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Author Topic: The Dragonlords and Planetary Affiliations  (Read 851 times)


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The Dragonlords and Planetary Affiliations
« on: 12 June 2014, 03:01:28 »
I have a quick question about the Dragonlords brigade detailed in Field Report: Federated Suns 2765. The Dragonlords are described as having been funded by the Davion clans from the Golden Worlds of New Avalon, Argyle, Belladonna, El Dorado and Torrence, and the nickname for the First Dragonlords, "Avalon's Silver Claws" hints that each of the five regiments may each have been affiliated with one of the five Golden Worlds.

Is this the case? If it is, does the order in which the Golden Worlds have been listed correspond to the regiment affiliated to that world, so that the First is affiliated with New Avalon, second with Argyle, and so on?

Many thanks!

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