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Author Topic: Snow Raven WarShips - Marshal Ney and Mulhacén - Era Report: 3145  (Read 752 times)


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According to pages 74 and 75 of Era Report: 3145, the Diamond Sharks traded four WarShips with the Snow Ravens, who promptly renamed the ships and put them into service as the Alliance Naval Star. Two of the WarShips are listed as Essex-class destroyers, the Marshal Ney and the Mulhacén. The Diamond Sharks appear to have had two Essex-class destroyers left at the end of the Jihad/Wars of Reaving, the Tracy and the Architeuthis. Assuming that those two ships are the same as the ones passed across to the Snow Ravens, I was wondering if you'd be willing to confirm which of the two ships got renamed as the Marshal Ney and which became the Mulhacén? Many thanks!  :)

ETA: This post by Roosterboy in another thread has rendered this question moot.
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