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Turkina Keshik Wave 2 Clan Invasion
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During wave 2, the Turkina Keshik was tasked with taking the former capital of the Rim Worlds Republic, the planet Apollo.  Wave 2 overall saw very limited resistance to the Clan Invasion, as the Federated Commonwealth pulled back many forces to regroup and preserve strength.  Apollo was the sole exception in Wave 2, with the militia and 2nd Grave Walker's mercenaries being supported by the 2 SLDF-era castle-Brian style fortresses.

Wave 2: Falcon Foolin', the Federated Commonwealth pulls back

Apollo May 3050, former capital of the Rim Worlds Republic; defenders: Grave Walkers 2nd mech regiment and Apollo militia.  Attacking during monsoon season reduces the clan's aero fighter support effectiveness.  The enemy offered heavy resistance before being pushed into 2 castle Brian scale star league fortresses.  The first the clans had access to the original star league plans for, and infiltrated elementals into the base to clear it out.  The second they didn't, and the clan forces were frustrated by the heavy resistance.  They eventually equip Arrow and Tag on their omni mechs, and use guided missiles to bring down the second fortress, causing the defenders to surrender once mechs and elementals breach into the tunnels.

Track 1:  Meeting Engagement.  Clan forces meet heavy resistance after landing, with militia and Grave Walker units hampering their initial advance, backed by monsoon storms.
Track Cost: 0
Option: 'For the Starleague Reborn!' +1 point for fighting with strict honor.
  Warden:  'Mine specialists' +1 Honor.  Two medium density minefields are placed by the defending Grave Walkers per player that takes this option.
  Crusader: 'Revenge for Bone-Norman' +1 Honor.  One Grave Walker mech is veteran skilled, and not subjected to 'forced withdraw', per player that takes this option.
Map/Special Rules:  Monsoon rains, treat as Heavy Rainfall.  +1 to weapon and piloting rolls.  Mud (+1 mp/piloting for all non-mech units), and Rapids in depth 1 water (+1 MP/+2 piloting, failed PSR displaces 2 hexes downriver).  Use a river map set for the wetlands caused by Monsoon rains in the open terrain the defenders met the clan forces at.  Aerospace attacks suffer a +3 penalty due to the storms.
Objective (global):  Break the enemy resistance.  Defeat or cause the retreat of all enemy MILITIA forces by turn 10.
Objective (individual): Hold the field bonus.  If the falcons hold the field, players can claim +1 honor per 100 tons of enemy mechs destroyed, rounded normal.
Forces:  50% player BV mixed unit of militia vehicles and infantry, supported by 40% player BV grave walker mercenary mechs, with at least 1 light/medium mech per player to perform 'falcon foolin' (declaring challenges with evasive light/medium mechs to take pressure off midfield deployed militia forces).

Track 2: Infiltrate the fortress.  The Clans have plans of this fortress from the SLDF battle here before the exodus, which include the location of a secret bolt hole which could be infiltrated by elementals to bring the fortress down from the inside.  Escort these elementals to their target point.
Track Cost: 1

Option: 'For the Starleague Reborn!' +1 point for fighting with strict honor.
  Warden: -1 point.  'Break in the storms' The player's aerospace attacks can not be intercepted by the heavy air cover of the anti-aerospace turret; additionally gain 1 light strike for this mission.
  Crusader: -1 point.  'Damn the turrets, full speed ahead!' The player hot-drops their mech (with attached elementals) despite (or in spite of) the anti-air network.
Map/Special Rules: The bolt hole is in a remote section of the castle network, protected by only a few of the 20 heavy, 50 standard, and 100 antipersonnel weapons emplacements of a castle Brian to not draw attention to its location.  At least 1 area effect turret exists, so the elementals must ride mechs to the mission area to avoid the artillery.  The anti-aerospace turret means that unless the warden option is taken, players can not use aerospace attacks this mission.
Objective: Embark a unit of elementals into the bolt-hole objective hex, placed 6 hexes from any map edge on the defenders side of the playing area.  +1 Point.  The players must supply the elementals from their own forces attached to their omni-mechs.
Forces: 1 anti-aerospace bunker, 3 castle Brian gun emplacements, 5 castle Brian automated antipersonnel turrets.  Additional forces of grave walker mech patrols depending on clan battlevalue, up to 100% of the players forces with the turrets.  (at 26k for the turrets, the players would be bringing a VERY large force to need additional enemy patrols)

EDIT: Castle Brian turret BV for calculation.
Anti-Personnel Bunker: 100 armor, 100 CF, 4 turret mguns (2 tons ammo) 2 flamers (front)
   BV 415

Weapon Emplacement: 150 armor, 150 CF, Turret (Gauss [7t], LB10x [4t], aLRM10 [4t]), 6 Medium Pulse, 6 AMS (60t), 6 Mgun (4t)--1 set per facing, Guardian ECM, Comm Equipment (1t)
   BV 1371 (600+208+(600+222+135+288+34)*.44)

Anti-Aerospace Bunker (3 hexes): 1000 armor, 1000 CF—per hex!
   4 Large Pulse, 6 LB10x, 6 aLRM20, 2 Thumper, 1 guardian ECM, 3 tons comm.
            Per facing AMS, MPL, Mgun, aSRM-6.  3 additional flamers, Tag.
   BV 6678 (per hex, so x3),  4000+197+(5640*.44)

Sample BV for 1 AA bunker, 3 gun emplacements, 5 AP bunkers is 26k BV.
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Re: Turkina Keshik Wave 2 Clan Invasion
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Track 3: Commence the attack!  No secret access tunnels are known in the archives for the second Castle Brian defending Apollo.  The clan jade falcon forces must assault the fortified positions the hard way in order to dig out the defenders hiding within the walls.
Track cost: 1
Option: 'For the Starleague Reborn!' +1 point for fighting with strict honor.
  Warden:  -1 Point.  'Combined arms warfare.' Elementals accompany the player.  While each weapon emplacement is sealed off from the rest, if an elemental embarks into a building hex they can disable the hex from the inside by killing the gunners.
  Crusader: -1 Point.  'Limited patience.'  The player's attacks into the structure are ruthless, loading chemical SRM ammo and infernos to burn the defender.  The player may treat the CF of a building that has lost it's armor like a vehicle for generating critical hits with inferno SRMs (normally you must deal CF/10 in damage to generate a critical hit, this ability means each SRM deals no damage but instead generates a critical hit with a -2, good for killing the gunners of the building with a roll of exactly 11)
Map/Special Rules:  The jade falcons need access to the base, so choose an approach away from the reinforced weapon's bunkers and their capital lasers.  This puts only a single anti-aerospace bunker and it's attendant weapon blisters blocking their advance into range of a large portal where the enemy can stage assaults out of--and the Jade Falcons can break into.  The monsoon rains have picked up (+1 to gunnery and piloting); with the anti-aerospace providing cover no air attacks can be made.
Objective: Destroy 2 of the 3 hex anti-aerospace bunker complex, collapsing the entire thing (3 points), or remove the bunkers armor and infiltrate elementals/kill the gunners (1 point per hex).

Track 4: Fight in the shade!  With attacks on the fortress complex frustrating the Khan, he orders an entire assault cluster to refit with arrow launchers and guided missiles, to collapse the remaining defenses and assault into the base complex.
Track cost: 1
Option: 'For the Starleague Reborn!' +1 point for fighting with strict honor.
  Warden: 'Blot out the sky'.  -1 point.  Any purchased aerofighters equip air launched arrow missiles instead of attacking normally.  Add 1 arrow attack per turn, fired from a low angle omnifighter that CAN target units inside the portal.
  Crusader: 'Raise the shields'.  -1 point.  Equip a squad of elementals to act as ablative armor for a player omnimech.
Map/Special Rules: 2 Maps in chase format.  The enemy map edge includes a complex 8 hexes wide and 8 hexes deep and 7 levels tall, blocked off by a large portal.  The weapon emplacement are all placed within 8 hexes of the large portal on the enemy map side.  Monsoon Rains continue to cause disruptions.  +1 to gunnery and piloting skills, unless both units are inside the fortress complex.  The map includes a large portal into a mountain complex.  Once 4 sections of all are detroyed, the 8 hex multihex building collapses, though the players can collapse fewer hexes and try to fight through the gaps  The interior of the base can not be targeted by arrow guided missiles, being inside.
Objectives: Defeat the units inside the large portal, and hold the accessway into the fortress complex.  2 points if done by turn 10, 1 point otherwise, as the enemy will have time to retreat with some units before the base is locked down by the falcons.
Forces: 5 AP bunkers, 3 Weapon Emplacements, 1 Large Portal, and 15 friendly assault mechs loaded with arrow missile launchers.  ~12k BV.  In addition, an enemy force of militia and Grave Walker mechs defends the interior fortress complex, with a combined fortress and enemy unit BV of 100% of the players force.  (So if the players bring 15k BV in units, 3k enemy units will be defending the interior complex.)

Large Portal (8 hexes) 1000 armor, 1000 CF
   4 AC/20 (2x2 Turrets), 8 each Mpulse, aSRM6, antimissile systems, mguns (front facings).
   33,500 BV total (all 8 hexes) (4000*8 + 1247+256)

Assault Cluster Arrow Missile Barrage: 30 guided arrow missiles arrive every turn on the enemy's map for 10 turns, at which point the Assault Cluster must pause to reload.  If the players have a TAG designated target, they may direct some or all of these missiles as they wish, each missile locking onto the TAG signal on a 4+.
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