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Author Topic: Field Report 2765: FWLM - FWLS Palatine  (Read 782 times)


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Field Report 2765: FWLM - FWLS Palatine
« on: 29 July 2014, 14:30:17 »
I'm not sure if this is something that can be clarified, but I thought I'd ask to make sure; the entry on the League class of destroyers on page 23 of Field Report 2765: FWLM states that the last of the Block I League-class destroyers was destroyed by a McKenna during a raid into Capellan Space, and the following paragraph, which begins "The twenty-eighth century saw a resurgence of the League-class...", implying that the Palatine was destroyed prior to the twenty-eighth century.

However, there's another WarShip of an unnamed class with the name Palatine listed on page 48 of Historical: Liberation of Terra Volume 1 as the flagship of Admiral El'dinar Meeks, commander of the SLDF Sixteenth fleet, in 2765. It would seem very unlikely for an SLDF Admiral to be flying a three or four-hundred-year old Free Worlds League destroyer as a flagship rather than one of the more butch SLDF WarShips, but I thought I should ask, just for peace of mind - the FWLS Palatine mentioned in Field Report 2765: FWLM isn't the same ship as the SLS Palatine mentioned in H:LoTV1, right?

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