Author Topic: (Answered) Warfare Symbology Military vs Civilian Icon Issues  (Read 2330 times)


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Issue Location: StratOps, Third Printing, pg 341.

Rotary Wing (largely a synonym for VTOL), Fixed Wing, and WiGE icons are black outlines with white internals. These are the civilian versions, not the military versions. The same icons but filled in with black are the proper military ones, and thus would be the correct ones to use for the examples in StratCon.
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You should relook page 341.

This was covered on the last board before it crashed but I’m happy to clarify it here.  There are combinations of symbols that can overlap and be subject to interpretive error.  When this was written, a few popped up in making units that would have lead to catastrophic mistakes, if one was not very careful in filling in symbols.  So, changes were made to prevent these kinds of mistakes, of which this was the most obvious to those who have knowledge of modern military symbology.

To ensure further clarity, it was decided to add Vehicle Modifiers to designate the type of vehicle if desired and then there are the Civil Usage codes, just to double down if desired.

Sorry, but it is correct as written, to best counter these potential mistakes from happening.