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(Answered) Copperhead artillery damage
« on: 17 May 2021, 06:33:06 »
Page 167 of Tactical Operations Advanced Units and Equipment says:

Copperhead Artillery munitions function as Arrow IV homing missiles (see p. 166), with all appropriate modifiers and rules applied. The base damage
values for Copperhead rounds are listed in the Artillery Ordnance Table (see p. 152, TO: AR).

Which would suggest they use a similar damage split to homing arrows (full damage to target in one chunk, 5 to hex)

However damage notation for copperhead shells on Page 152 of Tactical Operations: Advanced rules notation is "*Damage number*(R0)" which would by that wording make it sound like this is damage it applies to entire hex as typical artillery shells.

So how exactly does copperhead damage work?
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Re: (Research) How does Copperhead artillery damage work?
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So slight additional bit of information I've noticed since here (And slight bump due to year and half without answer)

Battlemech manual Page 78 says:

Damage Value Groupings: Copperhead Artillery munitions
function as Arrow IV homing missiles (see p. 97), including their
ability to home in on TAG-designated targets. The Damage Value
Groupings for each type are as follows: Thumper: 1; Sniper: 2;
Long Tom: 3.

Damage value groupings are defined as 5 point damage clusters on page 75 of Battlemech manual. So that would seem to strongly imply that Copperhead artillery damage would normally work like that?

Flipside is of course that non-bombing air strikes and strafing do damage in 5 point groupings so it's not a given that damage would work the same in both battlefield support, and artillery as in game units.

EDIT: And I notice on a second glance that they lack the "AE" damage type which means direct hits are needed rather than target hex
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Re: (Research) Copperhead artillery damage
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Errata will be removing the R0 from Copperhead ammo.
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