenth Cavalry Regiment will travel to the Federated Suns/Capellan Confederation border to the world of Kittery, there you will train with the First Kittery Borderers RCT of the AFFS and you will watch the growing Capellan Confederation/St Ives Compact fighting.  You will be the representatives of the Star League Defence Force and I am sure you will do the Nineteenth Cavalry Regiment and the Star League Proud with your performance.

Clan Sea Fox, Stone Rhino and Cloud Cobra
Babylon, Clan Space
Pentagon Worlds, Clan Homeworlds
16th May 3075

   In a surprise attack Clan Coyote unveils their modified Ancestral Home; the Texas-class Battleship renovated and now fully functionalhas been modified with a medium mass-driver, in the Babylon system when the ship jumps in with several JumpShips.  The Ancestral Home demonstrates its new firepower on a Sea Fox Bastion-class trade station that challenges the Texas-class vessel firing Capital missiles across its path.  Against a stationary target the Ancetral Home’s new weapon rips the station to pieces in a single shot sending pieces of wreckage everywhere.

       Alongside this WarShip appears DropShips carrying four Clusters of Coyotes that are attentively identified as Beta Galaxy, a unit previously thought disbanded.  These troops land on Babylon in the middle of a clear night and immediately go on the offensive, against all other three Clans on the planet without further calls for a batchall or Trials of Possession.  The Coyote message is clear and present; they want the planet and are a danger to any who stand against them.

   Clan Sea Fox’s troops take the brunt of the initial attacks, long neglected, the Babylon garrison is small and the entire unit is destroyed within hours; the Coyote troops breaking Zellbrigen over and over in combat more often than not concentrating fire on the Sea Fox Mechs and Battle Armour eliminating them quickly.  The destruction of the Sea Foxes was followed swiftly by the destruction of the forces from Clan Cloud Cobra and an expeditionary force from Clan Stone Rhino as the Coyotes continued to follow dishonourable tactics.  With the Ancestral Home in orbit threatening with its mass driver the other Clans are wary to form in large units giving the Coyotes a numerical advantage in every fight.

        Of all the Clans attacked the Cloud Cobras were hardest hit by the Coyote attacks, loosing five full strength clusters in total including all three that made up the Clan’s Epsilon Galaxy.  The Cloud Cobra warriors did die fighting destroying well over a cluster of the forces attacking them, the Sea Fox and Stone Rhinos only lost a cluster a piece.

   Following the battle the troops remain on planet consolidating their hold on the world, other Clans are told no warrior from any of their other clans survived though civilians are being allowed to leave if they wish.  The other Clans talk down Clan Coyote’s use of dezgra tactics however the Coyotes are defiant noting that it was the Sea Fox Clan’s trade station that began the fighting by firing missiles at the Coyote WarShip before a trial had been accepted.  The Coyote “warning” was just more accurate.  The Coyotes are also criticized by their use of a Mass Driver on the Ancestral Home however to Coyotes point out that mass drivers are not outlawed by any article of Clan combat, and show plans dating back to the first Star League with another Texas-class WarShip that carried the same weapon.  With this evidence the Coyotes claim they are simply upgrading the Ancestral Home as the Star League had always planned for it to be.  Despite all the arguments none can argue that the WarShip’s new capabilities are very capable.

       Clan Sea Fox Deathstrike Khanate, which lost the Twenty-Seventh Cruiser Cluster on Babylon, have become slightly obsessed by the battle and a new OmniMech which they describe as the Pariah, they are very tight-lipped about the design and its capabilities.

Nadir Point
New Haiti, Nova Cat’s Den
27th May 3075

   It was a quiet day in the New Haiti system; most of the Swift Strike’s systems were on standby.  Suddenly there was a flash of light in the space off to the Corvette’s port side, where once there was nothing now a Congress-class Frigate sat.  Star Commander Leanne, the duty officer, hit the action-stations siren; the Nova Cats had one Congress and just by looking at the vessel a trained eye like hers could tell it was not the Nova Cat’s True Vision.  Sensors soon confirmed it was the Bucephalus; a Congress in the service of Clan Hell’s Horses, what they would want in this system was unknown.  One thing, if it was conquest they would soon see the Nova Cats were ready for them the New Haiti system had three WarShips and five clusters of troops in it, the Congress could carry two DropShips meaning a maximum of two clusters and the WarShip was alone.

   “What is the meaning of this?” Star Commodore Brian Leroux asked entering the command centre speaking before he saw the image “never mind.  Identify” he ordered getting to business.

   “Identity is the Bucephalus, a Hell’s Horses IFF” Leanne said briefing her commander “intent unknown.”  She said “I have sent flash packages to the local dump, New Haiti, the Principle and Excalibur should all receive updates in the next thirty seconds.”  She said as soon as she had hit the action-stations call it had triggered the Swift Strike’s communications relays the other two WarShips and the planetary forces would soon be receiving everything the Swift Strike was seeing.  As a by-product of this the Hell’s Horses troops would also be receiving a challenge call from the Swift Strike, Excalibur and Principle, though both not within visual range they were in positions that would allow them to jump in at a moments notice.  “They are contacting us” she said looking back at the vessel’s commander.

   “Put them up” he said moving to his chair, the Swift Strike was quickly moving to full combat readiness.  Moments later the Hell’s Horses commander appeared on the screen “What can I do for you Horseman?”  Leroux asked looking straight at the scared Hell’s Horses commander, if it weren’t for the jagged scar that crossed her face from left eyebrow to right cheek Brian thought that she may have been beautiful once.

   “A trial” the Hell’s Horses commander said plainly she could almost have been a Nova Cat in her manner.  “I am Star Colonel Elisa Bekker, commander of the Ninety-Ninth Mechanised Cavalry Cluster, of the Apocalypse Galaxy Clan Hell’s Horses.  We have come from the Occupation Zone, where true Clansmen fight and die, to this quaint little world you Nova Cats live on, within your safe realm.”  She taunted “we wish a Trial on the Plains that you trial your new vehicles, we wish Trials for the ownership of these vehicles designs.”

   “And if we refuse”

   “Then you have fallen from the Clan ways and we will fall on you with all our forces here and in the Homeworlds, No Nova Cat Warrior, Civilian or animal will live.”  She said smiling “all we want it to prove that we are the superior warriors and have possession of these new vehicles.”

   “You will need to bring something of worth to the table.”  Brian said knowing that the Nova Cats could not refuse the trial but felt that the Hell’s Horses would be willing to put up something in collateral.  Neither the Nova Cats nor the Hell’s Horses had really held a grudge against the other, they could be reasonable.

   “We bring a second Cluster of warriors with us, garrison troops but still decent stock.  We also bring several of the Hell’s Horses new designs and weapons.  If the Nova Cats are good, or lucky, enough they may be capable of securing some of these designs.

   “Bargained well and done” Brian said he was happy with the trade plan, and was sure the commanders on the ground would be thinking the same.  About a week later the Hell’s Horses Ninety-Ninth Mechanised Cavalry Cluster arrived on the planet to begin a week long of trials.

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Trial Grounds
New Haiti, Nova Cat’s Den
3rd-10th June 3075

   On the grounds of New Haiti the warriors of the Ninety-Ninth Mechanised Cavalry Cluster were fighting a series of trials against the Nova Cat’s Tau Galaxy.  The four Trinaries of the Hell’s Horses Cluster was fighting trials against the Trinaries of the Ninth Nova Cat Regulars Cluster.

   The defending Tau Galaxy’s Second New Barcella Guards Cluster, based at the planet’s primary factories, was the first unit to engage the Hell’s Horses forces on the nearby proving grounds.  The prize for the Hell’s Horses was the Nova Cat’s Armadillo Recon Tank and the BE-701 Joust Battle Tank, the Nova Cats ransom was two Trinaries of Hell’s Horses troops.  In a brutal battle the Nova Cat forces emerge victorious capturing two Trinaries of Hell’s Horses troops with brand-new OmniMechs, Battle Armour and vehicles.

   In the second battle on the southern continent was to decide over the SM-series of Hovertanks developed on New Haiti.  Defending for the Nova Cats was the Ninth Nova Cat Regulars Cluster facing off against a Trinary of Hell’s Horses, as a ransom for the Nova Cats was the Hell’s Horses new designed Totem-Mech the Quad-OmniMech known as Balius.  Though the Nova Cats fight with desperation to secure the design they are defeated and the SM-series blueprints were passed onto the Hell’s Horses forces.

   The third Trial took place between the Nova Cat’s First Armoured Cavalry Cluster and the a Hell’s Horses Trinary in front of the primary command base of the Nova Cats on New Haiti.  On the table for the Nova Cats were the Predator Attack VTOL and the Extended-Range Pulse Laser technology developed by Nova Cat scientists, for the Hell’s Horses was the newly developed Chemical Laser technology and an unnamed prototype they had just developed.  Though both Clans fight well in the fight neither can find a decisive victory.  Without a clear winner neither side can claim victory in the Trial and so neither gains their prize though combat.  Instead Cluster commanders Star Colonel Colm, for the Nova Cats, and Star Colonel Elisa Bekker, for the Hell’s Horses, agree to trade like for like in design and equipment ending the Trials on a peaceful note.  Before the Hell’s Horses leave Elisa Bekker names the new vehicle Bellona, a new hover tank that would be a perfect flanker, the Nova Cats begin construction of the vehicle within a couple of weeks.

Former Clan Sea Fox Enclave
Sarna, Sarna Commonality
Capellan Confederation
12th June 3075

   With their forces betrayed and destroyed on Sarna by the Capellan Confederation, their civilians butchered during the attack Clan Sea Fox returns to the world with a vengeance.  Supported by the Faulk Khanate’s Terror of the Deep, Nightlord-class Battleship, the Clan’s only remaining true WarShip, the Steel Soul Khanate’s Opal Skate and Fifteenth Air Assault Cluster both landed on the world making immediate tracks for the capital city tearing into Warrior House Imarra they virtually destroy the Elite Capellan unit in their rage as they enter the city.  Within the hour they began ordering all civilians to leave the city while they surround the Tengo Aerospace factory on the outskirts.

   Capellan Confederation WarShip Xizang moves over the city intent on supporting the remains of Warrior House Imarra as it launches a counter attack however the Terror of the Deep soon proves to be far more than a match for the lonely destroyer.  In a sweeping move the Terror’s gunners fire a single broadside pass the Nightlord-class Battleship burns the Xizang from stem to stern venting atmosphere on almost all of the decks, with virtualy none of the crew alive and Sarna’s gravity calling the Feng Huang-class Cruiser began to tumble as it was drawn deeper into the gravity well.  The Xizang’s final moments were shattered as it smashed into Sarna’s atmosphere breaking the back of the WarShip shattering fragments of the vessel across the atmosphere.

   On the ground the Sea Foxes continued to order civilians to leave the capital city.  Those refusing to leave or attempting to cause trouble were shot where they stood by Elementals.  Within three hours the capital city is empty of civilians and the Opal Skate is easily holding back the Warrior House troops at their every attempt.  With the Skate handling defences the warriors of the Fifteenth Air Assault Cluster are given free rain of the city and the Teng Aerospace facility given orders to exact some revenge on the Capellans they destroy the factory to the smallest brick while setting fire to several of the completed DropShips ready for collection by the Confederation and detonating stores of fuel and ammunition kept for flight testing.  The Clan troops still angered then move into the City limits, with no Civilians in there way they destroy the main government buildings setting fire to them and blowing out supporting walls with particle cannons.  The fires from these collapsing buildings quickly started major fires within the capital however this was just the start.

   Five hours of destruction later the Opal Skate and Fifteenth Air Assault Cluster pulled back from the city leaving areas fires to spread.  As Sea Foxes retreated from the burning city further timed explosive blasts ripped through sections of the city’s downtown areas, gutting several massive shopping and recreational areas.  The destruction and collapse of these areas caused even more destruction, fires and billions of C-Bills worth of damage.  The two Sea Fox units fought their way through the remains ofWarrior House Imarra and two regiments of local militia troops that had finally joined the fighting.

   In the middle of the fight between the Capellan Warrior House Imarra and the Steel Soul Khanate’s forces two more forces appeared from the fire.  The first was twelve identical SPT-NX Spartan BattleMechs, seen on dozens of other worlds these Mechs, these tan and red painted Mechs began assaulting both sides.

   At the same time a Marauder II painted green decorated with cash symbols supported by four other Mechs of various design and decoration moved onto the battlefield.  The Marauder II was known all over the Inner Sphere and even amongst the Clans as being that of the Bounty Hunter, they all targeted a single of the Spartans isolating it from the group but not destroying the Assault Mech.  At the right moment a single Raptor II Medium BattleMech appeared from nowhere having being hidden completely invisible even to the naked eye by some form of new sensors and armour.  The Raptor II engaged the Spartan with several pulse laser blasts followed by a projectile weapon striking the rear of the Spartan.  The Mech went ridged like it had touched and exposed wire and been electrocuted, the eighty ton giant then fell to the ground in an uncontrollable heap.  From behind the Bounty Hunter’s Mech came a recovery vehicle and several exoskeleton equipped infantry troops who loaded the stricken Mech onto the vehicle as the Bounty Hunter’s team created a perimeter around them.  The remaining Spartans tried to turn the Bounty Hunter’s flank to drive them back but the Bounty Hunter was not about to loose their prize and the Spartan was captured from the field.

   During the confusion caused by the arrival of these two groups with their own conflict of troubles the Sea Fox unit slipped through the Capellan forces to their DropShips and boosted from the planet.  Before leaving the Terror of the Deep left one last mark on Sarna firing several naval autocannon blasts into Tengo Aerospace’s bunkers and launch tubes absolutely coring out the remains of the facility causing much of their underground storage and launch controls to collapse.  It would take years to rebuild, even if there was a point to do so, while the city would take weeks to just put out the fires and in the meantime the Capellan Confederation would have to house nearly three million people made homeless by the Sea Fox’s forced eviction.

Apollo, Periphery
Clan Jade Falcon Occupation Zone
14th June 3075

   It was a nasty day on Apollo, for the population it almost like old times, former capital of the Rim Worlds Republic and deep in the Clan Jade Falcon Occupation Zone.  The Clan Hell’s Horses Fifty-fifth BattleMech Cluster, of the Hell’s Stormtroopers Galaxy, landed on Apollo and the units commander Star Colonel Rosella Brown bid down with Star Colonel Kate of the Jade Falcon’s Tenth Provisional Garrison Cluster, of Kappa Galaxy.

   Following an hour of bidding between commanders and between the two Clans until eventually only one Trinary from each cluster stood ready for action.  Within the Hell’s Horses force there were three of the new Cygnus Assault BattleMechs, these ninety-five ton designs were all prototypes of three different Cygnus variants.  After fifteen minutes of combat half the Jade Falcon forces had been routed in combat and all three of the Cygnus variants had proven their worth in combat, blooded against other Clan warriors, after five further minutes the trial was over and the Hell’s Horses were victorious.  The remainds of the Tenth Provisional Cluster were given twenty-four hours to collect their equipment and leave the system.

SLDF Protectorate
Solaris VII, Isle of Skye
Lyran Alliance
19th June 3075

   Following a year on Solaris VII acting as peacemakers the Northwind Renegades Mercenary Regiment begins preparations into their withdrawal from the world.  In their place the Third Brigade of the First Division in the Star League Defence Force, known as Bolton’s Rangers, begins to arrive on planet.  Following five years defending the Lyran Alliance from Clan Jade Falcon’s raids the battle hardened warriors are now looking forward to some garrison work on a more peaceful front.

   On Solaris VII the Bolton’s Rangers commander Lieutenant-General Jerry Wagner begins reorganisation of some of his Regiment’s conventional assets.  The units Second League Mechanized Infantry Regiment is transformed into two Battalions of Battle Armour troops using all the captured suits from Clan Jade Falcon and from the Star League stores.  The first battalion, the Twenty-second Royal Battle Armour Battalion, known internally as the Raging Toads is entirely made up of Clan Battle Armour suits and is commanded by a former Jade Falcon warrior turned Star League officer Major Dayton Icaza.  While the second battalion, the Second Royal Battle Armoured Military Police Battalion, is provided for with Inner Sphere manufactured Battle Armour and Power Armour suits together they are combined with the Regiment’s already active Battle Armour Battalion, the Second Royal Battle Armour Battalion, and are combined to make the Star League’s Second Royal Battle Armour Regiment.

   Once the whole unit is on planet they are to work with the on planet security force, the First Royal Battle Armoured Police Battalion, though this formation is separate from regular forces of the Bolton’s Rangers but they work together fully.

Clan WarShip Cache
Sheridan System
Kerensky Cluster, Clan Space
24th June 3075

   Using their full control of the system to their advantage and on orders from Khan Stanislov N’Buta Star Adder technicians begin reactivating six WarShips from one of the Star League Brian Caches in the system.  This move is intended to give the Star Adders a better edge against future attacks by the Steel Vipers and Coyotes and it includes the Sovetskii Soyuz-class Heavy Cruiser SLS Perth, the Lola II-class Destroyer SLS Harvest and the SLS Gladiator, an Essex-class Destroyer.  Also included in these reactivations are the SLS Duty, SLS Honour and SLS Grace three Bug-Eye-class Surveillance-craft the first activations of these craft since the creation of the Clans.  The Star Adders choose to keep the designations of the craft and their Star League paint schemes however they remove the ‘SLS’ designators from their names.

   To keep their allies current with events and close to the fighting edge they turn the cache open to the Stone Rhino Clan which chooses to activate a mothballed Quixote-class Missile Frigate, which they name Exeter, and a single ancient Samarkand Block II-class Carrier, which they name Unleashed.

Second Star League Games
Steiner Stadium, Solaris VII
Star League Protectorate, Lyran Alliance
30th June 3075

   Due to the continued re-construction work at the Star League Stadium on Solaris VII the Second Star League Games is moved to the Steiner Stadium, the Coliseum.  In a brief brutal battle one warrior Jan Swallow proves he is superior to all and that his BattleMech a Raptor II is far in advance to all the others, its Void Signature Stealth systems making it too difficult to track.  Of most interest of observers is the origin of this Mech and its revolutionary stealth systems, unfortunately Jan Swallow refuses to comment on where he gained the Mech from.

   Capellan Confederation based news services are able to pinpoint the warrior and his Mech to the same warrior and Mech that assisted the Bounty Hunter on Sarna a couple of months before in capturing a Spartan BattleMech.  Two days after the competition is complete Jan Swallow is found in a hotel room with a Spartan’s Sword impaled through his chest.  A joint police and Star League Investigation into the killing picks up nothing that can lead to the recovery of the killer.
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Round Table DMI Compound
Brunswick Continent, New Avalon
Crucis March, Federated Suns
3rd July 3075

   There were only a few areas on New Avalon that were restricted to military personnel only, the Davion Royal Palace, Mount Davion, the Clan Nova Cat Compound/Embassy and a couple of secret research bases run by the NAIS, the DMI and AFFS.  To these sites there was access only under the escort of members of the AFFS or with the explicit permission of the Davion family.

   Today approaching a DMI Compound a Mule-class DropShip was escorted to the ground by four AFFS Dagger OmniFighters from the First Davion Guards Air Wing.  This ship was almost completely devoid of insignia and even lacked any major paint work sticking with metal gray, like most commercial vessels, the ship had some non-standard areas on its hull however only a well trained eye would ever know.

   As the vessel landed a lower set of doors opened two BattleMech recovery vehicles exited the craft’s lower doors, the first with a single armoured trooper hanging onto the back of the craft.  The two vehicles carried the remains of a single BattleMech and its pilot in a sealed container.  As they came to a stop in front of a group of Davion Department of Military Intelligence officials the two Recovery vehicles were abandoned by their crews and the armoured trooper dropped to the ground in front of the officials.

   “As promised” the trooper said his body fully encased in the green coloured power armour.  In hip holsters like an ancient gunslinger of Terra were to heavy pistols while on his back was a Mauser 900 Pulse Rifle/Grenade Launcher, vintage weapon of the SLDF’s Elite Infantry.

   “Impressive work Bounty Hunter” one official said “we were sorry to hear about your companion’s fate.”

   “Hardly my companion more a business partnership” the Bounty Hunter replied “He paid the price we all will eventually, my payment” the suited warrior said reaching out a personal directory assistant (PDA), the voice was synthesized so no-one knew if the Bounty Hunter was male of female, it maintained the mystique and the legend, as had been the plan all along.

   “It’s all about the money eh?”  One official asked, no answer came, “then I guess money talks…” he said pushing his thumbprint onto the PDA’s register.

   “And I walk” the Bounty Hunter said immediately turning and leaving the DMI Officials.

   “Must be nice just to be able to do that” one official muttered “walk into a secure compound get the cash and walk out, damn.” he said as the Bounty Hunter re-entered his DropShip.  “well let’s see what secrets this little beauty has hidden away, get the vehicles moved inside have a medical team come down and collect the body, we might get lucky. And find out where these bastards are coming from.”

FSS Intrepid, Nadir point
Terra System
Star League Protectorate
14th July 3075

   There was a flash of light as the FSS Intrepid, a Fox-class Corvette, arrived in the Sol System.  The Federated Suns WarShip immediately began to reel in its Jump Sail while the SLS Maker, a Carrack-class Light Corvette, moved into escort the vessel.  Together the two WarShips began moving through the system towards derelict vessel holding zone in the system.

   Attached to the FSS Intrepid were two Elephant and three Octopus-class Tug DropShips full of engineering and refit teams their job would be to repair and refit the remains of the CSWS Fire Fang, a Whirlwind-class Destroyer, which had been abandoned in the system since the ComStar/Word of Blake conflict for the system.  The SLS Maker and its crew would monitor the FSS Intrepid, and ensure they stay at a distance from Terra, and check on the other derelicts in the system.

Forbidden City
Sian, Sian Commonality
Capellan Confederation
26th July 3075

   Chancellor Naomi Centrella was angry, in fact she was in a state of absolute rage, she’d just found out that her husband had created a shipyard in her mother’s realm, the Magistracy of Canopus, hidden deep in the Trznadel Star Cluster.  “I want the Hell’s Black Aces removed from the shipyards immediately.”  She said to one of her advisors.

   “But they are some of our best pilots.”

   “Exactly this shipyard that was created deep inside my realm, without my consent, is perfectly safe from attack no enemy has gotten that far into the Magistracy since the Reunification War.  The Hell’s Black Aces Wing will be far more suited serving our realm with the other Wings of the Regiment.”

   “What unit should we use to replace them?”

   “The First Centrella Black Guards Wing” she ordered, her personnel defence wing.  “The Second Centrella Black Guards will replace them in six months.”

   “We don’t have a Second Centrella Black Aces Air Wing” her advisor said

   “We will have a Second Wing in six months.”  Naomi promised “the Hell’s Black Aces can train them.

   “What about the staff that are currently staffing the facility?”

   “They will remain as long as they are loyal to our new rules.”  Naomi ordered she didn’t want to cripple the facility but she also wanted it to be entirely loyal to the Capellan people and most importantly to her.

Star League Defence Force Training Facility
Defiance, Crucis March
Federated Suns
8th August 3075

   Alongside the Royal Grounds of the Martial Olympiad on Defiance the Spaceport and Star League Administration Buildings, including that of the Advisory Council, were joined by yet another state of the art facility.  The newest Star League Defence Force Training Facility, under joint administration of the SLDF and Armed Forces of the Federated Suns this facility had garrison quarters for upwards of two battalions of troops, classrooms and hangers for the tuition and maintenance of the unit and its equipment.  The overall plan for the facility was that both the AFFS and the SLDF would form Training Battalions that would be based permenantly on the world.  These two units would work together helping both sets of troops to gain experience and the same level of training.

   The AFFS immediately begin to move their training Battalion from its temporary base on the planet to this new facility while the SLDF take slightly longer to form their training battalion.  Unlike the AFFS the SLDF does not plan to retain their training Battalion on the active rolls for defence of the SLDF however if Defiance was attacked it would be called into action under the Emergency Powers Act of the Star League.

Round Table DMI Compound
Brunswick Continent, New Avalon
Crucis March, Federated Suns
13th August 3075

   In the folk lore of humanity Friday the 13th was an unlucky day.  Throughout history acts had conspired for this date to be a bad omen and for superstitious people it was a day to do nothing to close the doors and wait for tomorrow.  Others that were not so superstitious it was a normal day.  In the Federated Suns DMI division there was no room for such superstitions they had to get on with things, there was nothing else for it.

   On every other day of the year Major Eileen Hamilton had no problem, except this date, she was a ten year veteran of the Regular Army AFFS before she had moved to the DMI to serve with their Rabid Fox Battle Armour forces.  She’d completed another twelve years of service with the Rabid Fox conducting dozens of top secret missions that would never see the light of day before being assigned to the defence of the DMI’s newest compound, the Round Table around about twenty kilometres south of the City of Winchester.

   Something had been nagging at her all day and as the sun began to drop below the horizon she realized her fears were coming true, on the horizon sensors detected was almost a full company of BattleMechs approaching, all the AFFS and Mercenary Units on planet had been warned to stay away, these guys were not friendly.  First raising the alarm then suiting up in her Infiltrator Mk III Battle Armour suit Eileen took her place on the walls along with the rest of her battalion, just over two hundred-and-fifty troopers in total all suited up in the best Battle Armour the AFFS could provide.  Supporting them were turrets with massive amounts of Long Range Missiles.

   “Controlled bursts people we have all seen the capabilities of these damned things, keep your heads.”  She said hoping their air support would be here soon her battalion was made up of decent suit operators but against them were eleven SPT-NX Spartans, the same design that the team were studying inside the compound.  The same BattleMechs that had fought the Clans and the best the Inner Sphere had to offer on dozens of occasions and only lost one of their numbers.

   Although the Rabid Fox troopers fought hard severely damaging nearly all the Spartans after an hour later they were all but wiped out, the enemy Spartans taking no prisoners adding unsult to injury crushing downed troopers under the assault Mech’s massive feet.  Once the defenders were dead and their support turrets destroyed the functional Spartans all opened fire on the facility and its warehouses specifically targeting the downed Spartan with several volleys of weapons fire, the Mech is pilot and all evidence were erased.  They then lined up the scientists and technicians working on the Mech and pilot cutting them down with BattleMech-grade weapons fire leaving the remains of the bodies displayed for all to see.  Within ten minutes the Spartans had abandoned the burning facility leaving nothing for the AFFS troops to salvage, deep within the facility’s remains the DMI Scientists found a single data core referring to the Spartan BattleMech and its pilot.  The Spartan was a factory built model, not a modified chassis, however it was built with materials and compounds not used at any known factory of the Inner Sphere or Periphery.  Data on the pilot was similarly unhelpful the pilot’s DNA had been completely scrambled by an unknown chemical toxin released from a capsule in the pilots left arm.

Hell’s Horses Occupation Zone
23rd August 3075

   During a routine raid of the Hell’s Horses Occupation Zone the Jade Falcon Clan attacks the world of Apollo, during the raid the Jade Falcon’s Eight Talon Cluster of Gamma Galaxy the Jade Falcons encounter the SM1 Tank Destroyer for the first time, a Nova Cat design captured by the Hell’s Horses.  Although the Jade Falcons disdain standard vehicles they see the capabilities of the SM1 and go out of their way to capture one loosing two OmniMechs in the process.

   The Eight Talon Cluster also uses this raid to test the newest of Clan Jade Falcon’s new OmniMechs taking the Partial Wing system first seen on the Wasp IIC the Kestrel OmniMech is a light design which uses the BattleMech Partial Wing to increase the length of its jumps and to take the Hell’s Horses defenders by surprise.  Though the Kestrel is an OmniMech the Partial Wing is fixed to the Mech limiting space and weight for weapons.

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Sian, Sian Commonality
Capellan Confederation
4th September 3075

   Sitting in an office on Sian Gao-shiao-zhang Hadji Doru head of Warrior House Doru and primary military advisor of Chancellor Naomi Centrella looked at the commanders of the McCarron’s Armoured Cavalry, the Capellan Reserve Cavalry and the St Cry’s Armoured Hussars units.

   “Due to recent losses for units amongst military units in the Capellan Confederation’s Armed Forces we have decided to begin merging certain military commands.”  He said looking at the commanders “as a result the McCarron’s Armoured Cavalry, Capellan Reserve Cavalry and the St Cry’s Armoured Hussars will all be merging into one command.”  He said the unit commanders looked at each other for several moments, the only one that looked bothered about the changes was Lord Colonel Marcus Baxter, commander of the McCarron’s Armoured Cavalry.  “Is there a problem Colonel Baxter?” Doru asked, dropping the Lordship as if it was nothing reminding him of his simple regimental rank.

   “Well, when the McCarron’s tied the Armoured Cavalry to the Capellan nation they were guaranteed certain amounts of independence.”  He said tip-toeing around the topic “if I inform my troopers of these changes the moral of the troops may be damaged.”

   “Are they loyal soldiers of the Capellan Confederation?”

   “Of course they are, questioning their loyalty….” Baxter began but Doru raised his hands to stop him.

   “Enough of this” he said looking at Baxter. “Colonel, if your people have a problem with this you” he emthisised Baxter’s role in the proceedings “you will inform your people that they are members of the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces.  That they serve at the whim of the Chancellor of this nation and if they choose to change the Armoured Cavalry’s position in the military then the Cavalry will learn to live with it or become private citizens.”  Doru said very quietly, Baxter only nodded the Armoured Cavalry would not be pleased with this change, further deepening the rift within the unit and the unit‘s rift from the Capellan Confederation.

Town Meeting Room
Filtvelt, Filtvelt Coalition
8th September 3075

   Since the Last of the Lakers, a Filtvelt Coalition JumpShip had entered the Nova Cat’s Den and proposed the Nova Cats and Filtvelt Coalition enter negotiations the two nations had been exchanging diplomats and continued towards a greater alliance.

   On Filtvelt Star Colonel Rebecca Leroux, commander of the 246th Battle Cluster of Sigma Galaxy, now represented the Nova Cats as Ambassador an unfamiliar post for the Nova Cat VTOL pilot however she was beginning to find her feet in the post.  The Coalition folks were mostly backwards in their thinking, several still thought things should be the same as when they were part of the Federated Suns, while others were darn right hostile to the Nova Cat presence seeing them as the ‘Clan Menace’ that had invaded the Inner Sphere in 3050.

   “Star Colonel, it’s good to see you today” Marquees Helen Trempealeau said smiling her invitation to the Nova Cats had weakened her position as leader, from the Watch Reports Rebecca had read the fledgling nation was still struggling on several domestic fronts and she was making progress towards another military partnership.

   “Thank you” Rebecca said nodding to the Marquees and to Colonel Eric LeBeau the Coalition’s military leader.  “Marquees, my entire unit is now inside the Coalition, we have four DropShips and a single Scout-class JumpShip.  This will limit our movement capabilities however we will be fully committed to this nation’s defence as well as the defence of Nova Cat assets.”  Rebecca said part of the agreement for her Cluster being allowed on the planet was for them to help defend the nation they were living in.  “We have also been looking into other ways the Nova Cats and Filtvelt Coalition can help each other.”

   “Have you indeed?”  the Marquees said her smile thinning.

   “Aff, I am not sure if you are aware the worlds of the Nova Cat’s Den are quite gifted with natural resources and have an abundance of asteroids with natural resources.”

   “I was not” she glanced at the Colonel who equally shook his head.

   “All we have seen out of the Tortuga worlds in the past have been a pirate threat.”  Colonel LeBeau said quietly “until recently that is…”

   “Well the Nova Cat’s have been expanding their presence in the Den and have been building up our military strength.”  Rebecca noticed the two of them were looking very nervous.  “Not that we are directing that might anywhere at this time.  We do however require more resources.”  Rebecca said, if they looked nervous before they looked twice as bad now.

   “Star Colonel, we do not have the resources to spend on other nations nor the human resources to mine such resources.”  The Marquees said looking over at the Star Colonel.

   “No need to, we Nova Cats are willing to provide our own man-power for such operations and you would of course get a percentage of what we mined.”

   “What if you provided us with something different?”  the Colonel said quietly turning to his leader “our forces need trained mechanics and technicians to keep our equipment fully operational.  If we had a school to train such people at then we wouldn’t have to source out to the Federated Suns or the Fronc Reaches, which I might add has a school of their own.”  The Marquees turned to Rebecca Leroux.

   “Would it be possible for this to happen?”

   “Possibly.”  Rebecca said quietly “the Nova Cats take all the resources we mine ourselves.  However if the Filtvelt Coalition was to bring the resources her on Filtvelt that our engineers required we could go one better than an Engineering School we could help you build an entire University Campus that would bring the Filtvelt Coalition beyond the Fronc Reaches and on par with the Taurian Concordat.  We would also assist the worlds we are mining resources from in upgrading their local schools to either better buildings or better equipment?”  Rebecca said outlining a quick plan it would have to be cleared by the Nova Cat Khans and possibly the Clan Council but it would get them the resources and personnel they needed.

   “That would be very impressive and helpful” the Marquees said she was struggling for more to say the Colonel was entirely speechless.

   “We would also like to support you in local defence.”  Rebecca said, this was pushing their alliance but something she knew the 246th would need.  “And I do not just mean just on Filtvelt” she said looking over at the two leaders.  “If the Nova Cats are to place non-combat personnel on you other worlds we will also require placing military forces on these worlds.”  Rebecca said “I have four Trinaries, this means I would be placing a single Trinary on each world, and we would be conducting military operations on all these worlds whether that be in defence or training.  This would include self defenece against possible local troubles.”  She warned

   “We could push towards that, however your people cannot use live rounds if training with my people, we don’t have the ammo or the personnel to waste on your Clan Trials” the Colonel said, he’d seen the Nova Cats waste almost an entire lance of vehicles in their first week in a Trial, the vehicles had been mostly returned to duty however he could not afford to loose that amount of people off planetary defence at a time again.  “And we would prefer to be involved anytime you have issue with the local populations.

   “We could power down our weapons for trials and restrict training to a Star/Lance at a time?”

   “This would be acceptable, when would you want to start?”  The Marquees said seeing her opinion polls flying and her fledgling nation taking a step into a far brighter future.

   “Immediately” she announced, “we have two JumpShips in the Nova Cat’s Den ready to begin operations inside the Coalition at once.”

   “That’s fast”

   “No time to waste.”  Rebecca said standing up saluting, she then turned and left.  Marquees Trempealeau turned to Colonel LeBeau.

   “They are ready to start immediately? How is this possible?”

   “The Nova Cats have far more power available to them than we, we may have the resources but,” the Colonel said quietly. ”Perhaps we have made a deal with the wrong people.”

   “Perhaps and perhaps not, the Federated Suns deal with them, we will deal with them.”  The Marquees said “we just have to watch our backs, remember we would be a mear speed bump to the Nova Cat Clan and I do not believe that House Davion could redeploy to support us in time.”  She said with a small smile, to one side they had the Federated Suns and the other the Nova Cats, the Devil and the Beast which one was which was still to be answered.

Varnay Anchorage
Nova Cat’s Den, Varnay System
14th September 3075

   As the Nova Cat Naval vessels berthed at the recharge station in the still secret Varnay Anchorage two Merchant-Carrack-class vessels, the Guiding Vision and the Blessed Vision, begun moving clear of the other vessels.  These craft were full of engineers and resources bound for the Filtvelt Coalition some would be dedicated to Nova Cat operations and others would be assigned to support new Filtvelt projects.  Because the Nova Cats had no available dedicated WarShips and because the Filtvelt Coalition fielded none of the vessels themselves both Carrack-Merchants carried a single Titan-class Carrier DropShip full of aerospace fighters that were fully capable of defending their charges against anything up to a WarShip.

Clan Wolf Territory Grant’s Station
Kerensky Cluster, Clan Homeworlds
Clan Space
22nd September 3075

   In a closed doors agreement Clan Wolf and Clan Coyote rekindle their previous alliance with a weapons transfer.  The Coyotes covertly replace Clan Wolf troops on Grant’s Station in the Clan Homeworlds while the Wolves take possession of the Steel Fang, a Clan Coyote Sovetskii Soyuz-class Heavy Cruiser.  This vessel immediately disappears from the Clan Homeworlds, the wolves and Coyotes also fight several trials for technology and warriors with the Wolves gaining almost an entire Cluster of Crusader warriors with the Coyotes gaining several Inner Sphere designs and weapons including Rotary Autocannons and Heavy Gauss Rifles.

   Five months later a Clan Wolf vessel named Razor Teeth arrives in the Clan Hell’s Horses Occupation Zone of the Inner Sphere.  After a couple of trials against the Hell’s Horses for minor things the vessel arrives in the Clan Wolf Occupation Zone, from combat footage and from sensor reports the Hell’s Horses are ninety percent sure the Razor Teeth is the former Coyote vessel Steel Fang.

Downtown Saso City
New Syrtis, New Syrtis Combat Region
Capellan March, Federated Suns
8th October 3075

    It was a normal day in Saso City, the snow was falling constantly as the world was wrapped in its near permanent and total Ice-age, the Capital city of New Syrtis home to the Hasek family and capital to the Capellan March of the Federated Suns.  People were walking, cars were moving and everything was calm on the major street corners, as was tradition, were BattleMechs of the Fifth Syrtis Fusiliers Regiment though there was no immediate threat this position was a tradition for the standing Syrtis Fusilier Regiment and it was expected in the March capital as it would be on Robinson or New Avalon.  Scattered throughout the city there was nearly a battalion of AFFS troops either on patrol, guarding sensitive areas or on leave, ever vigilant, ever ready to assist.

   Even this level of security and vigilance could not stop trouble however; there was an ancient saying “all the security in the world cannot prepare you for one dedicated terrorist willing to sacrifice his life for the success of his goals.”  Despite this knowledge and despite their best efforts the people of New Saso and of New Syrtis were failed in the early afternoon of the 8th October as a nuclear explosion ripped through the city felling buildings, people and BattleMechs while the resulting EMP blast knocked two over flying commercial aircraft, an Michelson MA-80 Delta Air Cruiser and a Federated-Boeing FB-335 Long haul, out of the sky destroying them with all hands an AFFS DropShip was also forced to make an emergency landing outside the city in an open field with heavy damage.

   The constant snow and cold temperatures could not stop wild-fires sparking up in the radiation soaked landscape that was once the pride of New Syrtis and of the Capellan March.  The remainder of the Fifth Syrtis Fusiliers RCT mobilized from their bases across the planet, although many lacked the full Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Protection gear required for this environment, these troops were dedicated to recovering any of their fallen comrades and relieving the population of the stricken city.  By the end of a year many of these people are diagnosed with various forms of cancer, the AFFS promise them all treatment at NAIS starting with the worse cases.

   On New Avalon Field Marshal Nathaniel Hasek, head of the Capellan March and the Syrtis Fusiliers rounds up two regiments of AFFS personnel and enough NBC protection equipment to outfit the entire Syrtis Fusiliers Brigade, he also drafts orders for the Sixth and Eighth Syrtis Fusiliers RCTs to return to New Syrtis at their best pace.  A combined DMI and MIIO Nuclear Investigation team attach themselves to Nathaniel Hasek’s forces leaving New Avalon to assist in relief efforts and begin an investigation into the explosion.  Just before the Field Marshal leaves New Avalon the planetary News channel breaks news that the fate of Duchess Deborah Hasek and her daughter Kym is unknown as their exact location was unknown prior to the explosion.

Davion Royal Palace
Avalon City, New Avalon
Crucis March, Federated Suns
12th October 3075

   It was a cold wet day on New Avalon, Victor Steiner-Davion thought it reflected the mood on the planet and inside the nation.  Dressed fully in the uniform of a Marshal of Armies uniform of the Federated Suns, around the Federated Suns emblem there was a black edge, he stepped out into the rain and up onto the speaker’s podium “Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press thank you for coming, Citizens of the Federated Suns I greet you on this sombre day.”  He began, the press were quiet, beyond them the small group of civilians granted access were equally so.  “As I am sure you have all heard three days ago on New Syrtis inside the city of New Saso, March Capital of the Capellan March, there was an nuclear explosion approximately one mile from the centre of the city.”  He stated, stick to the facts his advisors had said in this case they spoke louder than any word.

   “I can reveal that this explosion has all but destroyed the city of New Saso, with nearly sixteen million deaths.”  He said looking to the sky as if for answers before fixing back on the Tri-vid cameras “this explosion was not an accident.”  He said holding back his anger, barely “this was an attack against the people of New Saso and the Federated Suns.  It was a cowards attack and we will bring those responsible to justice.”  He said there could be no questioning in his voice only conviction, that those responsible would be brought to heel by the Federated Suns.  “In the meantime we must take care of our own, at this moment humanitarian efforts have begun on New Syrtis and more resources have been routed to the world however I now call on all the honourable nations of the Star League to join us and assist the world of New Syrtis in making its recovery.”  Though the world could recover in time and the Federated Suns could manage alone this is was after all what the Star League had been created for.

   “Meanwhile I have more pleasant news to reveal.  Duchess Deborah Hasek and her daughter Kym Hasek have escaped the fate shared by millions and are safely secure on Kathil.  I have been in discussions with the Duchess and with Field Marshal Nathaniel Hasek, en route to the world, and we have decided that for the time being daily operations of the Capellan March will move to District City on Kathil while AFFS command for the March will remain on New Syrtis, all military command and control facilities are secure.”  He said it was a relatively open secret that the Capellan March Command Facility, known in the AFFS as The Cave, was buried under New Saso City.  The Cave had sustained a couple of broken lights and some light injuries however they were several kilometres under the ground and no radiation had penetrated to the facility.  “We have also placed the entire Capellan March on a High Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Attack Alert.  Until the situation has fully been resolved and investigated, at present other areas of the Federated Suns will remain at peace time levels.”  He announced this marked the first time a March of the Federated Suns had been on NBC Alert for almost three centuries since the end of the Second Succession War, a sign of the changing times.

   “The Federated Suns will recover from this attack, we will find out who permutated this attack and we will bring them to justice.  Anyone who thinks this will make the Federated Suns a demoralised and easy to attack nation is vastly wrong.  Any incursion into our borders will be met by the full force of the AFFS.”  He said finishing off his short speech “I thank you for your time” he said lastly stepping down from the podium moving back inside the Royal Palace.
Bountiful Harvest
Jade Falcon Occupation Zone
22nd October 3075

   As was always the way of Clan Sea Fox they chose to make their assaults for the benefit of their entire clan.  Following nearly three weeks of intense negotiations on Sudeten with the Jade Falcon leadership and merchants the Sea Fox Clan had got nowhere.  In an effort to quicken the Sea Fox grip on the technology Khan Hanna Coston authorized the Thirty-ninth Strike Cluster to take the technology from Clan Jade Falcon.

   Striking at preparing Jade Falcon invasion forces on Bountiful Harvest, on the Lyran Alliance border.  The relatively new Third Falcon Hussars Cluster of Gamma Galaxy contested the Sea Fox presence utilising several Kestrel OmniMechs and several Wasp IIC BattleMechs all of which used the Partial Wing system, the Thirty-ninth Strike Cluster lost the battle and limped off the world back to Twycross.  The units commander Star Colonel Toman Clark died from his wounds on the way back to Twycross with the oldest Bloodnamed warrior of the unit, Star Captain Garry Clark, claimed command of the unit during a brief Trial of Possession.

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Downtown, Hotel Room
New Canton, Star League Protectorate World
Capellan Confederation
8th November 3075

   With some of them on leave and others on fact-finding missions for their commands eight members of the McCarron’s Armoured Cavalry Regiments, of the Capellan Confederation, met in a hotel room in the capital’s downtown section.  This was a secret meeting if the Capellan Confederation knew they were meeting likely all of them would be in trouble, if not killed by the Maskirovka.

   Sitting on a chair against the far wall sat Sang-shai Angel Bodez commander of the Second McCarron’s, he was the highest ranking officer in the room and most successful of those gathered.  Beside him was Zhong-shao Desmond Hernandez commander of the Second’s conventional forces ‘Angel’s Gypsies.’  Opposite them was Sao-shao Drake Calhoun, Battalion commander of the Fourth McCarron’s Special Forces unit and one time enforcer of the Chancellor’s rule on some of the less happy McCarron warriors.  The Fifth had been the trouble maker regiment only recently shedding its questionable loyalty rating by the Capellan High Command.

   Standing at the small bar in the room was the last three members gathered first was Sao-shao Steven Risner, commander of the Nightriders Regiment’s Special Forces, he was the only member of the First McCarron’s and most sceptical of what would come out of this meeting.  Nether the less he was also constantly scanning the room for eavesdroppers‘making sure the McCarron meeting remained a secret.  Beside him stood the two youngest and most junior members of this meeting representing the McCarron’s future and the youth of the units.  First was Sang-wei Louisa Krane of the Fifth Regiment, a former officer of the Third Regiment now commanding a group of mismatched warriors and training commands.  The second was the one true part of the legacy that still remained purely McCarron, Sang-wei Elizabeth McCarron, cousin to Faith McCarron (now Steiner) she was the last active McCarron on the Regiment’s lists and she was the youngest in the room aged at just twenty years old.  She had commanded a couple of operations against pirates and insurgents but she was woefully inexperienced.

   “We all know why we’re here, the Big Mac is no more, our brigade is disappearing quicker than the days left in the year, and our family is losing any strength it was promised in the Capellan nation.  What are we going to do about it?”  Drake Calhoun asked

   “I don’t want to be the bad guy here, but nothing” Steven Risner suggested he noticed the appalled looks “the Nightriders have gone from strength to strength, the Chancellors and her predecessor have given us technology and equipment no-one else ever would.  Many of our people have made lives in the Confederation should we disrupt theirs just because ours hasn’t gone to plan or the Brigade has fallen from its height?”

   “Yes” Angel Bodez said quietly “but we have always prided ourselves with being part of a larger whole.  The Brigade is failing, we are all failing.”  Bodez said his unit was almost as successful as the Nightriders to hear him say they were in trouble meant exactly that “we need to pull together, make the Chancellor see that we are an asset and that we need to be together to remain like that.”

   “And if we are not?” Drake Calhoun asked after a moment or two “if the Chancellor decides that our time has past?”

   “Then we take matters into our own hands” Louisa Krane propped up from her end of the bar.

   “Against the Chancellor?” Bodez asked very sceptical against the might of a succession state, even the smallest the depleted Big Mac would have no chance.

   “No, we take our destiny into our own hands; the McCarron family has numbered accounts in all the Succession States.”  Elizabeth said quietly revealing a family secret hidden since the Succession Wars, Elizabeth knew the records were monitored and kept upto date by the senior members of the McCarron family.  In this case the one located in the Federated Suns “Faith has access to them; she agreed to look after them when she left” Elizabeth reveilled one more secret remained. “And I have a way of communication to her if I’m in trouble, completely untraceable and unique only a McCarron would know what it was.  We contact Faith and she opens funding for us.”

   “Then what?” Desmond Hernandez asked there were not many obvious moves after that.

   “We escape the Confederation to pastures new” Elizabeth said trying to show them there were options beyond the Capellan Confederation. “Perhaps the Federated Suns or the Lyran Alliance will assit us there are plenty who hate the Capellans enough to be willing to protect us.”

   “Protection from the Federated Suns?” Calhoun asked

   “Why not?  Anyway to hurt the Capellans will do for them even if it is just a finger to the Capellan leadership.” Elizabeth said with not a small measure of venom.

   “And if the others of our regiments don’t want to join us?” Risner asked, he for one would not be cutting down fellow McCarron warriors.

   “We quietly have them transferred from one regiment to another and have friendly warrior transferred in either permanently or on training missions then when all is set we get out of trouble.”  Bodez said, the others nodded slowly their agreement.  Despite their missgivings they would all vote together, decisions made all eyes turned to Elizabeth.  She was a McCarron and the one who could put things in motion she nodded and that was it, the McCarron Regiments would break from the Capellan Confederation.  Now she had to hope that Faith could drum up enough support to help the McCarrons in the future or their break from the Confederation could break the unit, permenantly.

Secret Clan Wolf Shipyard
Outpost System, Occupation Zone
14th November 3075

   In an effort to expand their territory and ensure their clan’s position in the Inner Sphere Clan Hell’s Horses launch an attack on the Clan Wolf system of Outpost.  The Clan’s Watch had informed them that the Wolves had a minimum of two ground clusters in system and an entire cluster of aerospace fighters as well as an unusually high amount of DropShip traffic in the system.  All of this should have pushed the Hell’s Horses away from the system, but eager to hurt the wolves it made the perfect target.

   Because of the rumoured defences Clan Hell’s Horses deployed the Black Knight and the Space Hunter, two Lola III-class Destroyers, to support the ground forces.  Entering the system the Hell’s Horses encountered no resistance at the jump points, passing the first world in the system however this all changed as the Dire Wolf challenged them.  The Sovetskii Soyuz-class Heavy Cruiser was one of the most famous WarShips in all the Clans it had been the flagship for the ilKhan during the initial Clan invasion until it had been rammed by a Free Rasalhague Republic fighter.  In the past the Dire Wolf had featured a sixth DropShip making it different to other Sovetskii Soyuz-class vessels however the Wolf Clan had taken their modifications of the Dire Wolf one step further.  The hull had been modified adding additional capital weapons, sub-capital missile weapons systems and heavier armour than the standard design.

   The Dire Wolf moved in on the two Lola IIIs and immediately ripped into them with its weapons.  Supporting the ship were six DropShips and two Clusters worth of aerospace fighters, within less than a ten minutes the Hell’s Horses ground troops knew their WarShips were overmatched and began to withdraw to their JumpShips.  The Black Knight, having taken heavier fire than the Space Hunter from the Dire Wolf, charged forwards intent on buying further time for the ground forces to survive despite being hopelessly overmatched it’s sacrifice allowed the other ships to escape unharmed.

   The Wolves had sent a clear and present message to any foe intending on attacking them and you will pay the price and it was complete hands off of the Outpost system and any Clan Wolf asset in the system.  The mysterious new capabilities of the Dire Wolf was of interest of all the Clans on their inter networked Chatter Web.

Gabriel Space Habitat
Odessa system, Donegal Province
Lyran Alliance
13th December 3075

   On Odessa, at the world’s High Court, with the command crew of the LAS Ian McQuiston in the attendance the Lyran Alliance holds a press conference with the Inner Sphere’s press.  They announce the finding of the Gabriel Space Habitat by the LAS Ian McQuiston.  They announce it is a former SLDF space habitat is built into a massive asteroid of the Odessa system and that it is perfect condition for occupation.  They make it clear to all other nations that this station is in Lyran space and despite its Star League origin it has been claimed and will remain a Lyran habitat.

   The Lyrans also invite the SLDF to come to the station and investigate the station for SLDF artefacts, to keep up public appearances the SLIC send an inexperienced team to the station, they have already removed things that they find interesting as well as the majority of the shipyards.  An SLIC operation had even set the Lyrans on course to find the Gabriel Habitat.

Clan Jade Falcon Territory
Inner Sphere Occupation Zone
16th December 3075

   On a small unremarkable world of the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone the Ghost Bear forces of the Rasalhague Dominion landed on, and fought, for the BattleMech Partial Wing technology pioneered by the Jade Falcons.  Also part of the Trial the Ghost Bears agree not to trade the technology to Clan Sea Fox as further punishment by the Jade Falcons against the merchant clan.  The Rasalhague Dominion government is not bound by the agreement of warriors however they are well aware if they alienate their Clan Ghost Bear dominated military then their combined Inner Sphere/Clan nation could fall to pieces faster than the Free Rasalhague Republic fell apart during the initial Clan Invasion of the Inner Sphere.

Secondary Command Bridge
Pirate Point, Fire Fang (Whirlwind-class Destroyer)
Sol System, Star League Protectorate
25th December 3075

   For followers of the Christian faith it was a holiday and a day for celebration, for Major Nathan Heaps and his team of engineers it was another day at the office.  His teams were based on the FSS Intrepid, a Fox-class Corvette, which was on extended duties attached to the Engineering Corps of the AFFS.  Major Heaps and his team had been charged by their First Prince and by the Admiralty of the Federated Suns to return the CSS Fire Fang to operational status, at least operational enough to limp it back to Galax Shipyards and get the Destroyer‘s systems properly refitted.  Unfortunately the Whirlwind-class Destroyer was heavily damaged and marooned in the Sol system just outside Terra’s gravity well, the Star League had been willing to sell the Federated Suns the craft but little else.  After almost six months assigned to the Federated Suns’ farthest flung post Nathan’s crew had been able to finally bring online the Secondary Command Centre, the Primary Command Bridge had been completely gutted when a capital missile struck the front of the ship during ComStar’s efforts to erase the Word of Blake from history.

   “Okay bring power to fifty-two percent on the main reactors, everything’s looking good.” Nathan said looking over his shoulder at his other engineers the Secondary Command Centre was tiny, obviously added as an afterthought and not intended for long term use.  Looking at the main monitors Nathan smiled things were working nicely “contact the Intrepid and the DropShip squadron have them back off and give us some room, then release manoeuvring thrusters control to my console.” He said a visual inspection of the engines had shown they had little damage so the ship should be able to move under its own power - unfortunately the vessel’s K-F Core controls had been damaged the ship wasn’t jumping until they were replaced, then again at its present condition the ship wasn’t going anywhere fast.

   “Intrepid and DropShips report clear, Terran flight control report space lanes clear” Leftenant Charles Brownian reported from the tiny communications console.

   “We have twenty percent power to main thrusters” Leftenant Lym Sato said smiling the sparkle was back in her eyes after all these months as gravity began to return to the ship as it moved under its own power “push reactor to sixty percent?” She asked Nathan nodded so Lym followed orders “re-routing power to Kearny-Fuchida auxiliary monitors, see if we can at least inspect some of the damage.”  She said pushing the test one step further than planned but so far things were going very well.

   “Main thrusters at thirty-one percent, achieving one half gravities speed.” Nathan said his feet were now being fully tugged to the deck as the ship moved.

   “Oh hell!”  Lym exclaimed both Nathan and Charles looked over at her, she was looking right at the deck.

   “What’s up Lym?”  Nathan asked routing some of her controls over to his monitors so he could inspect the trouble himself “oh hell” he whispered realising what she’d just noticed “Charley contact the Intrepid tell them I‘m calling an end to all tests today.”

   “What’s the problem?”

   “The K-F Core is knackered.”  Nathan said looking over the damage “totally destroyed, we have power to sections but all the connections have been severed, the control damage was just the start of our problems.”  He said looking over the systems he could monitor, a six month job had just turned into  a several year job.

   “It’s going to take years to gut it, replace and test a new core.”  Lym said shaking her head, this job just got a lot harder.

   “Well, at least we are with friends” Charles said with a weak smile the engineering team on the Fire Fang and on the Intrepid and her DropShips were closer than a regular military unit, but this job was beginning to push them far further than expected, this long in zero-g was bad for anyone, Nathan immediately thought about beginning to rotate out some of his team they’d come back to the job but not at the moment the Federated Suns would have to spend time manufacturing a core and transporting it, the Fire Fang could wait a little longer for further work, it certainly wasn’t going anywhere.

        "How about dinner?"  Lym asked it wasn't the Christmas gift any of them had wanted but at least they could make the best of the day.  Nathan couldn't disagree with her, this job was not going to be over quick.

Varnay Anchorage
Legacy (Legacy-class Yardship)
Varnay System, Nova Cat’s Den
31st December 3075

   After a year of refitting in the Draconis Combine and then in the Nova Cat’s Den the captured vessel Stellar Serpent is re-launched as the Dragon’s Failing.  The vessel is no longer an Aegis-class Heavy Cruiser, its primarily Naval Autocannon weapons armament has been removed making way for capital and sub-capital missiles backed up with class-35 naval autocannons, heavy naval lasers and a conventional array of Hyper Assault Gauss Rifles class-40s, the Nova Cats had changed the vessel‘s class description to match the vessel‘s new capabilities.  The Dragon’s Failing was now classed as a Patriot-class Heavy Missile Cruiser.

   The vessel was named specifically at the Draconis Combine‘s failure to keep a hold of the vessel in the New Samarkand system and its failure to refit the vessel to a superior capability than that it when they captured it.  For the first time, since its capture from the Combine, the Dragon’s Failing takes to space on its own ready to begin space trials.  Fully armed the Heavy Cruiser would be capable of fighting off any of the major WarShips around it and armed with the right weapons could match the largest of the WarShips in the Inner Sphere.  Following trials the craft would fill a slot in the Santin West Naval Star Supporting Clan Nova Cat‘s  operations in the Periphery, Inner Sphere and beyond.

Hope you enjoyed 3075, 3076 following shortly
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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First McCarron’s Armoured Cavalry Command
Grand Base, Sian Commonality
Capellan Confederation
8th January 3076

   Quietly one at a time under the Capellan Confederation’s command structure’s eyes the commanders of the First McCarron’s Armoured Cavalry begin to quietly transfer members of other regiments into the First Regiment based on Grand Base.   They also begin to quietly slow production at the McCarron’s Grand Base factory and transfer supplies to the First Regiment over others blaming transfers on customs issues and DropShip breakdowns.  Slowly the amount of warriors loyal to the sitting Chancellor, serving within the First McCarron’s regiment, dropped to less than a two companies.

   Also the support forces are beefed up using warriors from the other regiments, commanders of the First Regiment claim this is in preparation for using the First as the Big Mac’s OppForce in coming proposed war games.  In reality these warriors will be a sponge to protect the core of the regiment which is loyal to the McCarron regiments, and their commanders, before anything else.

Detroit, Fronc Reaches
14th January 3076

   For the third time representatives of the Taurian Concordat, Fronc Reaches and the Filtvelt Coalition meet this time on Detroit inside the Fronc Reaches.  With all three neighbouring Periphery realms together around the same table they agree that the Reaches Coalition Pact will be expanded to encompass the Taurian Concordat in Trade and some defence agreements, though it is not as deep a relationship as that of the Fronc Reaches and the Filtvelt Coalition it is a massive step to uniting the entire Periphery region near the Capellan Confederation and Federated Suns periphery border.

   During the various meetings the Filtvelt Coalition hides the involvement of the Nova Cat’s in their affairs completely hiding the trade agreements and mutual defence shared by the Periphery Realm and the Clan.  Part of the Filtvelt support team is a member of the Nova Cat’s Watch Organisation watching and gathering information on the other nations of the Reaches Coalition Pact for the Nova Cat Clan, although the Filtvelt Coalition are aware of this act of subterfuge they do not attempt to interdict their Clan neighbours afraid the Nova Cat’s anger, and the Clan’s raw power, could be turned on their small nation.

   Under a week later Clan Sea Fox’s Predator Khanate also contacts the small Filtvelt Coalition negotiating for the rights to build a Small Arms and Ammunition factory on the world of Memphis for five years.  During this period the Sea Fox’s would take control of three percent of the world and be allowed to use all the resources taken in this trade while selling upwards of fifty percent of the small arms weapons to the Filtvelt Coalition.  Unbeknown to the Filtvelt Coalition’s leadership the Predator Khanate also build a Battle Armour manufacturing plant underneath the Small Arms factory building hundreds of Battle Armour suits right under the Filtvelt people’s noses and shipping them out with regular DropShip visits.

Border Dispute
Duchy of Andruien/Capellan Confederation
30th January 3076

   The Capellan Confederation was a divided nation, something the Chancellor and her people did not like and wanted to make a change to.  First steps in this task were the movement of the Capellans Elite Warrior House Battalions, in the first wave with the Houses Kamata and Hiritsu landing on Conquista outclassing the First Andruien Sentinels Regiment ripping it apart within a few very short weeks.  At almost the same time Warrior Houses Dai Da Chi and Ma-Tsu Kai land on Lurgatan conquering this world in quick succession unfortunately the two Houses transport was interdicted by renegade Sentinel Aerospace fighters that destroyed the ships when they tried to jump clear.  On the ground the Fourth Andruien Sentinels regiment was quickly overrun by the elite Capellan troops.  Supporting the invasion fully Warrior House Fujita landed on Sadurni without resistance, even the local population who by all accounts hated the Capellan people seemed happy to have the Reinforced Battalion on the world.  On Shiro III an unprepared assault by an eager and under strength Warrior House Ijori set them up for a long bloody fight between the Capellan and Duchy forces.  The final Warrior House, and least experienced, Doru landed first on Calseraigne and Pilpala conquering both quickly and almost bloodlessly.

HPG Communication Link
New Avalon, Tharkad
Federated Suns, Lyran Alliance
1st February 3076

   When the link had first been made Peter Steiner-Davion had not believed it, the cost was prohibitive enough but the logistics would have made such a thing impossible.  Unfortunately for the Lyran Archon his brother seemed to have an ability to prove the Impossible incorrect more often than not.  On the screen above his throne on icy Tharkad was Victor Steiner-Davion, his elder brother and First Prince of the Federated Suns, sitting on his own throne on New Avalon

   “Brother, it has been some time; I hope you and your family bode well?”  Peter asked more out of diplomatic protocol than anything he actually felt for his brother, neither Steiner-Davion sibling had gotten on well when they were younger, always on the move between their once allied nations or one military posting to the next.

   “I am well Peter, as are my family” Victor said stern faced, Peter had never seen his brother this intense except when facing down an enemy. He hoped the man that had championed his succession over their sister was not ready now to turn on him also, there were those that said that Victor still eyed the Lyran throne.  “I have heard your news” the Federated Suns leader said “I wanted to offer my heart-felt condolences.  Is there anything the Wolves have been able to do for her?” Victor asked referring to Peter’s youngest child Melinda-Anne Steiner.  Peter’s head sunk slightly, he’d almost thought the worse of his brother’s call when in fact it was a call of concern.

   “They do not believe there is anything to be done with what they have available, the Exiles have not the resources to devote much on medical facilities especially for one who is not of their own.”  He said slightly resigned to her fate “however, she is strong and will not give in to this.”

   “Perhaps I can help?”  Victor asked “I am willing to open the New Avalon Institute of Sciences to this problem Peter; they will not rest until she is better.”

   “Like our father provided for Joshua Marik” Peter said before thinking, Victor had been there when their father, Hanse Davion, had offered Thomas Marik care for his dying son.  That offer came at a price the Free Worlds League’s might of production was turned to produce weapons of the Federated Suns, Lyran Alliance and Draconis Combine to help fight the Clans.  The NAIS had failed and Victor had replaced Joshua with a replica even after the boy’s death.

   “Brother, I am not Katherine; this is my blood I have an obligation to help.  Joshua was a mistake of my youth, one that I must live with for the rest of my life and one I am reminded about every time I look at my own children.  Peter, I open my nation to your family, they can come and reside on New Avalon with your daughter with as much security as you deem necessary, it may even help her recovery.  You are also welcome to come alone walk the soil of your birth once more if you believe it necessary.”

   “I cannot.”  Peter said after several moments thinking it over in his head “I have to safeguard my nation, something I cannot do even with this technical triumph that allows us to talk.”  He said, the pain etched in his face the treatment the NAIS could provide would far surpass anything that could be had in the Lyran Alliance “If Isis were to come to New Avalon with my daughter would that be acceptable?  I will remain here until there is a time I may be needed.”

   “She is most welcome Peter; though Yvonne is no longer here to keep her company I’m sure Danai will fill this void.”

   “I will send them, Victor, I thank you.  Isis and Melinda will have a full escort, I expect you to allow them to enter without trouble, the longer Melinda is away from true medical facilities the worse her situation could become.”

   “Peter, trust me I will have WarShips prepared to meet them the moment they enter my realm and they will be under strict instructions to move with all due haste to New Avalon.”

   “Again Victor I thank you.”  Peter said saluting his brother, who returned the salute, before the link cut off.  Within six hours Peter had cut orders for the LAS Adam Steiner, a Fox-class Corvette, and the LAS Berlin, an Artemis-class Diplomatic Escort vessel, to travel to Arc-Royal to collect Isis Steiner and Melinda-Anne Steiner.  At Arc-Royal the Wolves had already outfitted one of their own WarShips the Killing Blow, a Vincent Mk 42-class Corvette to transport Melinda in a specially refitted medical suite.  In all they would have three WarShips to escort them across the Inner Sphere into the Federated Suns and hopefully save Melinda-Anne’s life without further delay they began their journey to the NAIS facility on New Avalon.
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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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First Round
Duchy of Andruien/Capellan Confederation
8th February 3076

   Supporting the invasion of the Duchy of Andruien from the Canopus half of the Capellan nation the First Canopian Cuirassiers Regiment landed on Aspropirgos and Butzfleth conquering both periphery worlds in quick and easy succession.  Also from the Capellan nation came the First Canopian Light Horse landing on Piriapolis and Fagerholm taking them easily and quickly this is despite the discovery of a Heavy Vehicle Construction Plant on Fagerholm, it becomes obvious to the Capellan invaders that the Duchy of Andruien is sacrificing its outer worlds to protect Andruien.  Finally the First Canopian Fusiliers landed on Claybrooke to ceremony and celebration from the people, who welcomed the Canopian troops with open arms, as with previous invasion attempts from the Magistracy of Canopus the world defects as soon as a Canopian solider arrives in system, their rebellious population happy to leave the doomed Duchy.

Coyote Territory
Grant’s Station, Kerensky Cluster
Clan Homeworlds
16th February 3076

   Clan Steel Viper invade Clan Coyote’s territory on Grant’s Station in the Kerensky Cluster pushing an entire Cluster over the border between the Clans in less than an hour but getting no-where.  In sixteen hours the Coyotes have pushed the Steel Vipers back to their original starting point with over two clusters of troops from both Clans lying dead or injured on the battlefield.  During the fight there is a surprising inclusion of two Athena 2 Heavy Battle Tanks from Clan Hell’s Horse manufacture on the Steel Viper side.

Second Wave
Duchy of Andruien/Capellan Confederation
20th February 3076

   With the first round of worlds secure or under Capellan siege Capellan Confederation move forward their schedule and assault their next wave of targets like the First Wave the Capellan Confederation troops assaulting first.  First was the Red Lancers Regiment, thrown off of Sian, they were now used as a blunt instrument to beat the Third Andruien Sentinels Regiment on El Giza and Hudeiba, the elite unit may have been betrayed by the new Capellan Chancellor but given a target they were more than happy to tear the Andruien Regiment to pieces in very short order.

   Forwarding their assaults the Sung’s Rangers land on Mosiro to support the Confederation’s assaults on the Duchy of Andruien.  The regiment make quick their assaults on Mosiro attacking the Seventh Andruien Sentinels Regiment on the world, unfortunately for the Capellan unit the Seventh was far more skilled at guerrilla tactics and sneak attacks and in a short week the Sung’s Rangers have lost two Battalions of troops to the Andruien troops and a very hostile native population.  The Kingston’s Rangers Regiment are called to support them, instead of taking the conventional approach these new troops favour a far more brutal style of warfare, entering urban areas and turning their weapons on community centres and other civilian shelters calling out the Seventh’s troops.  If they failed to appear, or in many cases even when they had appeared, the Liao troops would set the civilian targets on fire using several Firestarter BattleMechs spread throughout the Regiment and inferno equipped Battle Armour and infantry troopers.

   In less than forty-eight hours the combined troops brutal tactics did what the Sung’s Rangers could not do in a week.  Naomi Centrella sent her personal congratulations as well as orders for the units name to be changed to the Centrella Rangers and for the remnants of the Sung’s Rangers to be folded into the Regiment.  Elsewhere in the former-Free Worlds League and in the greater Inner Sphere when word of these war crimes became known this regiment is called to face trial, Naomi Centrella refuses to release her unit or its personnel for trial.

Second Wave Continued
Duchy of Andruien/Capellan Confederation
24th February 3076

   Just like the first wave the second Capellan wave was followed by a second Canopian wave the Second Canopian Cuirassiers Regiment landed on two Duchy worlds like the First Regiment had done, the worlds of Villenueva and Igonish both fell almost without a shot being fired.  The populations tell that their defenders and militia have been recalled to Andruien to support the defence of their crumbling nation’s leaders.

   Following their easy assault on Claybrooke in the first wave the First Canopian Fusiliers were ready for their next fight.  Supported and then replaced by the Third Canopian Fusiliers Regiment on Claybrooke the First Regiment moved further into the Duchy of Andruien landing on Cursa finding the Fifth Andruien Sentinels Regiment loading into DropShips.  Without hesitation the commander of the Fusiliers orders a fire-bomb attack on the DropShips, the sticky napalm inferno fuel explosives roast an entire battalion alive inside their DropShip.  Following this display the Andruien troops surrender under the heavy guns of the Canopian Fusiliers guns, several artillery pieces are targeted on the DropShips making certain doom for the Fifth Andruien Sentinels Regiment if they had fought.

   Instead of sending in a fighting unit to deal with the world of tourist planet Lopez Chancellor Naomi Centrella landed on the world herself with a single company of the Centrella Black Guards and a single Union-class DropShip.  In a low key affair they moved through the city of Orton, the planetary capital, high in the planet’s mountains to a small tourist hotel where Naomi booked ever single room for a week.  After a weapons check from local militia security, which proved Naomi’s bodyguard only carried defensive weapons, the world’s leader Secretary General Charles Cunin agreed to meet her in the hotel.

   “Chancellor, it is an honour to have you holiday on our world, we have never had someone of your stature on our world.”  Charles said sitting opposite Naomi a long wooden table between them.

   “I know.”  Naomi said bluntly “I’m not going to beat around the bush Charles, I want your world’s allegiance.”  She said moving around the table perching against it looking down at the older man, she’d worn a lime-green skin-tight jumpsuit especially for this meeting; it fit her body well and amplified her small breasts which she had seen Charles look at twice already.

   “The Duchy have our world, as they have always, we owe them a lot.  This world is small and unimportant, a Tourist haven in this region, an oddity for the scientific community.”  Charles said, it was true Lopez shouldn’t have existed, it was the sole planet in a system with two stars it had no moons, a tainted atmosphere and an abundance of life, it shouldn’t have worked but it did and it worked well.

   “True however your world is something of a cash-cow, something my nation could use.  Perhaps not the pull of Solaris VII but people travel here from all over the Inner Sphere and that has an appeal to me.  In the next six weeks my troops will land on Andruien.  This Duchy, or at least what’s left of it, will be under my domain your nation will be cut off, you will have no chance of survival.  What do you want Secretary?”

   “I want to be able to survive this change with my life intact, I want to be able to enjoy my retirement on this world I have called home and I want my people to live a peaceful existence under Capellan rules as they have under the Duchy of Andruien.”

   “I’ll give you that all.”  Naomi said “this world’s only change will be that it’s GNP goes to Sian instead of Andruien and is home to a small security force from my nation, this will become my military’s vacation spot your world’s economy will grow.  As for your retirement” she said drawing her hand across his cheek “that can be arranged, you have a daughter don’t you?”  He nodded Nikki was his only child, how could this Capellan whore threaten her?

   “Nikki Cunin will become this world’s new leader; your family will be hereditary Dukes of this world successively into the centuries to come.  Your name will be sung by your family for generations, as will your daughters.”  Naomi promised him, Charles smiled and nodded with a simple gesture that sealed his world’s fate.  Twenty-four hours later Naomi was on her way off world four Capellan officers had been left to oversee operations until a security company from the Confederation arrived.  These officers carefully controlled Nikki’s ascention to the post of Duchess and control over the world.

Filtvelt Coalition, Periphery
28th February 3076

   Using information gained from the Sea Fox Clan and resources gained from the same Clan and from Clan Nova Cat the Filtvelt Coalition hire several engineers from across the Inner Sphere and buy resources from several different places brining them together on Lackland.

   From this information and using these resources the engineers begin converting a disused IndustrialMech factory on Lackland to production of BattleMechs.  Though not able to produce a modern design like the Federated Suns’ Enforcer or even the Periphery built Marshal this plant is able to produce ancient BattleMech designs not seen for centuries.  Using some industrial espionage and some negotiations with Federated Suns manufacturers the Filtvelt Coalition is able to gain access to and produce BattleAxe and Hammerhands BattleMechs by mid-3076.  These Mechs are primitive compared to modern designs however they do provide a welcome defence boost to the tiny Filtvelt Coalition.

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Re: Alternate Timeline with Thanks (FULL)
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Capellan Firebase
Sadurni, Former Duchy of Andruien
Capellan Confederation
9th March 3076

   The conquest of Sadurni had been a cakewalk for Warrior House Fujita; they had set up a firebase outside the capital and began rounding up the ruler ship of the world in holding pens.  The defenders of the world had disappeared on landing no-doubt crawling into the hole that the Andruien leadership had dug the defences from.  Walking around his Warrior House’s firebase House Master Juan Bautista Wyeth looked as his sentries kept an eye out, at ninety-six years he was the oldest warrior in a command position of the Capellan Confederation.  He had seen the fall of the Capellan nation during the Fourth Succession War, the rebirth of the nation under Sun-Tzu Liao and now the Centrella take over of the nation.

   Walking into the holding pen area of the firebase Juan looked into the cages and saw many of the former leaders of the world, two or three had gotten through the net but the rest were here under his guard, control of the world followed.  Unfortunately control over a world did not always ensure control over its people, as Juan looked over his captives a hail of missiles struck the distant corner of the firebase shattering the temporary wall, suddenly running towards the BattleMech maintenance area Juan looked over his should seeing an entire lance of Longbow Assault BattleMechs each firing their long range missile salvos.  Running in front of them were smaller designs numbering at least twenty BattleMechs, they would have at least equal numbers to the Warrior House once the Warrior House Warriors were into their Mechs.

   Powering his Men Shen OmniMech Juan stepped his Mech forward out of the maintenance area into the maelstrom against the assaulting enemy forces sidestepping a salvo of one hundred long range missiles he stepped into the fire of four Particle Projection Cannons, the medium design took four hits one on each leg, one in the right arm and a direct hit the OmniMech’s head.  The power of the man-made lightning cannon ripped through the armour killing the pilot.  Juan Bautista Wyeth’s legendary term of service as a warrior of House Liao came to an end as half his unit died and Sadurni’s leadership escaped the firebase and then the world retreating to Andruien.

Federated Suns Assault, Wave One
Hsien, Elgin, Hall, Keid, New Home, Bryant
Liao Commonality, Capellan Confederation
15th March 3076

   With the Capellans interested in unifying the two halves of their nation and destroying the Duchy of Andruien the Federated Suns Capellan and Draconis March saw an opening to increase their overall strength and give their troops combat experience.  With requests and orders quickly pushed through with the High Command troops from the two marches launched assaults into the Capellan Confederation’s Liao Commonality targeting six worlds in total, all were former Chaos March worlds that had once upon a time been Federated Commonwealth worlds.

   Using mainly mercenary troops assigned to both marches supported by a few house regiments and two WarShips, to show there was support there, the Federated Suns troops moved forward.  On Hsein the Sixth Syrtis Fusiliers Regimental Combat Team invaded the world it was supported by the Fifty-ninth Strike Regiment of the Illician Lancers, Bradley’s Bad Boys.  Lending support to both regiments was the FSS James Sandoval, one of the Federated Suns Congress Block II-class Frigates; though the WarShip was unneeded it showed the Federated Suns power over the captured Capellan worlds.  The fighting for Hsien was short and brutal with the local militia battalion are brushed aside quickly while the Third Confederation Armoured Cavalry Regiment put up a fight for six hours constantly withdrawing before blasting off the planet’s surface in the early hours of the morning the James Sandoval in high orbit gunned down three DropShips burning them in the atmosphere before capturing two more DropShip craft along with two Battalions of ground troops as prisoners of war - these Capellan troops were interned on the planet‘s surface held by the Federated Suns troops who were still angered at the attack on New Syrtis a year before.

   Following the fall of Hsien came the fall of Hall this was to the One hundred-and-eightieth Dragoon Combat Group, Marie’s Golden Hammers, of the Lexington Combat Group Mercenary Brigade.  Unlike the fight for Hsien Hall fell quickly almost without a shot fired.  The One hundred-and-eightieth landed at three different landing zones around the capital city moving in together the local militia and a training unit surrendered after the city was breached at three separate points.

   On New Home sat the First Capellan Defence Force Regiment, a regular but reliable unit, which had for years moved around the former Chaos March worlds making support on all the worlds as they had moved.  Expecting local support both the Ninth Illician Rangers, the Roadrunners Regiment of the Illician Lancers Brigade, and the Wild Geese Regiment landed on the world taking secondary targets away from the defenders with minor skirmishes.  After a week of skirmishes on the 22nd March the two mercenary regiments launched a combined assault on the First Capellan Defence Force’s main base camp, this assault included the use of DropShips for additional fire support, the Capellan’s had a surprise for the mercenaries.  As they approached hidden automated defences and a multitude of traps activated all around the base, two Mercenary DropShips were obliterated by anti-air emplacements and both mercenary regiments found themselves bogged down.  Although this was intended to hold back the mercenaries the Capellans had no intention on launching a counter strike instead they used the confusion caused by their surprises to launch five DropShips containing the entire Defence Force.  Finally before the Roadrunners and the Wild Geese could push into the base the entire facility was consumed with napalm and inferno fuel explosions effectively erasing the base from the planet’s surface.

   The Lexington Combat Group’s Thirty-second Recon Combat Group, Malcolm’s Sprinters had little trouble securing Keid from the Capellan defenders.  And neither did the Wolf’s Dragoons Gamma Regiment which was supported by the WarShip Wolf Pack, the Dragoon’s newly acquired Davion Block III Destroyer, during their conquest of Elgin.  The Wolf’s Dragoons unit is seen practicing a fast burn in system and a complicated Hover-drop insertion with the Wolf Pack in close support despite there being no danger of serious resistance on the world, with this evidence many outsiders believe the Dragoons are preparing their new warriors for a larger action.

Burn in System
Bryant, Liao Commonality
Capellan Confederation
22nd March 3076

   The assault on Bryant was supposed to be a cakewalk for the Third Robinson Rangers RCT, supported by the FSS Lucian Davion, one of the Federated Suns three active Avalon-class Cruisers, the New Hessen Armoured Scouts Regiment and the Hydra Assault Squadron of the Medusans Mercenary Fleet.  Unfortunately the things had conspired against the assault from the start with half of the Robinson Rangers JumpShips failing to make the jump for one reason or another.  As a result the Lucian Davion lacked any of its usual Assault DropShips and instead was carrying the Robinson Rangers.

   In system the Avalon’s advanced sensors detected the Capellan Confederation’s surprise for the mission.  “Lucian to Ajax, we have a problem Admiral, the Capellans have placed their Thera in the system, along with its two hundred fighters and four assault DropShips.  We may have to abort.”  Admiral Michael Beatty said communicating with the Medusans Mercenary commander.

   “Roger Admiral, they are but one ship, however, and it is their only Thera.  I have six assault DropShips of hurt and you have some heavy weapons on that Cruiser of yours.  We wouldn’t want Bryant being the only world that didn’t fall in this offensive.”  Rear Admiral Henry H. Harwood commander of the Medusans said.

   “Your forces will be outnumbered heavily even if the Robinson and Hessen Fighter wings joins you.”  Beatty said warning the mercenaries for heavy losses.

   “We can hold our own.  A couple of hits and the Pride will run to its Chancellor guaranteed.”  Harwood said winking as the six Medusans DropShips move over dorsal hull of the Avalon.

   “Fair enough Beatty, weapons hot, red alert all hands prepare for combat.”  He said the Avalon’s forward AR-10 Multi-Purpose Capital Missile Launches and Medium Naval Gauss Rifles spun up, the Avalon’s weapons array featured a better balance of extreme and short range weaponry than the Thera.  At almost that same moment the Thera blossomed as the first of their two hundred plus aerospace fighters launched.  “Capital Missile Batteries released to fire, Killer Whale selection” the primary weapons officer said followed by the secondary weapons officer “naval gauss rifles targeted… and firing” in a blaze of firepower capital missiles and gauss batteries engaged the Thera at extreme range, four missile hits and a single gauss strike cutting through the carrier’s armour.

   In the middle ground the Medusans DropShips and fighters engaged the Capellan fighters and DropShips.  At the same time the Medusans marines began boarding actions against one of the Capellan vessels.  Unfortunately for the Capellans while the Thera had plenty of weapons to defend itself from fighters and DropShips, the Lucian Davion was made to fight WarShips, and soon the fighters were finding that they were being forced to retreat towards their retreating Carrier.  Two wings set interceptor courses for the Davion Cruiser however between them was the two Medusans Leopard-CV carrier DropShips along with a squadron of Davion Dagger OmniFighters.  Combined with this force and the Avalon’s own defences the Capellan fighters did little damage to the WarShip and were only able to destroy one of the DropShips.

   “Admiral, the Chancellor’s Pride is in retreat, heading for a local pirate point.  Remaining fighters and DropShips joining them.”  His sensor officer reported, the Lucian Davion had a couple of slightly damaged hull armour sections and one destroyed naval autocannon, all easily repairable.  The Chancellor’s Pride had one destroyed fighter bay and severe armour damage to the fore section, from the sensor data gathered by the Lucian it seemed that most of the Thera’s forward weapons were gone.

   “Give me fleet wide” Michael Beatty said smiling standing up from his chair, the gravity was weak but the Lucian’s engines were still active so there was a little gravity “Lucian Davion to all forces, we have driven back the Chancellor’s Pride, she is due to exit the system in thirteen minutes.  Return to base-ships and submit repair schedules.  Well done people.”  He said cutting the link, moments later the comm. Activated again with Admiral Harwood “Nice work Admiral” Beatty said smiling as he activated, on the bridge of the Ajax he could see a lot of smoke and blood was running down the left side of Harwood’s face.

   “Aye, we got that fat Capellan bitch to pull back, not a moment too soon.”  He said

   “How bad have you been hit?”  Beatty asked he came through the DropShip ranks himself however he’d never had major damage to any of his ships even fighting the Smoke Jaguars.

   “Blown fuel line below decks, about twenty injured none too badly one dead, Peters, a good man.”  He said quietly “had a console on the bridge blow, but the Daniel will pull through just fine.  Ajax came off easy.  I lost the Exeter, Ambuscade and the Challenger as well as half my fighters.”

   “I’m sorry for your losses, Admiral, the Federated Suns will assist with you financial losses.”

   “Aye but not our personnel ones.  It was a tough call, Mike, but we did what needed to be done Bryant will fall to our forces and the Capellans got another bloody nose.  We even captured their bloody Kuan Ti” he chuckled to himself, it was quite a catch “so I won’t complain too loudly.”  Beatty said quietly the beginnings of a smile appearing, it was tough being a mercenary but they had gotten the job done.

   Harwood’s prediction about Bryant was correct the world fell in a number of hours following the landing following the retreat of the Chancellor’s Pride and the overwhelming air support held by the Davion forces the world fell in short order falling just three hours after the initial landings.  Admiral Michael Beatty put the Medusans in for a commendation for their actions supporting the invasion and protecting the Lucian Davion, as a result the High Command replaces all their fighter losses at discount prices and allows the Medusans Command to buy one of the Federated Suns Conquistador-class Troop/Command ships which the Medusans named Illustrious.

Captured Territory
Liao Commonality, Capellan Confederation
23rd March 3076

   Throughout the former Duchy of Andruien the Capellan Confederation was stepping up efforts to secure its newly captured territory.  This included moving several Magistracy based units to the new territories leaving many of the outer lying Magistracy worlds undefended, increasing the chances of pirate attack, the Marian Hegemony and many pirate bands on Astrokaszy and in the former-Free Worlds League ensure that these worlds suffer for the Capellan’s over confidence.  Meanwhile Capellan Confederation forces prepare for the final assault on Andruien.

Coven, Clan Steel Viper Territory
Grant’s Station, Kerensky Cluster
Clan Homeworlds
28th March 3076

   In a reckless assault against Clan Steel Viper’s territory on Grant’s Station Clan Coyote’s territory in a single minded assault a unit dubbed the ‘Second Beta Cluster’ because of its presence within Clan Coyote’s phantom Beta Galaxy assaulted the Steel Viper Enclave of Coven home to twenty-six thousand civilians and a small Steel Viper staging/landing area.

   Without regard for the defending Vipers, of the One-hundred-and-twenty-sixth Strike Cluster Beta Galaxy, the Coyote warriors targeted the buildings and DropShips in the immediate area surrounding Coven starting grassland wild fires all around the battle site.   Although it is no doubt that several hundred civilians died as a result of Coyote weapons fire or the Steel Viper counter assaults, it is obvious that most of the almost sixteen hundred civilian deaths were a result of these uncontrolled and untamed wild fires that leapt through the region during the battle.

   Elsewhere in Clan business Clan Jade Falcon finally allows Clan Sea Fox to trade for the BattleMech Partial Wing system following a successful Trial of Grievance fought in the Clan Occupation Zones between the two Clans.