Author Topic: Constantin Assembly Plant M27A-E on Homer & Priori? Coincidence, Errata, Other?  (Read 1055 times)


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I have a question about Constantin Assembly Plant M27A-E. When the plant appears the first time, in the technical readout entry for the Stalking Spider, it specifies the assembly planet is on Homer. This is a rarely specific entry from TRO: 3060 (FASA). Most other Clan entries in the book do not specify the planet. 24 specified the name of the facility with the planet explicitly stated (albeit many implied the location by containing a Clan Homeworld name in the facility's name, for instance Niles Industrialplex Alpha), several simply identify "various" as the manufacturer, but only 5 provided the manufacturer's name and the location. In the case of the Stalking Spider, the location is specified with the line "Constantin Assembly Plant M27A-E, Homer" (TRO: 3060, p. 158).

The next time Constantin Assembly Planet M27A-E appears, it is in the revised technical readout entry for the Piranha found in Technical Readout: 3058 Upgrade (p. 160), where the Primary Factory field specifies the factory is on Priori. This was published relatively recently by Fanpro, and reprinted by CGL.


Ok, so here is the question. The names of both these factories seem too specific to be the same by random chance, right? Does this mean both Clans Cloud Cobra and Diamond Shark are doing business with a company outside of the Clans' hierarchy, for instance is the company run by the Free Guilds? This seems equally unlikely, especially given the backstory of the Stalking Spider and Loremaster Eleni Riaz's involvement in the 'Mech's development.

So if it is not random or outside the Clans' hierarchy, what is going on? Does it have something to do with Clan Cloud Cobra being one of the earliest Clans to colonize Priori before losing their enclaves to Clan Coyote (FM: Warden Clans, p. 32), nearly 200 years before the introduction of the Stalking Spider (according to the MUL here)?

Could the naming come from some collaboration between Clans Cloud Cobra and Sea Fox/Diamond Shark? For instance, did the Sea Foxes aid the Cloud Cobras in building a replica assembly on Homer, or vice versa?

Is this a mistake?

Is this something else?

Thank you for your time and consideration, your clarifications and insight are always very helpful!!

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