Author Topic: (Answered) OOC Dropship with velocity, facing space on the SAI  (Read 1431 times)


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Hi all,

An aerodyne dropship is in the Space Atmospheric Interface (SAI) with 2 velocity, ending its turn facing away from the planet. It failed a control roll and is now out of control (OOC).

(p78 & 92 Old Total Warfare)
OOC units can not spend thrust points, can not change velocity or facing, and must move forward at their current velocity. It costs 4 thrust points to exit the SAI hex. What happens on the following turn? It has suffered no damage to thrusters, so the movement profile is still 4/6.

A) The dropship continues 2 hexes forward into the gravity well.

B) It remains in its current hex. Velocity stays at "2".

C) It remains in its current hex. Velocity is reduced to "0".

D) The dropship's heading "bounces". It changes one facing side to be parallel with the planet and proceeds 2 hexes along the SAI.

Thank you for any input.
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Re: (Research) OOC Dropship with velocity, facing space on the SAI
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Gravity does not affect an atmospheric unit with non-zero velocity.  It cannot move forward due to the low velocity, so it spends its movement staying put.  In the End Phase the velocity is reduced by 1.  If it cannot regain control, in the next turn the velocity again drops by 1 down to 0, and in subsequent turns it will fall until it can regain control and spend Thrust.  Or crash.
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