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Infantry in MUL
« on: 25 January 2023, 02:11:14 »
Questions for adding infantry to lists in MUL for the TW builder.

1. Infantry only have gunnery. MUL has entries for the unit's piloting, too. Should this entry be used for the unit's anti-mech skill?
2. If so, should it be set to 8 for troopers not specially trained for task, per page 40 of Total Warfare? Does this give the correct points value, 56 BN for a platoon of jump infantry with energy rifles, for example?

General Battletech infantry question: Are ballistic rifles supposed to represent gyrojet rifles rather than the M16 and Kalashnikov variants/successors of the FASA days that were lumped together with laser rifles in the undifferentiated rifle platoons? If not, why are they so much better than energy rifles?
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