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Author Topic: Betrayal of Ideals/Tech Readout: 3057 Revised - WarShip "Hunter's Pride"  (Read 839 times)


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Part 4 of the novel "Betrayal of Ideals" mentions a Jade Falcon cruiser-class WarShip, the Hunter's Pride, being fired on by the Wolverine flagship, the SLS Michigan, on page 38. However, on page 41 of the same part indicates that the Hunter's Pride had suffered a broken keel at the hands of the Michigan, but states that this had infuriated Khan Osis of the Smoke Jaguars.

Was the Hunter's Pride a Smoke Jaguar WarShip, or a Jade Falcon WarShip?

And, as a followup question, was the Hunter's Pride mentioned in Betrayal of Ideals the same ship as the Congress-class frigate mentioned as taking damage from the fighter group attached to the Okinawa-class DropShip Ashi-oto during a raid on Luzurne in 3055 in the description of the Okinawa on page 40 of TRO:3057 Revised, or - given the former being described as a cruiser and the latter as a Congress, which is a frigate - was the latter simply another ship given the same name as the earlier vessel?

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