Author Topic: New Samarkand: 2267: The Rise of Shiro  (Read 385 times)


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New Samarkand: 2267: The Rise of Shiro
« on: 25 November 2023, 18:54:32 »
Probably for a Mechwarrior-game, centered around the rise of Shiro and House Kurita: the world is in the process of being terraformed: it's almost there;  it had a primordial-atmosphere of nitrogen with trace amounts of CO2, methane and very little oxygen: breathing tanks are required, but you don't need a space-suit: the pressure is more than on Earth.

The Planet: it spent the first few hundred million-years resembling Venus, but covered in water.  As life developed, photosynthesis evolved early, plunging the world into glaciation with the introduction of oxygen, that only reversed when the star went into it's sub-giant phase. 

It's a collection of city-states within each, "Dome"; trees have been planted from Earth and had to be specially genetically-modified; the trees are actually blue-green. The only alien-life here are microbes.

The primary religion here is Islam: the settlers' ethnicities are mixed.

As with tradition, the names are based off of Latin by the original survey-team.

I actually pieced this together with tiles from Civilization III, Mars-Terrain (mod) with sprites from Sid Meyer's Alpha Centauri-game. It took a long-time to piece it together.

Oceanum Ao: a vast, and very cold ocean.
Planum Dune: The northern ice-expanse.
Euyan Allah: The, "Eye of God", an inland-sea.
Mare Kamuzu: a small, shallow-sea that's warm.
Al-Kuran: The southern-desert.
Labyrin-Tholom: A mountain-range with glaciers.


Greon: A small, port-city.
Jabalzab: Shrio's home city; will later be renamed, "Yamashiro".
Al-Jong: The largest and, Capital", city of the region.
WY-Six (De Lang): the local terraforming-unit and power-source for the region; run by Greon.

Small-colonies: Each colony is virtually identical to the next; they are farming-communities with crops grown into hydroponic-greenhouses using processed-soil.

Xo Vul: has aqua-processing center (I have no idea what it does or processes) and it's the original landing-site of the settlers.

Al-Muheer is a holy-shine.

The game itself will focus on politics, intrigue and maneuvering; they'll be little room for open warfare.  Also, I'd like to use Jumpships and Dropships in this game.  I might use Mechwarrior 1 or, maybe Renegade-Legion.

Real-size image of the region:


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Re: New Samarkand: 2267: The Rise of Shiro
« Reply #1 on: 26 November 2023, 05:54:39 »
Cool!  The terrain color and railroad are giving me Serenity vibes... ;)


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Re: New Samarkand: 2267: The Rise of Shiro
« Reply #2 on: 29 November 2023, 21:48:49 »
Cool!  The terrain color and railroad are giving me Serenity vibes... ;)

I like the color-scheme.  It takes a long time to get the tiles right, but I prefer that method as opposed to just using Adobe.

Any map of an alien-world or ancient-Earth, I want to use those colors!!!