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If you can't figure out this one... :evil:

Developed at the orbital yards surrounding Lum with half-functional prototypes rushed into service during those fateful seven hours that was the Snow Raven's last stand in the Clan homeworlds, the Cyclopes forgoes many of the 'luxuries' that Clan quality Battle Armor have over the generally more simplistic Inner Sphere technology based designs.  In part this is due to the requirements of moving into the Outworlds Alliance - later the Raven Alliance - with the accompanying need to 'tech down' briefly. A case of trading quality for quantity. The other is that the Cyclopes was always meant to be an easily produced workhorse of a Battle Armor, as the Ravens had long since become aware that their stocks of Harjel were dwindling faster than it could be traded or Trialed for.

Uniquely, almost nothing of the suit is based upon on the Goliath Scorpion's 'Sea Elemental' deep submersible exo-skeleton that is the basis for the overwhelming majority of Clan Battle Armor. Instead, its design is based upon components that are far, far, older. Nearly a millenia older. Back during the early years of the Terran Alliance, when it was still in the process of terraforming and colonizing Mars, a series of 'hardsuit' spacesuits were developed that were deliberately oversized, protected from solar radiation via primitive - if effective - heavy lead and alloy shielding, with an integrated life support system, and utilizing a series of linear servos & hydraulics to at least partially offset it's mass. Many within the Raven's Scientist Caste had a strong appreciation for the early space exploration decades of the 20th and 21st centuries, and the design had been publicly tinkered with at least as far back as the start of the Clan's Golden Century and generally with the overt, if unstated, blessing of the Raven's Khans. Over time the Scientists had rebuilt a 'modernized' version that threw out the old motors and hydraulics for vastly superior and less bulky myomer bundles, while also switching the primitive radiation shielding for true combat grade armor. The main sticking point though ever since 2977 that had stymied further development, was just what armaments would be best suited for the Battle Armor.

Arguments raged in backrooms and on whiteboard for decades until two wildly divergence technologies came into fruition. The first was the work being done towards producing a heavy anti-personnel gauss rifle. The idea to launch a rapid stream of small flechettes rather than a single large projectile, along with the extremely 'smooth' recoil produced, made for a ballistic weapon that could easily be compensated for by a space-adapted Battle Armor's thrusters, while offering superior range over the standard small lasers mounted by Elementals, and comparable to some of the newer crew-served particle cannons available. The second piece of technology would not be discovered by the Clans until their invasion in 3048 and their first encounter with the retractable axe of the Hatchetman. While ignored or even viewed as barbaric by the Clan's Mechwarriors, the design principles gained the immediate attentions of the Clan's Elementals whom rapidly started making inquiries about making a Battle Armor sized version. Considering the boarding axe had long been in use for centuries by almost every 'space' marine unit in history, the realization the solution had been staring them in the face was rather sobering and caused quite a large amount of self-recriminations at not spotting the obvious answer. Of course, not wanting to be outdone by the 'backwards' Inner Sphere, Clan Scientists made sure to integrate a vibro-blade feature into the new axe. The axe itself which while retracted, lays flush back against the forearm beneath a crescent shaped cover. It includes a high speed swiveling cutting torch that sits behind the edge, rapidly heating armored bulkheads up enough that the vibrating edge can pass through like a knife through warm butter.

Once these were incorporated, the rest of the components practically dropped into place in a matter of months. An over-the-shoulder mounted missile launcher with advanced guidance to account for the rapidly changing vectors common to space combat was approved for the suit less than a day after the other armaments were finalized. The launcher itself can be detached as needed, just as on the standard Elemental suit. This was done to allow for a better ease of mobility in a vacuum.

One last minute change was to incorporate a matte black semi-stealth armor coating to be applied to the Cyclopes. The term 'stealth' though is highly misleading, considering the virtual lack thereof in space combat. Instead of the usual systems mounted, the Cyclopes has three holographic emitters set over it's left shoulder that deliberately enlarge and warp its outline, making it both obvious as to its general location, but very difficult for optical targeting systems to lock down its exact position. A few of the standard ECM/ECCM features are also included, allowing it to still function like a normal semi-stealthed Battle Armor when on the ground, but are quite bulky and arranged along the right arm within a specialized & modular armored plate that can quickly swapped out if damaged. Multiple hardpoints along the waist and outsides of the legs are available for Elemental pilots to carry boarding flashbang, fragmentation, and other grenades, along with scuttling/sachel charges, specialized automated hacking devices, extra ammunition for the Gauss rifle, or other various items. Lastly, as the suit's helm is integrated directly into the torso and thus immobile, a series of secondary sensors is mounted just above it on a swivel track which includes an infrared spotlight and a basic sweeping 2D lidar mapping program - long since viewed as vital when working in or around hulls plunged into full darkness, far away from a system's star(s).

Code: [Select]
Cyclopes Space-Adapted Heavy BattleArmor
Type: Cyclopes Space-Adapted
Manufacturer: Unknown
    Primary Factory: Unknown

Tech Base: Mixed (Advanced)
Chassis Type:  Biped
Weight Class: Heavy
Maximum Weight: 1,500 kg
Battle Value: 366
Swarm/Leg Attack/Mechanized/AP: No/No/Yes/No

Equipment                                     Slots      Mass
Chassis:                                               300 kg
Motive System:                                               
     Ground MP:          2                              80 kg
     Jump MP:            2                             250 kg
    Left Arm:            Manipulator (Basic)             0 kg
    Right Arm:           Heavy Vibro-Claw               60 kg
Armor:                   Stealth (Basic)        3      390 kg
    Armor Value:         14 (Trooper)                         

Weapons and Equipment             Location (Capacity)   Mass 
Gauss Rifle                       Left Arm     1       200 kg
Advanced SRM 1                      Body       2       60 kg 
Advanced SRM 1 Ammo (4)             Body       1       40 kg 
Space Operations Adaptation         Body       1       100 kg
Searchlight                         Body       1        5 kg 
Cutting Torch                     Right Arm     1        5 kg 
Mission Equipment Storage (10 kg)   Body       1       10 kg 
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Re: Cyclopes Space-Adapted Heavy Battlearmor (CSR/Raven Alliance)
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Yes, its a BA sized Zaku II.
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